Chapter 748: Clash of Bloodlines

Chapter 748: Clash of Bloodlines

Qin Lie gathered his energy and blood.

The refined energy of flesh and blood in his acupoints and veins naturally emitted the thick stench of blood the moment they were gathered.

His eyes turned bloody red in an instant.


A blood-colored air pillar surged from the top of his head. The thick blood stench was mingled with tremendous life force.

“Blood Dragon’s Roar!”

The blood-colored air pillar abruptly transformed into a bloody dragon. It coiled and twisted its body madly above Qin Lie’s head.


The bloody dragon fired out dazzling bloody light beams and eliminated the afterimages of crazy apes.

“Take this!”

Tian Yu’s figure abruptly became clear once more as she swung her tiny fist at Qin Lie at the same time. It tore apart the air itself and went straight for Qin Lie’s chest.

Qin Lie’s chest was struck by a turbulent force that felt like dangerous undercurrents.


Qin Lie was sent flying backwards like a cannonball after he was punched by Tian Yu. His heart actually stopped...

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