Chapter 750: Secret Discussion

Chapter 750: Secret Discussion

“Then it is settled. We will discuss this later,” Forefather Terminator said gravely.

“What bloodline does Qin Lie have?” Qi Yang did not give up.

“I do not know either. When I know, I will tell you,” Forefather Terminator said perfunctorily.

“Alright.” Qi Yang stood up in disappointment and walked out.

Forefather Terminator frowned. After thinking for a while, he contacted Xu Ran and Lei Yan using his soul energy.

Soon after, Xu Ran, his wife, and Lei Yan came in together.

“Qi Yang just came and he said some things that I feel are interesting…” Forefather Terminator repeated what he had discussed with Qi Yang. Then he asked, “What do you think?”

Xu Ran, Tong Zhenzhen, and Lei Yan knew Qin Lie’s situation.

“Trading bloodlines…” Xu Ran rubbed his chin and said humorously, “Only Qi Yang could think of this.”

“Qi Yang’s suggestion isn’t bad!” Lei Yan was full of interest.

Forefather Terminator’s gaze passed over Xu Ran and Lei Yan to land on Tong Zhenzhen. “Sister-in-law, what do you think?”

“Qin Lie’s bloodline is much more valuable than Tian Yu’s. If we go through with this trade, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain will have made a great bargain.” Tong Zhenzhen discussed the matter seriously. “I have some knowledge about the place Qi Yang visited. According to what I know, there is no force that can steal the bloodline of the God Race.”

Lei Yan’s expression changed. “So Qin Lie is very special?”

Forefather Terminator also showed great interest. “Is it difficult to get the God Race bloodline?”

“After the great ancient hundred race battle, the God Race left for the faraway space. They have been gone for far too long. The present Gold rank forces of the humans are not able to explore the Galaxy Battlefield, so even though they are active in auxiliary worlds, there has been no news of the God Race. They are not able to find them.” Tong Zhenzhen thought as she spoke. “They aren’t even able to find members of the God Race, how could they steal their bloodline?”

“What about Qin Lie? If there is no one that can steal their bloodline, how do you explain Qin Lie?” Lei Yan asked in puzzlement.

“I cannot understand this either.” Tong Zhenzhen shook her head.

Everyone became silent.

After a while, Xu Ran said slowly. “Qin Lie is that person’s grandson, he must have a great background, and his bloodline is also important! In my opinion, even if we decide to use his bloodline to breed, it shouldn’t be with Qi Yang’s daughter!”

Lei Yan’s eyes suddenly lit up. He said, “Our Terminator Sect also has many good girls! Elder Shen! What about his granddaughter?”

“You mean Shen Yue?” Xu Ran’s interest was stirred.

“That girl is a good candidate.” Tong Zhenzhen also nodded and said, “Qin Lie’s God Race bloodline might be good fortune to Terminator Sect’s future if the flower blooms through Shen Yue.”

“Elder Brother, what do you think?” Lei Yan became interested. “Is there anything you’d like to add? Qi Yang may have pointed us in an unusual direction, but this may actually work!”

“Concerning Qin Lie’s God Race bloodline, we are the only ones who know. If we can use it well and have him and Shen Yue give birth to an offspring…” Xu Ran’s eyes grew bright. “That child will be Terminator Sect’s future! It very well may become a seed that would transform all of the Land of Chaos!”

“Brother!” Lei Yan shouted.

Xu Ran and his wife also looked at Forefather Terminator.

Forefather Terminator’s brows were furrowed as he thought for a long time. He nodded and said to Xu Ran, “Go and personally talk to Elder Shen, have him persuade Shen Yue to interact more with Qin Lie.”

“When a female pursues a male, it is much easier. Shen Yue is good in all aspects. If it is just for a child… it shouldn’t be difficult.” Xu Ran’s smile was ambiguous.

“Sister-in-law, please think if there is any race whose bloodline attributes are similar to Qin Lie’s. When the time comes, I will find an excuse to fool Qi Yang.” After a short pause, Forefather Terminator continued, “Tell Qin Lie to be careful and not reveal his bloodline under any circumstances to avoid attracting too much trouble.”

“Mn.” Tong Zhenzhen acknowledged.

After the four heads of Terminator Sect reached an agreement, they immediately separated and went about their own matters.


On the other side.

Ju Ruijie returned to Illusory Demon Sect’s side and found Shi Xiuling. She complained to Shi Xiuling about Qin Lie’s arrogance.

