Chapter 745: Tian Yu

Chapter 745: Tian Yu

“It is true that I originally lacked the spirit stones to hire your artifact forging services, Senior Sister Luo.”

Du Xiangyang continued to smile brightly without paying any heed to Luo Kexin’s ridicule. “But luck was on my side when I was in the Graveyard of Gods. Haha, not only have I obtained many Heavenly Flame Crystals from that place, I even managed to bring ancient elite remains back to my sect. As a result, I now have the spirit stones and the materials I need to make the request, Senior Sister Luo.”

Luo Kexin’s pretty face turned dark, and she couldn’t hold herself back from letting a snort slip.

Not only did Feng Yiyou of Celestial Artifact Sect fail to acquire any valuable spirit materials from the Graveyard of Gods, he even lost plenty of men in the process.

In fact, every Celestial Artifact Sect disciple that entered the Graveyard of Gods except Feng Yiyou had perished. He only escaped thanks to Jiang Zhuzhe’s aid.

Some of Feng Yiyou’s spirit artifacts were also damaged during the battle at the Graveyard of Gods.

The reason...

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