Chapter 749: Qi Yang’s Ambition

Chapter 749: Qi Yang’s Ambition

“That Illusory Demon Sect is given first rights to the Blazing Profound Bombs is the mutual understanding we and Blood Fiend Sect had come to. Why else do you think you’re allowed to remain authority over the Setting Sun Islands?”

“First rights going to Illusory Demon Sect, you say? Mutual understanding with Blood Fiend Sect, you say?” Qin Lie smiled. “Why don’t you figure out the relationship between the Setting Sun Islands and Blood Fiend Sect first before you say anything?”

He then turned around and said to his three companions, “Let’s go.”

Chu Li chuckled and led them up a crystalline war chariot, ignoring Ju Ruijie.

Qin Lie, Du Xiangyang and Luo Chen got up the chariot behind him.

“The Setting Sun Islands are just a vassal force beneath Blood Fiend Sect, are they not? What is there to be proud about?” Ju Ruijie said disdainfully.

“As long as you are still the person in charge of buying the Blazing Profound Bombs, Gray Island will not sell a single spirit artifact to Illusory Demon Sect!” Qin Lie tossed down these final words.

Chu Li’s crystalline war chariot took to the skies.

Ju Ruijie and Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners all wore gloomy looks on their faces. It was obvious that they had gotten angry for real.

“Foolish boy!” Ju Ruijie turned her head and walked away too.

Celestial Artifact Sect’s Luo Kexin and Feng Yiyou didn’t request to challenge Qin Lie even though he was departing the area.

“Senior sister?” Feng Yiyou looked a little astonished.

“Something’s strange about that kid.” Luo Kexin frowned. “There’s no need for hurry. Let us wait and see for now.”

Apparently, Feng Yiyou was very obedient before his senior sister. He nodded in understanding and didn’t pry any further.


“What? Tian Yu’s hurt?” At the meeting place, Qi Yang jumped to his feet the instant he heard of this.

The mountain lord of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain hastily bid Nan Zhengtian and the other heads goodbye and left the scene.

It didn’t take long before Qi Yang and a few haggard-looking old men with necklaces of animal bones hanging around their necks and animal skins clinging to their shoulders appeared on a flying spirit artifact shaped like an ancient beast that belonged to Ten Thousand Beast Mountain..

They quickly arrived at a small, traditional tower built from animal bones.

Tian Yu was currently lying atop a cold bed of white jade. The finger-sized bloody holes on her body were oozing with the scent of lava and sulfur.

“I’m fine,” Tian Yu said through clenched teeth and a pale face. “I was splashed by a kind of fire. It is deadly, and it contains incredible combustive power. It feels like it will never fade unless it runs out of energy.”

Yu Men and many other Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners looked solemn when they heard this.

“Let me have a look.” Qi Yang walked over.

He pressed a finger onto one of the bloody wounds on Tian Yu’s body.

“Zzt zzzt!”

A tiny spark appeared from the bloody wound. The terrifying flame that surged out of her wound caused even Qi Yang to turn pale in fright.

He closed his eyes and probed the wound carefully.

Five whole minutes later.

“Everyone, please leave the room for now!” Qi Yang opened his eyes with a frown and yelled.

“Master…” Yu Men cried out.

“You too, Yu Men!” Qi Yang exclaimed seriously.

The crowd obediently left the room after a moment of slight surprise. This included Yu Men.

“Tell me what you felt when you last clashed against Qin Lie. I want to know everything,” Qi Yang instructed.

“When I used the power of my bloodline and punched at him with the Hundred Beasts Fist, his arms turned as red as hot iron. The terrible volcanic aura that they gave off… made me feel instinctively afraid.” Tian Yu thought for a moment before describing what happened then carefully. “When the Hundred Beasts Fist touched his fist, the power born from my bloodline was instantly burned into nothingness. Since I ran out of bloodline power, I wasn’t able to organize another attack. Moreover, I couldn’t extinguish the flames after I was touched by those sparks…”

“Your bloodline power was burned by those flames?” Qi Yang looked shocked.

Tian Yu nodded seriously.

Qi Yang suddenly fell silent.

A while later, he said darkly, “I understand.”

“Master, the fight between us was a fair fight. I’m the one who allowed him to use spirit energy. It’s my own fault for getting careless during the duel,” Tian Yu explained.

“No, you weren’t careless, and he wasn’t using spirit energy.” Qi Yang shook his head.

“Ah?” Tian Yu exclaimed in surprise.

“Alright, I checked your wounds, and I don’t think they’re serious. Your bloodline is special, and your recovery speed is ten times faster than a normal person’s. You should recover in no time,” Qi Yang consoled her a little before thinking for a moment. “Try not to talk too much about your battle with Qin Lie. Also, try not to stand up for Yu Men again.”

“I wasn’t trying to stand up for Yu Men! I, I just wanted to find a opponent for myself,” Tian Yu retorted.

“Alright, alright, I understand.” Qi Yang smiled. “I’ll be leaving.”

After he said that, he left the room and gave a few instructions to the elders who accompanied him. Then, he sought out Forefather Terminator during the night alone.

“Old Monster Nan, what kind of blood flows in that boy’s veins?” Qi Yang broke the ice immediately with an honest question. “Tian Yu’s bloodline of Ancient Beast grants her extraordinary strength and the ability to execute all the skills of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain with perfection. She’s also able to summon the souls of beasts with her bloodline to protect herself. She has almost never suffered a loss in the hands of her peers in the Land of Chaos, and even if she did, it was always because her cultivation realm was insufficient. She has never lost in terms of physical constitution!”

