Chapter 745: Tian Yu

Chapter 745: Tian Yu

“It is true that I originally lacked the spirit stones to hire your artifact forging services, Senior Sister Luo.”

Du Xiangyang continued to smile brightly without paying any heed to Luo Kexin’s ridicule. “But luck was on my side when I was in the Graveyard of Gods. Haha, not only have I obtained many Heavenly Flame Crystals from that place, I even managed to bring ancient elite remains back to my sect. As a result, I now have the spirit stones and the materials I need to make the request, Senior Sister Luo.”

Luo Kexin’s pretty face turned dark, and she couldn’t hold herself back from letting a snort slip.

Not only did Feng Yiyou of Celestial Artifact Sect fail to acquire any valuable spirit materials from the Graveyard of Gods, he even lost plenty of men in the process.

In fact, every Celestial Artifact Sect disciple that entered the Graveyard of Gods except Feng Yiyou had perished. He only escaped thanks to Jiang Zhuzhe’s aid.

Some of Feng Yiyou’s spirit artifacts were also damaged during the battle at the Graveyard of Gods.

The reason Du Xiangyang had purposely brought up the endeavor of the Graveyard of Gods and his rewards was to take Luo Kexin down a peg.

“But of course, I understand that spirit stones aren’t enough to motivate you, Senior Sister Luo. Your feelings are big part of that motivation too, right? I completely understand.” Du Xiangyang shook his head and sighed while wearing an infuritating grin on his face. “I doubt that I’ll ever be able to get you to forge a spirit artifact for me, Senior Sister Luo. That being said, you… are not the only artificer that exists in Celestial Artifact Sect, Senior Sister Luo, not to mention that there are even more artificers throughout the Land of Chaos. I am sure that there’s someone out there who’s better than you in artifact forgingSenior Sister Luo.”

“If you haven’t chased after Qin Lie’s tail like a dog, you would’ve died for sure inside the Graveyard of Gods, Du Xiangyang!” Feng Yiyou sneered.

“Oh? Is that so?” Du Xiangyang said in an odd tone before grinning. “What about you then? I am very curious to know how you managed to survive that final explosion. As far as I know, Blood Fiend Sect’s Jiang Zhuzhe was the last person to stay behind inside the Graveyard of Gods. He is an Imperishable Realm martial practitioner… could it be that he is the one who saved your life?”

The fact that Jiang Zhuzhe and Celestial Artifact Sect shared some secret understanding with each other was no longer a secret to many Silver rank forces.

Even Du Xiangyang had heard the rumors that Jiang Zhuzhe was the reason Feng Yiyou was saved from certain death. That was why he shot him the jab.

“I also heard that Jiang Zhuzhe’s son, Jiang Tianxing is a disciple of the Celestial Artifact Sect. Now that is most interesting,” Chu Li also threw in his own opinion while smiling.

“The Blood Fiend Sect of the Setting Sun Islands is the orthodox Blood Fiend Sect!” Xue Moyan said coldly.

“The Jiang father and son pair have nothing to do with us.” Luo Kexin snorted, “Rumors are just rumors, and people have been slinging mud at Celestial Artifact Sect for many years already. We have no reason to justify everything these rumormongers throw at us.”

She knew that Jiang Zhuzhe’s faction couldn’t shed their infamy as heretics even to this day, and that it would be very detrimental to admit that Celestial Artifact Sect was related to Jiang Zhuzhe.

“You’re all here.” It was at this moment Ten Thousand Beast Mountains’ Yu Men walked over with a cute but rough looking girl.

The girl had bronze color skin, and her petite frame seemed to contain explosive power.

Her hair was tied into many little plaits, and for whatever reason the plaits actually made sound like blowing wind when they swayed according to her footsteps.

The expressions on Chu Li and others changed a little when they saw her coming along with Yu Men.

Even Luo Kexin looked a little unnatural when she saw the approaching girl. She frowned, “Why are you here too, Tian Yu?”

“I heard from Yu Men that that Qin Lie has a physical constitution that’s even greater than his, so I wanted to see him with my own eyes.” The girl smiled naively.

The young girl’s name was Tian Yu, and her name was given to her by Qi Yang himself. Metaphorically, her name meant “natural jade”. Besides that, she was Yu Men’s senior sister and a special existence in Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.

It was rumored that Tian Yu was picked up by Qi Yang at a desolate region far away from the Land of Chaos. She displayed tremendous potential after she was brought back to Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.

Every Ten Thousand Beast Mountain cultivation art came easily to Tian Yu.

Her body seemed to contain an infinite fountain of strength, and this strength was a perfect fit for the arts of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. By combining the two, she acquired terrifying combat power.

