Chapter 746: Anger

Chapter 746: Anger

Tian Yu and the others who were about to leave subconsciously stopped when they heard the unusual reaction of the lightning from the cabin behind them.

Luo Kexin of Heavenly Artifact Sect stopped her scorning. She frowned slightly and paid attention to the ripples of lightning.

Members of young generation came over on their crystalline war chariots. People like Luo Chen and Du Xiangyang went straight onto the ship while the others were all close by.

“Zzt zzzt zzt!”

Strands of electricity came from the ship cabin like coiling snakes.

Many of the Terminator Sect martial practitioners had left this area under Nan Zhengtian’s orders.

The martial practitioners that remained had high enough cultivation to not fear the roaming currents of electricity.

Many people walked out and gathered on the deck of the ships. They observed silently along with Chu Li and the others.

A while...

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