Chapter 743: Gift

Chapter 743: Gift

Qin Lie suddenly shook.

Forefather Terminator gaze deepened as he lost himself in his memories. He stopped speaking.

“His… his name was Qin Shan?” A heartbeat later, Qin Lie reacted. His eyes lit up. “Could you show me his appearance?”

Without a second word, Forefather Terminator’s eyes shot out threads of electricity spun and twisted in the air.

Five seconds later, a figure made from lightning clearly appeared in front of Qin Lie.

Qin Lie only took a look before his body shook and he said, “That’s my grandfather!”

Forefather Terminator grinned and showed a slightly ugly smile. “I just learned this.”

Qin Lie was shocked. “The information from the spatial ring?”

“Yes.” Forefather Terminator nodded. He rubbed his chin and said, “No wonder you are so special, you are Benefactor’s grandson. Benefactor’s teachings in the past are directly related to the heights...

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