Chapter 748: Clash of Bloodlines

Chapter 748: Clash of Bloodlines

Qin Lie gathered his energy and blood.

The refined energy of flesh and blood in his acupoints and veins naturally emitted the thick stench of blood the moment they were gathered.

His eyes turned bloody red in an instant.


A blood-colored air pillar surged from the top of his head. The thick blood stench was mingled with tremendous life force.

“Blood Dragon’s Roar!”

The blood-colored air pillar abruptly transformed into a bloody dragon. It coiled and twisted its body madly above Qin Lie’s head.


The bloody dragon fired out dazzling bloody light beams and eliminated the afterimages of crazy apes.

“Take this!”

Tian Yu’s figure abruptly became clear once more as she swung her tiny fist at Qin Lie at the same time. It tore apart the air itself and went straight for Qin Lie’s chest.

Qin Lie’s chest was struck by a turbulent force that felt like dangerous undercurrents.


Qin Lie was sent flying backwards like a cannonball after he was punched by Tian Yu. His heart actually stopped beating for a short time after he was struck.

Stars covered his eyes as the defenses around his mind crumbled. There was blood inside his throat, but it was clogged and couldn’t be spat out no matter how he tried. It was extremely uncomfortable.

The violent surge of energy and blood that entered his body continued to rampage inside his body even after several seconds had passed.

“What an interesting guy.” Tian Yu exclaimed. “I didn’t not allow you to use your spirit energy, you know?”

Her words surprised the crowd for a moment.

Qin Lie breathed slowly and circulated the Blood Refinement Art continuously, using the refined energy in his blood to cancel out the energy that was still rampaging throughout his body.

A dozen or so seconds later, he stood up again with an immeasurably serious look on his face.

In his eyes, this petite girl of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain called Tian Yu had practically turned into a human-shaped giant beast.

Her body seemed to be hiding many ancient giant beasts that enabled her to unleash a kind of strength that literally could part mountains and divide lands.

Now that he had a considerable amount of knowledge about bloodline, he could say with almost one hundred percent certainty that the girl must have possessed the bloodline of an ancient beast.

The power of bloodline had long since became a part of this girl’s body, giving her a powerful source of strength.

When she used the power of her bloodline, it felt like she was possessed by an ancient beast. Her pure strength far exceeded that of a normal human being’s.

“Have you gone stupid, Qin Lie!? Even Tian Yu herself thought that this would be a fair fight only if you used all of your strength to fight her!” Du Xiangyang yelled. “You can’t be thinking of fighting someone with a giant beast’s bloodline with pure strength, are you? In that case you aren’t stupid, just outright crazy!”

Many onlookers wore understanding looks on their faces.

Many people knew that Tian Yu was different from a normal person. They all suspected that she had an ancient beast’s bloodline, because there was no way she could be as strong as she was otherwise.

They all thought that the fight was fair only if Qin Lie used all of his strength to fight Tian Yu.

To their amusement, Qin Lie actually didn’t employ any spirit energy at all. Instead, he used the refined energy in his flesh and blood and fought Tian Yu with pure strength as well.

“He is right.” Tian Yu walked over and said seriously, “Our fight is only fair if you employ all of your strength.”

“I didn’t expect him to be a bit stupid.” Celestial Artifact Sect’s Luo Kexin laughed softly while shaking her head.

“As I thought, rumors really are just rumors.” Ju Ruijie curled her lips and taunted, “Someone actually thought that this guy is the one who saved Blood Fiend Sect multiple times! How could someone like him possibly be of much help to Blood Fiend Sect? Hmph! We are the ones who Blood Fiend Sect depends on!”

The Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners echoed her sentiment with nods.

The onlookers of other forces also revealed thoughtful looks and suspected that the rumors had exaggerated Qin Lie’s effect just the same.

“I’m going to get serious during my next attack. You’d better get ready,” Tian Yu said again, “If you still refuse to use your spirit energy, then you will be hurt badly very soon.”

“Alright!” Qin Lie inhaled deeply.


Tian Yu moved, and she actually jumped several meters across the ground, closing the gap between them like a phoenix.

Accompanying her was an obvious ripple of bloodline power!!

“Awoo! Roar! Aoo!”

The roars of several giant beasts actually resounded from inside her body. It was so loud that Qin Lie’s ears went deaf temporarily.

A violent tide of energy and blood poured out of Tian Yu’s meridians.

The shadows of many giant beasts began to take form using Tian Yu’s energy and blood. The very lifelike beast images appeared behind Tian Yu and roared, looking intimidatingly violent, fierce, or angry.

“Hundred Beasts Fist!”

The fist enveloped by a power that gave it the size of a circular shield joined the giant beasts and rained down on Qin Lie like giant rocks.

