Chapter 744: Reunion

Chapter 744: Reunion

Forty-five thousand kilometers to the east of Prism Continent.

At that place, there was an island of pitch black rocks filled with dark and cold world spirit energy. Majority of this island was covered with humid mist, poisonous miasma, and many connected swamps.

This place was called Blackstone Island, and it was one of Black Voodoo Cult’s many territories.

Many martial practitioners who were captured by Black Voodoo Cult could be seen hanging underneath sinister-looking ancient trees inside the swamplands.

These martial practitioners were all screaming in pain as if their life force was being sucked away by something inside their body.

Every once in a while, the larva of a Black Crystal Sky Scorpion, centipede or a spider would fly out of these martial practitioners’ body.

When these carefully nurtured voodoo insects left their host’s body, it meant that the host’s life force and soul energy had been completely drained.

The cruel and vicious voodoo insects were constantly engaged in cruel battles amidst the poisonous miasma of the swamplands.

Black Voodoo Cult disciples covered in black mantles were scattered all over the island. They were responsible for guarding the voodoo insects and delivering living sacrifices.


Suddenly, wails like these of the ghosts and howls like these of the wolves resounded in the sky, followed by hundreds of Heaven Ghoul clansmen invading while riding on strange, floating rocks.

The second they descended on Blackstone Island, the Heaven Ghoul clansmen immediately began their bloody work of slaughter.

One hour later, every Black Voodoo Cult disciple garrisoned on this island was slaughtered to the last.

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen roamed here and there, tearing off human arms and consuming them raw.

An old man at the Nirvana Realm grabbed a voodoo insect, chewed and swallowed it into his stomach. After waiting for a moment and feeling its effects carefully, he immediately cried out in excitement, “Not only are these insects filled with the chaotic emotions of violence and bloodthirst, their energies are cold and malicious too. They’re practically tonic to our kind!”

“The great sage’s recovery is in sight!” The Heaven Ghoul Race clansmen grew excited.

“Collect these strange insects and bring them back to our base. The rest of us shall move on to the nearby islands, kill everything and find more!” the old man ordered.

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen immediately began carrying out their respective responsibilities.


One day later.

A giant rock carrying a dozen or so Heaven Ghoul clansmen descended on the center of Prism Continent.

“Look what we’ve found!”

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen on the rock carried over some gray brown pots in excitement.

Inside the pots, the lively voodoo insects continued to wriggle and fight each other to death.

The Heaven Ghoul Race great sages such as Matthew grew excited at the sight of the voodoo insects.

The pots landed in their arms when they made a beckoning gesture, and they picked up a voodoo insect and tossed it into their mouths. Upon consumption, they immediately discovered that a tremendous amount of life force were pouring into their limbs, restoring their life energy swiftly.

“What an amazing thing this is! Bhutto will be able to recover swiftly this way! We must keep these insects for him!” Matthew cried out.

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen all grew excited.

Another two days passed.

Suddenly, an intense spatial shock wave appeared above their heads. Blue ripples spread out through the air and destroyed many floating rocks into smithereens upon contact.

A gray light slowly came through a dark and chaotic passage as if it had traversed an unbelievably long distance.


The light descended onto the earth, twisting and changing.

A very, very long time later, an old Heaven Ghoul man that looked as skinny as a ten thousand years old corpse slowly took form.

His skinny body was covered in many bright threads. Anyone who tried to perceive it carefully would notice that they were spatial blades.

The old man sat down and quietly adjusted his own condition.

Two hours later, the spatial cracks that covered his entire body finally healed bit by bit.

It was only now he finally sucked in a deep breath and exclaimed with an emotional tone, “It has been a long time since I smelled the world spirit energy of my homeland!”

“Bhutto! We brought you something good!” Matthew clapped his hands.

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen carried over many pots and set them down in tidy rows before the old man. Each of these pots was filled to the brim with voodoo insects.

The voodoo insects were born and nurtured slowly by absorbing a martial practitioner’s refined blood, life force and soul energy. Even the tiniest voodoo insect possessed a great amount of refined life force. To a person of weak constitution, a voodoo insect was the equivalent of a restoration pill.

Bhutto stretched out a ghoulish claw and grabbed a voodoo insect from inside the pot. He tossed it into his mouth and chewed it like he was eating a rice ball.

“Amazing! This thing contains an amazing amount of refined life force!” Bhutto exclaimed in joy as multicolored blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

Matthew and the Heaven Ghoul Race great sages talked to Bhutto about the latest battle situation while he was consuming the voodoo insects. They told him about the nine great Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos and their average ranks and strength.

Half a day passed by.

All this time, Bhutto never stopped eating the voodoo insects to recover himself. When all the voodoo insects inside the pots had been transformed into refined life energy, gray smoke gushed out of the pores of his body.

Bhutto chuckled from inside the smoke. “What is there to be afraid of in a Spirit Realm without the Heaven Fighting Race?”

“The human race is numerous, and some of them have reached the Imperishable Realm. They are not easy to deal with,” Matthew said.

“We, the Heaven Ghoul Race, aren’t the only race to be exiled from Spirit Realm by the Heaven Fighting Race. There are a few other races who hid in auxiliary worlds and cut off the worlds’ connection to Spirit Realm because they feared the Heaven Fighting Race’s strength.” Bhutto wiped the blood off his lips. “We are the most sensitive race when it comes perceiving space fluctuations, and those races have made a promise with me before they left Spirit Realm!”