Qi Yang said solemnly, “The power Qin Lie used to hurt Tian Yu is neither spirit energy nor blood spirit energy. It is also a bloodline power!”

“So she’s hurt. What about it?” Forefather Terminator looked completely unconcerned. “It was a fight between juniors. Do you really have to confront me about it?”

“I’m not trying to stand up for Tian Yu. I want to know what kind of bloodline Qin Lie possesses,” Qi Yang explained.

Nan Zhengtian grew impatient, “I couldn’t care less about your curiosity.”

“Old Monster Nan, you should know that I once left the Land of Chaos and ventured into an auxiliary world millions and millions of miles away, right?” Qi Yang’s expression slowly turned serious.

“So what?” Nan Zhengtian frowned.

“Tian Yu was brought back from that world!” Qi Yang added.

Nan Zhengtian finally looked a little interested in the conversation and sat up properly. He motioned for Qi Yang to continue.

“In that place, there are a lot of humans who possess bloodline powers just like Tian Yu!” Qi Yang inhaled deeply before continuing in a heavy tone, “In fact, the humans of that world had figured out all kinds of ways to mix bloodlines of powerful ancient races into their own and pass them down to next generations!”

“There are plenty of powerful forces in that place, they are all Gold rank forces. They war against outer realms and rule over auxiliary worlds, and they steal bloodlines of many ancient experts through marriage. Therefore, their descendants possess powerful bloodlines from birth. This method allows their descendants to ascend further into the realms and escape the natural flaw of weak constitution that exists in all human beings. It gives their descendants the power of wild beasts and giant dragons while they’re still children!”

“The reason there are many martial practitioners who surpassed the Imperishable Realm in that place is because they’re continuously evolving through reproduction with ancient experts. They’re gradually fixing their flaws and perfecting their bloodlines, enabling their descendants to gain scarier and more perfect talents.”

“The power of bloodline is something that only the ancient experts used to possess. The human race has never had such a thing.”

“The human race has a short natural life span, and both our life force and physical constitution are dozens of times behind that of ancient experts. This is also the natural limit of our cultivation.”

“Our advantage is that we reproduce quickly. The time between insemination and birth is very short. Our other advantage is that we can cultivate all attributes of spirit energy. Unlike the ancient races, who are naturally limited to a specific spectrum of powers, we can even cultivate the power they possess. We are good at fusing powers, and our blood can accommodate even the bloodline of an ancient race.”

“In that place, our kind is gradually erasing the human weakness of bloodline through marriage with ancient experts. They absorb power of ancient experts’ bloodline and grow stronger and stronger!”

“There are plenty of people like Tian Yu in that place. They place the power of bloodline on equal standing as spirit energy and treat it as a core part of their power. They work hard to figure out the cultivation secrets of bloodlines.”

“That is the source of their strength, and why they surpass all of us!”

When Qi Yang was finally done, Nan Zhengtian fell into a long, pondering silence.

A long time later, Nan Zhengtian muttered, “You’re saying… that they surpass us since the moment they are born?”

“Mn. Moreover, their descendants are destined to surpass their predecessors as their understanding and knowledge of bloodline grows!” Qi Yang said affirmatively.

“What kind of bloodlines have they obtained?” Nan Zhengtian asked again.

“They have the bloodline of the Giant Dragon Race, the Ancient Beast race, the Asura Race, the Yaksha Race, the Wood Race and many, many more powerful races of ancient times. When they set their eyes on a race with special bloodline, they would try to either connect with them by marriage, or capture a female of the target race. Then, they would use some mysterious methods to steal the other party’s bloodline, so their descendants would be born with this special bloodline. That is how their descendants are born powerful,” Qi Yang said.

“What are you trying to say?” Nan Zhengtian looked up at Qi Yang after a moment of silence.

“Maybe. Maybe we can try the same thing they did.” Qi Yang’s eyes lit up. “If we could fuse bloodline of ancient experts into our own, then the descendants of the Land of Chaos would be born with natural strength and talent that exceed that of common humans too! If we succeed, then some of our descendants will have a higher chance of breaking through to the Void Realm, and we will realize the dream of creating a Gold rank force in the Land of Chaos!”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Nan Zhengtian gave him a strange smile.

Qi Yang said excitedly, “Tian Yu possesses the bloodline of Ancient Beasts. I can marry her to Chu Li, and give her child to the Terminator Sect. I have a daughter too whom I can marry to Qin Lie. The child they birth shall be raised by Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. What do you think?”

“Why not marry Qin Lie and Tian Yu?” Nan Zhengtian asked in puzzlement.

“It is very difficult for bloodlines of different ancient races to fuse together. That’s what I learned from that place,” Qi Yang continued to explain.

“It is more likely for a descendant to be produced when the bloodlines of an ancient race and the human race are merged. On the other hand, it is almost impossible for two beings of different ancient races to produce a descendant. That’s because the struggle for dominance between two different bloodlines would often kill the mother and the child during the infancy stage!”

“While Qin Lie and Tian Yu are both human, the bloodlines they possess are obviously different. It is extremely likely that their bloodlines would clash against one another if they mixed. Therefore, it is impossible for them to give birth to an offspring.”

“Oh, I see,” Nan Zhengtian exclaimed in realization. “If you’re really interested, why don’t I get the Asura Race to send a few women to you? You can try making your own offspring. As you know, some of the females of the Asura Race look pretty good.”

Qi Yang blushed despite his age and shook his head. “No, that won’t work. A special method is necessary for a human and an ancient expert to reproduce directly with success. Even the Gold rank forces over there had to experiment and sacrifice who knows how many test subjects in order to finally figure out a method. We don’t have the resources to try that.”

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