Chapter 751: Profound Thunder Heart

Chapter 751: Profound Thunder Heart

“It’s been a while since we got together, and we’re all at the Fulfillment Realm too. Anyone interested in a spar?”

Under the moon, Du Xiangyang finished his wine, stood up and suggested smilingly while overflowing with the desire to fight someone.

Luo Chen’s eyes lit up as deadly sharp sword intent burst out of his pores, making him seem like a heaven-piercing sword.

He stared straight at Qin Lie.

Chu Li chuckled and winked at Qin Lie, saying, “It looks like these two have a beef to pick with you!”

Qin Lie smiled wryly in response.

“It’s only been a year or so since we parted ways at the Graveyard of Gods, so where in the Spirit Realm did you learn that fire spirit art?” Du Xiangyang looked eager as clumps of flames appeared from inside his palms. They colored his excited face in red. “Come on, let’s fight already! Let me test that new fire spirit art you learned and see just how powerful it is to hurt someone like Senior Sister Tian Yu!”

“That will be fun.” Chu Li couldn’t wait for them to get started.

“I’ll wait for you guys to end your battle!” Luo Chen said.

All three of them assumed that Qin Lie had used a fire spirit art to produce a special kind of flame to burn...

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