While saying this, Bhutto’s pupils glittered with tiny white spots that looked like tiny cracks in space.

Spatial ripples appeared above his head, spreading out towards the distance as if they were trying to detect a certain frequency far, far away from where he was.

Bhutto seemed to be looking for something.

An hour later, his eyes suddenly lit up, “I found two marks in this world. Once we break through the seals and reconnect the passages, we will gain two allies!”

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen immediately grew excited.

“You all wait here!” Bhutto got up and transformed into a black light. He entered the layers of space that abruptly appeared above his head and vanished without a trace.


At the giant black iron ships.

Many gold-colored Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes, luan chariots, giant carriages, all sorts of crystalline war chariots and flying spirit artifacts that looked like giant beasts were flying to the giant black iron ships in succession.

Heavenly Sword Mountain’s Luo Nan and Yan Baiyi, Illusory Demon Sect’s Yu Lingwei and Shi Xiuling, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s Qi Yang, and Celestial Artifact Sect’s Feng Yi had travelled thousands of kilometers to make their way here from their respective domains.

The strongest powers of the Land of Chaos swiftly gathered in this place.

The Imperishable Realm martial practitioners of the great Silver rank forces, dozens of Nirvana Realm martial practitioners and thousands of Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners were all making their way over on flying spirit artifacts.

Even the friend of Terminator Sect, the Asura Race had sent a group of clansmen led by Hester to aid Terminator Sect in eradicating this inhuman evil race.

For a time, Prism Continent became the focus of all. The martial practitioners of Silver rank forces that kept rushing in from all directions actually congested the sky and the sea of Prism Continent.

Nan Zhengtian was just discussing on how to attack the Heaven Ghoul Race with Qi Yang, Feng Yi and Yu Lingwei.

The juniors beneath them were scattered everywhere and moving all over the place.

More than a year had passed, and both Luo Chen and Du Xiangyang had entered the Fulfillment Realm.

After they arrived, they sought out Xue Moyan and Chu Li to check on Qin Lie’s current location.

“That guy seems to have entered into secluded cultivation after he had a talk with my master. It’s been half a month since he showed his face.” Chu Li smiled wryly. “Don’t look at me. Even I can’t look for him right now. My master has given the word that no one is to disturb him unless he comes out of seclusion himself.”

Luo Chen, Du Xiangyang, and Xue Moyan all looked surprised and pleased.

The chance to talk with the number one cultivator in the Land of Chaos was an opportunity that no martial practitioner could ignore.

Coincidentally, Qin Lie was also well-versed in the power of thunder too. Therefore, the benefits he might gain from Forefather Terminator were literally immeasurable.

Everyone understood that Qin Lie’s understanding of thunder would climb to a whole new height after he was done with his seclusion.

“Chu Li, where did Terminator Sect hide that fellow called Qin Lie? Why, are you that scared of him being harmed?” A beautiful woman dressed in Celestial Artifact Sect’s attire appeared together with Feng Yi and cried out from afar the moment she saw them, “I heard from Feng Yiyou that he is an impressive fellow. The reason I insisted on coming this time was so that I could see this guy for myself! Where is he now?”

The woman’s hair was pulled into a bun, and she was actually wearing ten exquisite looking spatial rings on all ten of her fingers.

Her name was Luo Kexin. She was the granddaughter of Luo Han, and she possessed both outstanding artifact forging talent and extraordinary achievements in the martial way.

She was infamous for being a difficult opponent not just in Celestial Artifact Sect, but the entire Land of Chaos. She was the one who inspired Feng Yiyou to employ a multi-spirit artifact combat style that induced a headache in all his opponents.

Even the likes of Feng Yiyou had to call Luo Kexin his big sister in Celestial Artifact Sect. The reason she didn’t participate in the earlier Trial was because she had stepped into the Fulfillment Realm long ago and didn’t qualify to enter the Graveyard of Gods.

She was furious when she heard that Feng Yiyou had suffered a huge loss in the Graveyard of Gods and failed to gain anything out of it.

That was why she accepted Feng Yiyou’s encouragement to attend this gathering of forces and hoped to win some face for Feng Yiyou.

“Ah, it’s Senior Sister Luo.” Chu Li’s smile didn’t reach his eyes. “See, Luo Chen and Du Xiangyang are looking for Qin Lie too, but unfortunately that guy is in seclusion right now. He may not show up for a time.”

Luo Chen cast a cold glance at Luo Kexin and kept his silence.

Du Xiangyang chuckled and saluted them, saying, “Well met, Senior Sister Luo. Hehe, why don’t you help me forge a sword if you have the time, Senior Sister Luo?”

“You want my help to forge a sword?” Luo Kexin curled her lips and examined Du Xiangyang from head to toe. Then, she clicked her tongue and shook her head disdainfully. “Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think you possess the wealth to make such an order, do you? You should know that my services are not cheap.”

The young generation of Celestial Artifact Sect’s artificers was led by Luo Kexin. She was now at the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm, and she was an Earth Grade Six artificer since some time ago.

It was almost a certainty that Luo Kexin would grow to become a Heaven Grade artificer.

That was why Luo Kexin had a lot of pride in herself. There were very few people who would dare offend her.

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