Chapter 746: Anger

Chapter 746: Anger

Tian Yu and the others who were about to leave subconsciously stopped when they heard the unusual reaction of the lightning from the cabin behind them.

Luo Kexin of Heavenly Artifact Sect stopped her scorning. She frowned slightly and paid attention to the ripples of lightning.

Members of young generation came over on their crystalline war chariots. People like Luo Chen and Du Xiangyang went straight onto the ship while the others were all close by.

“Zzt zzzt zzt!”

Strands of electricity came from the ship cabin like coiling snakes.

Many of the Terminator Sect martial practitioners had left this area under Nan Zhengtian’s orders.

The martial practitioners that remained had high enough cultivation to not fear the roaming currents of electricity.

Many people walked out and gathered on the deck of the ships. They observed silently along with Chu Li and the others.

A while later, threads of blue lightning that were the thickness of a finger and three to five meters long climbed over the entire cabin like vines.

The electricity tangled together. Some twisted together while others seemed to be fighting. It was wondrous to see.

Occasionally, the roar of thunder would come from that room.

The thunder were drums that beat on people’s chests and caused their hearts to speed up.

Luo Kexin’s brow furrowed slightly. Her fingers flickered at an unique rhythm. On her finger, the exquisite spatial rings gave off multicolored spirit lights.

The spirit lights were like the chords of a zither that pulsed with the movements of her fingers and give off pleasing sounds.

Threads of soul intent shot into that lightning-filled room as the spirit lights pulsed.

Luo Kexin’s expression became strange and her eyes lit up.

She was using the sound to measure True Soul fluctuations using the ten specially forged spatial rings and the ancient secret art “Ten Chord Flowing Light Sound.”

From the reflected sound, she detected all kinds of extreme emotions such as savagery, bloodlust, madness, hopelessness and anger. What was even scarier was that those emotions were surrounded by blaze.

The vibrations the sound waves sent back were even stranger as they could slowly affect her soul.

She was inwardly shocked. She quickly realized that Feng Yiyou’s loss in the Graveyard of Gods was not a fluke.

On the other side, Tian Yu was not skilled in the arts of the soul. She did not make any actions and was waiting with clear boredom.

“Senior Sister Xue, what is the relationship between you and that Qin Lie?” a female dressed in the robes of Illusory Demon Sect asked with a laugh. She came next to Xue Moyan. “They say that he’s your father’s godson? Is this the case?”

Xue Moyan turned her head and glanced coldly at the other. “Junior Sister Ju, why are you always so curious about my affairs?”

Ju Ruijie giggled and said softly, “Because I always thought of you as my rival.”

Xue Moyan frowned.

“Even though you left Illusory Demon Sect and can no longer threaten me, I cannot change so easily,” Ju Ruijie said softly.

She was the same as Xue Moyan, a direct disciple of Yu Lingwei, the sect master of Illusory Demon Sect. Ever since she entered the sect, she had the goal of becoming the sect master of Illusory Demon Sect.

Xue Moyan was her biggest opponent.

Before Xue Moyan revealed her status and became connected to Blood Fiend Sect, Xue Moyan had always been a level higher than her.

She had done her best to compete against Xue Moyan for the spot in the Trial of the Graveyard of Gods.

Alas, in the last competition, she lost to Xue Moyan and did not qualify to enter the trial.

She had thought she would be forever losing to Xue Moyan.

She hadn’t expected that when the Trial ended, Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain had spread the news that Xue Moyan cultivated the Blood Spirit Art and was Xue Li and Mo Lingye’s daughter.

Ju Ruijie immediately saw a light of hope.

As expected, not long after, the sect master of Illusory Demon Sect, Yu Lingwei, gathered the elders of the sect and announced Xue Moyan’s identity.

While Yu Lingwei still thought of Xue Moyan as her student, everyone knew that Xue Moyan had no hope of becoming the leader of Illusory Demon Sect.

The position that belonged to her was naturally taken by Ju Ruijie.

Recently, Ju Ruijie was filled with pride. She did not pass on any chance to criticize Xue Moyan. Seeing the furor, she immediately hurried over.

“I do not share any deep connection with Junior Brother Qin,” Xue Moyan said harshly.