Many of Shi Xiuling’s subordinates had also seen Qin Lie and Tian Yu’s battle. They had seen Ju Ruijie’s conflict with Qin Lie and added a few details, exaggerating some of them.

“Why are you telling me this? Shouldn’t you go with this to your master?” Shi Xiuling’s expression was one of helplessness.

“Master treats Senior Sister Xue like her own daughter. What is the point of telling her this? She will naturally protect Blood Fiend Sect and that Qin Lie!”

Ju Ruijie had a dispirited face. “Senior Aunt, we cannot continue like this! Many people in the sect have reservations about Blood Fiend Sect, I am not the only one! Before this, we could earn the price difference through purchasing Blazing Profound Bombs and sell them to other factions, so the people in the sect were willing to tolerate Blood Fiend Sect. Now, this benefit has been taken away from us. Why do we have to tolerate Blood Fiend Sect and let them do whatever they want?”

Shi Xiuling sighed inwardly and said, “What do you want me to do?”

She knew that some people in the sect were discontent with Blood Fiend Sect. She knew that conflict would occur sooner or later. She hadn’t expected it to occur so soon.

In reality, she didn’t know why Yu Lingwei took such care of Blood Fiend Sect and gave many of the benefits that should have belonged to Illusory Demon Sect to Blood Fiend Sect.

She actually had some objections as well.

“I think we should give Blood Fiend Sect and Gray Island a lesson!” Ju Ruijie said coldly.

“What are you talking about?” Shi Xiuling frowned.

“Blood Fiend Sect and Gray Island’s martial practitioners and artificers cannot do anything without all kinds of spirit materials.” Ju Ruijie snorted and said, “This past year, they have always purchased from Illusory Demon Sect, trading spirit stones for all kinds of spirit materials to maintain constant production of Blazing Profound Bombs and improve their realms. Without us supplying them with spirit materials, their cultivation will be hindered, and their artifact forging will halt!”

Shi Xiuling also reacted.

The biggest force within the Setting Sun Islands’ range was Illusory Demon Sect. Blood Fiend Sect and Gray Island had to go through Illusory Demon Sect to purchase many strange materials for forging and cultivation.

Blood Fiend Sect had set up an item teleportation formation, but not all spirit materials could be sent through it.

Many spirit herbs and spirit materials would be damaged by spatial vibrations and couldn’t be transported through the formation.

Also, for large amounts of materials, it would take too many spirit stones to pass them through an item teleportation formation. That would be inefficient.

Blood Fiend Sect’s small item teleportation formation could not provide much help to Blood Fiend Sect and Gray Island even if it was constantly working.

Also, when other forces requested to purchase Blazing Profound Bombs from Blood Fiend Sect, they would almost always send spirit stones, and not spirit materials.

If Illusory Demon Sect did not sell them the materials for cultivation and forging, the cultivation of Blood Fiend Sect’s martial practitioners and the artifact forges on Gray Island would have a severe supply problem.

“If Qin Lie is not selling Blazing Profound Bombs to us, why do we have to be courteous to them? Senior Aunt, if we do not teach them a lesson, they will become even more arrogant!” Shi Xiuling remained silent during Ju Ruijie’s alarmist talk.

Shi Xiuling thought for a while and felt that Ju Ruijie was right. She nodded and said, “Then let us give them a small lesson.”

“Leave it to me!” Ju Ruijie smiled coldly.

“Alright, do not go overboard,” Shi Xiuling said.

“I know.”



On top of a desolate island rising above the vast ocean, Qin Lie, Chu Li, and the others parked their crystalline war chariot and started drinking to their hearts’ content.

They could see many flying artifacts in the clouds above their heads that were like enormous beasts. Occasionally flashing chariots would flicker through the skies.

The five great Silver rank forces were still meeting in the clouds.

“Just slightly more than a year and everyone has entered the Fulfillment Realm. It seems that the hardship in the Graveyard Gods was beneficial to our growth.” Du Xiangyang drank with one hand splashing in the water. He had a bright smile.

Du Xiangyang, Chu Li, and Luo Chen had been in the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm when they left Graveyard of Gods. Each of them had advanced greatly, breaking through their limits, and successfully entering the Fulfilment Realm.

They were geniuses and important people within their own factions. They obtained ancient elites’ remains for their sects from Qin Lie. In result, their sects thought even more highly of them.

After the Trial at Graveyard of Gods, Qin Lie and these three people built a friendly relationship and reached an unspoken agreement.

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