Chapter 743: Gift

Chapter 743: Gift

Qin Lie suddenly shook.

Forefather Terminator gaze deepened as he lost himself in his memories. He stopped speaking.

“His… his name was Qin Shan?” A heartbeat later, Qin Lie reacted. His eyes lit up. “Could you show me his appearance?”

Without a second word, Forefather Terminator’s eyes shot out threads of electricity spun and twisted in the air.

Five seconds later, a figure made from lightning clearly appeared in front of Qin Lie.

Qin Lie only took a look before his body shook and he said, “That’s my grandfather!”

Forefather Terminator grinned and showed a slightly ugly smile. “I just learned this.”

Qin Lie was shocked. “The information from the spatial ring?”

“Yes.” Forefather Terminator nodded. He rubbed his chin and said, “No wonder you are so special, you are Benefactor’s grandson. Benefactor’s teachings in the past are directly related to the heights I achieved in my cultivation. My true master was the previous sect master of Terminator Sect but before me, Terminator Sect was not skilled in lightning power. My master was not able to help much with my cultivation”

“How come Uncle Mu knows about the relationship between you and my grandfather?” Qin Lie was puzzled.

“I do not know.” Forefather Terminator was also slightly bewildered. “But that is not important.”

“What?” Qin Lie was shocked.

“I owe Benefactor a great favor!” Forefather Terminator became serious and said, “As long as I am in the Land of Chaos, no matter what trouble you experience, you can come find me!”

“I do not seem to have any troubles,” Qin Lie said with a smile.

“Not right now, but it does not mean you will not have any in the future. Do not boast.” Forefather Terminator chuckled. “You have the blood of the Heaven Fighting Race. If this fact was exposed, it would be more troublesome than when you exposed your Blood Spirit Art. In the land beneath you, the Heaven Fighting Race is feared and hated way more than Jiang Zhuzhe, even with his atrocious acts. If it were to be exposed that you are their descendant, not only the human race, but many other races would attack you. You would have no place in Spirit Realm.”

Qin Lie’s face darkened slightly.

He knew what Forefather Terminator said was the truth.

In the Ruined Lands, because his bloodline had been exposed, the leaders of other races, Gu Tuo and Chi Yan, pursued him relentlessly like savage beasts that smelled blood.

His bloodline was unusually attractive to other races!

“I will give this token to you,” Forefather Terminator suddenly said.

It was a triangle-shaped token carved with thunderballs. The lightning balls flashed with electricity and gave off ripples of thunder.

Qin Lie reached out with a strange expression. “This is?”

“This can be considered a symbol of my direct disciples.” Forefather Terminator smiled and said, “In the present Land of Chaos, there are not many that would dare to attack my direct disciple. This token is a mean of protection. Many people that would attack you will not dare upon seeing it!”

“Oh?” Qin Lie changed expression.

“This token is not like Duan Qianjie’s, I cannot tear apart space like Duan Qianjie and get there no matter how great the distance.” Forefather Terminator explained. “But after it is activated, I can see you, and know who attacked you. After the event, no matter who, I will find them and take revenge for you.”

“So it’s only useful after I die?” Qin Lie grimaced.

“It has intimidating effect.” Forefather Terminator laughed and said proudly, “Do not underestimate it. With this token, you can do almost anything in the Land of Chaos. I cannot come to immediately save you, but those people that know this token should know the consequences. They will not attack you.”

“Anyway, thank you.” Qin Lie put away the token without any courtesy. “But I am not your direct disciple.”

“You do not have to fulfill the duties of being my disciple but I will share my knowledge of thunder and lightning with you!” Forefather Terminator.

When he finished, his three-level Soul Altar suddenly floated out of his brow.

His three-level Soul Altar was constantly flashing with dazzling lightning, it looked like billions of bolts of lightning intertwined together. When Qin Lie looked closely, there seemed to be dragons of lightning that roamed inside the Soul Altar and released world-shaking ripples.

The dazzling three-level Soul Altar floated in the room and gradually moved to Qin Lie’s front.

“Move your True Soul into the lowest level of my Soul Altar to see the world of lightning inside.” Forefather Terminator invited.

After a moment of thought, Qin Lie nodded and his True Soul floated out of his forehead.

“Only you, whose soul has been tempered by lightning and thunder, do not have to fear having your soul extinguished there. Only you can enter my Soul Altar.” Forefather Terminator lamented. “My disciples cultivate thunder and lightning power, but none of their souls can endure the attacks of lightning. Even I only dared to temper my soul with thunder and lightning after I entered the Imperishable Realm…”


His True Soul formed into a bolt of lightning. He shot into the blinding Soul Altar and entered the first level.

Through the curtain of lighting, Qin Lie suddenly entered a strange world made purely from lightning.

“Boom boom boom!”

There was a vast pool of lightning at the center of the world. The lightning pool repeatedly exploded. Each explosion would create billions of bolts of lightning.

Lightning was the makeup of this world, its source of power.

The bolts would be shot far, far away after lightning pool’s explosions. They criss-crossed at the horizon and formed an enormous net of lightning.

Both the lightning bolts and the net contained Forefather Terminator’s soul aura. They twisted and transformed as though they were presenting the mysteries of lightning and thunder.

Many specks of light formed and dissipated in this lightning world as they communicated blurry messages.

When Qin Lie’s soul touched those scattered specks of lightning, strange scenes appeared deep inside his soul.

Those dots of light were like the blaze divine characters in his blood. They seemed to contain knowledge.

What was different was the blaze characters formed flames. When he touched them, what they formed were memories about the blaze imprint. They were like a library hidden in his blood.

Here, it was the small specks of lightning that formed scenes.

The lightning that penetrated his True Soul contained strips of pure memories, comprehension of cultivation, and understanding of lightning and thunder. They were reflected on Qin Lie’s soul.

Qin Lie’s soul shook.

He finally realized. Those specks of light were Forefather Terminator’s experiences during cultivation.

If people that cultivated thunder and lightning power could gaze upon these scenes, it would be an inheritance!

If one continued to follow Forefather Terminator’s experiences, his way of thinking and cultivation method, they would reach Nan Zhengtian’s level of power.

“For you, these cultivation experiences can only act as examples.” A speck of lightning flashed and turned into Forefather Terminator’s figure. He lectured Qin Lie inside his Soul Altar’s world. “The road you walk should go deeper into lightning and thunder power than the one I walked. Of course, your road will be even harder!”

“The path of my cultivation has your grandfather’s shadow looming over it . Because we both cultivate lightning and thunder power, you will see many things on this path. There are many things in these scenes here that may help you not be led astray by wrong conclusions.”

Forefather Terminator’s voice came from that world of thunder and lightning. Countless specks of light carried portion of Forefather’s understanding of cultivation and rained down on Qin Lie’s soul.

A sea of knowledge flooded in and almost drowned Qin Lie.

He was like an enormous sponge and tried his best to absorb the waves of knowledge.

A long, long time later.

Qin Lie sluggishly woke up. He found that his True Soul had returned to his body and Forefather Terminator had disappeared.

In the enormous room, the walls around him flashed with bolts of lightning. Lightning filled the room but it was comfortable, as if it was nourishing his body and mind.

He focused and felt that his mind was filled with a sea of comprehension.

There were so many things when he thought about them, his head felt uncomfortably full.

He knew that Forefather Terminator had left. He needed time to absorb what was in his mind and organize it.

He silently sat down.

He did not bother with what happened outside. He cleared his head and focused. He slowly gazed upon Forefather Terminator’s comprehension towards cultivation and buried himself deep in the memories.

He made them turn into a part of his deeper memories.

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