Chapter 744: Reunion

Chapter 744: Reunion

Forty-five thousand kilometers to the east of Prism Continent.

At that place, there was an island of pitch black rocks filled with dark and cold world spirit energy. Majority of this island was covered with humid mist, poisonous miasma, and many connected swamps.

This place was called Blackstone Island, and it was one of Black Voodoo Cult’s many territories.

Many martial practitioners who were captured by Black Voodoo Cult could be seen hanging underneath sinister-looking ancient trees inside the swamplands.

These martial practitioners were all screaming in pain as if their life force was being sucked away by something inside their body.

Every once in a while, the larva of a Black Crystal Sky Scorpion, centipede or a spider would fly out of these martial practitioners’ body.

When these carefully nurtured voodoo insects left their host’s body, it meant that the host’s life force and soul energy had been completely drained.

The cruel and vicious voodoo insects were constantly engaged in cruel battles amidst the poisonous miasma of the swamplands.

Black Voodoo Cult disciples covered in black mantles were scattered all over the island. They were responsible for guarding the voodoo insects...

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