Chapter 747: Melee

Chapter 747: Melee

Almost a hundred of martial practitioners hailing from various forces were gathered on the giant airship. Luo Chen, Du Xiangyang, Chu Li, Yu Men, and Feng Yiyou; both his allies and his enemies in the Graveyard of Gods were here.

Qin Lie was very puzzled by this unexpected gathering.

He hadn’t heard Xue Moyan and Ju Ruijie’s verbal spar earlier. Therefore, he didn’t know that Xue Moyan had come and then left in anger because of Ju Ruijie’s ridiculing words.

“What are you all doing?” He frowned and looked at Chu Li with a face full of suspicion.

“They’re waiting for you, I think.” Chu Li shrugged.

“You finally came out.” Du Xiangyang approached with a cheerful smile on his face. “Luo Chen and I came to drink with you!”

Heavenly Sword Mountain’s Luo Chen was currently dressed in white and carrying himself like a sharp sword.

He tugged the corner of his mouth a little and nodded as a form of greeting when he saw Qin Lie looking his way.

At the beginning, he and Qin Lie were sworn enemies who slowly...

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