“No connection?” Ju Ruijie laughed lowly and clicked her tongue. “There’s nothing between you two, yet he gave you the Spring of Life? No connection, but he gave the body of the Blood Progenitor to your father? There is no connection, and yet he still puts his life on the line for Blood Fiend Sect? I heard people say that you traded for all this with your body… I wonder if it’s true or not?”

Her voice was not low when she spoke. The martial practitioners that were paying attention to the pair looked over in shock.

She was purposefully making things difficult for Xue Moyan.

Xue Moyan’s body froze. Pausing, she bit her lips and then said coldly, “Junior Sister Ju! Control your mouth!”

She and Ju Ruijie hailed from the same sect. Illusory Demon Sect had helped her entire family, so even though she had left Illusory Demon Sect, she did not want to fight with them.

“Haha, why? Did I guess right?” Ju Ruijie’s eyes turned cold. She raised her eyebrows and snorted. “You think you are still the genius of Illusory Demon Sect? The future hope of the sect?”

The Blood Fiend Sect of today had to rely on Illusory Demon Sect in many areas. Even the Setting Sun Islands where Blood Fiend Sect was, strictly speaking, belonged to Illusory Demon Sect.

Many members of Illusory Demon Sect had a sense of superiority when facing people from Blood Fiend Sect.

They thought that Blood Fiend Sect only existed up to that day because of Illusy Demon Sect’s help.

They also thought that the reason Blood Fiend Sect could publicly resurface was because Illusory Demon Sect helped by contacting Heavenly Sword Mountain and Terminator Sect. They thought that Illusory Demon Sect helped Blood Fiend Sect wash away their status as an unorthodox, evil sect.

Blood Fiend Sect of the Setting Sun Islands took Gold Sun Island under them, and many people were dissatisfied with this and how they had also took over territories of the Pan Family, Blue Moon Valley and the other local factions.

One reason was Wen Ben driving a wedge, making use of the fact that others didn’t know of the close relationship between Yu Lingwei and Mo Lingye.

Many of them thought that Blood Fiend Sect were ingrates, and Blood Fiend Sect was eroding their territory and benefits.

Due to this, not just Ju Ruijie, many of the older members of Illusory Demon Sect disliked Xue Moyan and Blood Fiend Sect.

If Yu Lingwei hadn’t made her opinion clear on this matter, Illusory Demon Sect and Blood Fiend Sect would have most likely gotten into conflict already.

“I don’t want to talk with you anymore!” Xue Moyan took a deep breath to calm herself down. She did not explode immediately. Without waiting for Qin Lie to come out, she left.

“Shameless!” Ju Ruijie gazed at her back and twisted her mouth as she shouted rudely.

Xue Moyan’s body shook. She endured it. She did not turn back and moved away faster.

Ju Ruijie raised her head with a proud expression, her eyes filled with disdain. “Without Illusory Demon Sect’s aid, a thousand years ago, the Blood Fiend Sect that’s currently at the Setting Sun Islands would have been exterminated to the last! And you repay by stealing the power of Gold Sun Island, the Pan Family, the Blue Moon Valley, and also Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion?”

When she said the words, many of Illusory Demon Sect’s members wore expressions of dislike.

In their eyes, Gold Sun Island, the Pan Family, and Blue Moon Valley were all Illusory Demon Sect’s forces. Because Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion were close to Illusory Demon Sect, they should have been the one to take over.

Yet this enormous territory was now under the Setting Sun Island’s supervision and a territory of Blood Fiend Sect.

Many of Illusory Demon Sect members could not tolerate this.

“Yes, Blood Fiend Sect’s territory was originally on the Heavenly Calamity Continent.” Celestial Artifact Sect’s Luo Kexin thought for a moment and then smiled faintly. She said, “They cannot return to the Heavenly Calamity Continent right now so they reestablished themselves in what was originally Illusory Demon Sect’s territory. They are clearly intruding on Illusory Demon Sect, no wonder they are so angry.”

“Bang bang bang!”

As the people outside conversed, a room inside the ship exploded.

A disheveled Qin Lie charged out, scorched black by the lightning.

“Hm, what are so many people doing here?!” When he came out, he stilled and shouted in shock.

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