The aura of ancient beasts was so stifling that even Qin Lie’s True Soul was screaming in danger. It was as if it could sense death right around the corner.

Qin Lie abruptly looked up.

Deep inside his pupils, a blazing energy that felt like erupting volcanoes abruptly spread to the surrounding.

His bloodline boiled, but he made sure that the tiny blaze divine characters wouldn’t dance in the air.

Blood boiled inside his body like lava and unleashed a violent power that was capable of burning down the world.

It was the power granted to his body by his bloodline!

He swung his fist towards the air.

His sleeves were burned to nothingness, revealing what looked like a pair of red hot iron. When he punched up towards Tian Yu, it was as if liquid lava was discharged from the volcanic crater that was his fist.


Innumerable droplets of lava scattered to the surroundings.

The ancient beasts made up of Tian Yu’s fist’s energy were burned to nothingness the instant they touched them.

The refined bloodline energy Tian Yu imbued into her fist was burned to nothingness the instant it touched the lava-like fist of Qin Lie.

The sparks were like fireflies that suddenly appeared between Qin Lie and Tian Yu. Tian Yu cried out in pain immediately when the sparks landed on her body.

Bloody holes suddenly appeared on her petite body.

Yu Men’s expression suddenly took a turn for the worse.

The Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners exclaimed and rushed up to her. They hastily supported Tian Yu and carried her back to the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s camp immediately.

They noticed that the sparks on Tian Yu’s body had entered her blood. Worse, they were still burning.

It was as the flames would never go dark.

Yu Men glared at Qin Lie but didn’t throw him a scathing remark. He hastily sought out Qi Yang, who was currently in conversation with Forefather Terminator and other leaders to treat Tian Yu.

Every Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioner suddenly cleared out of the area.

The remaining people suddenly fell silent. They looked completely puzzled when they lay their eyes on Qin Lie once more.

They didn’t even understand what just happened.

This included Chu Li, Du Xiangyang, and the rest of his friends. Their expressions were about as strange as one could imagine.

“Did you cultivate a fire spirit art in the past two years?” Du Xiangyang asked in disbelief.

“You managed to cultivate a fire spirit art to this level in two years’ time?” Chu Li obviously didn’t believe his own words.

Naturally, the rest of the onlookers were only more weirded out by this outcome. When they looked at Qin Lie, it was as if they were staring at a monster in human skin.

Celestial Artifact Sect’s Luo Kexin was also frowning deeply. She didn’t ask Qin Lie for a fight after Tian Yu’s battle.

Everyone fell silent and attempted to figure out exactly what had happened. However, Illusory Demon Sect’s Ju Ruijie couldn’t hold herself from ridiculing Qin Lie again, “It’s probably some sinister fire poison, isn’t it?”

Qin Lie had long since quieted the bloodline power in his body, so not a trace of heat could be found on his body at all. His arms had also returned to normal, and nothing unusual could be discerned from it at all. He said to Chu Li, “Let’s go.”

Chu Li was as puzzled as everyone else, but he also knew that this wasn’t the right place to speak. He nodded. “Follow me.”

Du Xiangyang and Luo Chen were already getting ready to leave.

“Wait a moment!” Ju Ruijie yelled loudly.

Qin Lie frowned and turned around with a gloomy expression, asking, “What’s your problem?”

“I heard from Blood Fiend Sect that you are the island master of Flaming Sun Island?” Ju Ruijie raised her head slightly and inquired with the tone of a superior.

Qin Lie was displeased by her attitude, but still he nodded and answered, “I am.”

“You will inform Gray Island’s artificers to deliver all the Blazing Profound Bombs they refined as of late to Illusory Demon Sect!” Ju Ruijie snorted coldly. “For the past month, a large majority of Gray Island’s Blazing Profound Bombs wasn’t delivered to us. Are you looking down on our financial capabilities?”

Qin Lie sneered, “It is our right to sell the Blazing Profound Bombs refined on Gray Island to whoever we want to. You are in no position to force a purchase!”

Not long ago, he sent a message to Gray Island to deliver a batch of Blazing Profound Bombs to Terminator Sect due to the Heaven Ghoul Race’s invasion.

Naturally, the amount of Blazing Profound Bombs that were delivered to Illusory Demon Sect had decreased as a result.

Illusory Demon Sect was already buying the Blazing Profound Bombs at a price lower than other forces. Every Blazing Profound Bomb they bought was practically a scam.

The fact that the amount of Blazing Profound Bombs that were delivered to Illusory Demon Sect had suddenly been reduced annoyed many Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners. It so happened that Ju Ruijie was the person in charge of the purchase, and Qin Lie was the main cause behind the decrease. Naturally, she wasn’t letting him off so easily.

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