There were plenty of seniors who privately thought that Tian Yu possessed the bloodline of some ancient beast in her body. They all acknowledged publicly that Tian Yu was the number one martial practitioner of the young generation in terms of the cultivation of one’s constitution.

If she wasn’t born a female, she would’ve been a more suitable candidate than Yu Men to become the future mountain lord of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. In fact, she was stronger than Yu Men.

Unfortunately, the mountain lord of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain had never been, and would never be of the female gender.

That was why the seniors of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain had poured more of their resources onto Yu Men instead.

Both Tian Yu and Yu Men were both orphans during their childhood. Yu Men lived with animals when he was younger, and he was capable of understanding the animal language. When he was first brought to Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, he wasn’t able to grow close to anyone because he was like a cub brought into human society.

Later on, Tian Yu and Yu Men were partnered up under Qi Yang’s arrangements. Tian Yu slowly taught Yu Men how to acclimate to the human world and how to speak the human language.

That was why Tian Yu and Yu Men were very close to each other. They might not share any blood ties with one another, but they were closer than real brothers and sisters.

“Where’s Qin Lie? We wish to spar against him!” Yu Men glared at Chu Li aggressively.

Luo Kexin giggled. “What a coincidence. Junior Brother Feng and I wish to meet this new star of the Graveyard of Gods too.”

“Where’s that Qin Lie, Chu Li?” Tian Yu asked with a chuckle.

“He hasn’t come out of his seclusion yet.” Chu Li’s answer was obviously a lot more carefully worded when he was facing Tian Yu. He even changed the tone of his speech to a more reserved one. “He has been studying the secrets of thunder ever since he had a discussion with my master. It has been half a month since he showed his face. Also, my master had ordered that no one is to disturb or wake him from his seclusion until he comes out himself.”

“I see.” Tian Yu nodded understandingly. “It’s okay, we have plenty of time anyway. I can fight him after he’s done.”

“You want to fight Qin Lie?” Chu Li looked surprised for a second before he smiled wryly, “You’re two levels ahead of him!”

Just like Luo Kexin, Tian Yu was a late stage Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner. That was why even the likes of Luo Chen and Chu Li had to address her as senior sister.

“I don’t use spirit energy.” Tian Yu giggled and swung her fist once, causing a sharp shriek to resound through the air. “I use this.”

Du Xiangyang and Luo Chen were right next to them. When they saw Tian Yu swing her fist and seemingly destroy the world’s spirit energy in her path, shock immediately overwhelmed their faces.

They knew that Qin Lie’s constitution was terrifying to say the least, but Tian Yu was famous for being the womacho of the Land of Chaos. Almost everyone knew that Tian Yu was the martial practitioner with the strongest physical constitution of her generation. It was even rumored that her bloodline was special and different from others.

An inhuman fellow like her couldn’t be judged by common sense. They didn’t think that the current Qin Lie possessed qualifications to fight her.

“Maybe that guy hid himself because he knew we would come?” Luo Kexin complained.

“That may be possible.” Feng Yiyou sneered.

“It’s okay. Let’s just come over two days later and check on him.” Tian Yu said no more. She was planning to leave since the moment she heard that Qin Lie had been in seclusion. In fact, she was just going to turn around and leave the place after saying this.

The dark-faced Yu Men didn’t bother wasting his breath either. Just like Tian Yu, he was planning to show a few days later.

There were plenty of martial practitioners of Silver rank forces around them. These people were observing the verbal spars of these famous junior martial practitioners with great interest.

When they saw that Qin Lie hadn’t shown up and Tian Yu departing the scene in disappointment, they felt just as disappointed too.

“That Qin Lie guy has been pretty famous as of late, and I heard that he’s oh so powerful or something. I thought he would show up and meet the challengers, but I guess he’s just a coward after all.” a Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioner folded his arms and laughed in an odd tone.

“He’s blown out of proportions, that’s what he is,” a Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioner sneered.

“I think so too. I heard that he came from some small continent under Heavenly Sword Mountain. Can someone from a small unknown continent be all that powerful?”

“That’s so true.”

“It’s funny that we had such high expectations of him.”


A lot of Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners were ridiculing Qin Lie. There were even some Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners who were watching the scene with cold and disdainful eyes.

Ever since Xue Moyan’s identity was revealed, and her status had changed from Illusory Demon Sect’s disciple to the daughter of Blood Fiend Sect’s Xue Li, a lot of Illusory Demon Sect disciples grew to dislike her.

Those people who used to treat her with respect had changed all too much during this short period of time. They would often shower her with looks of ridicule.

In their eyes, the current Blood Fiend Sect was no longer worthy of being discussed in the same light as Illusory Demon Sect.


It was at this moment the terrific sound of lightning suddenly crackled from the cabin behind the juniors where Qin Lie was currently secluded.

Everyone’s gazes were instinctively drawn by the noise.

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