Chapter 742: Forefather Terminator’s Benefactor

Chapter 742: Forefather Terminator’s Benefactor

According to Qin Lie’s perception, there seemed to be soul force inside the balls of lightning in the clouds.

The thunderballs that came from heaven dissipated after exploding. However, they did not disappear. Instead, they continued to transform, slowly gathered again and became a new thunderball.

Billions of bolts of lightning covered the sky above Prism Continent, and attacked the five Heaven Ghoul great sages.

A long, sharp spatial light blade split the firmament. It pulled numerous twisters, enormous stones, gusts of wind, dregs of space, and twisted magnetic fields to attack the booming lightning.

The thunder seemed to resonate with the heavenly thunder deep in the clouds. It grew stronger as though it would never run dry despite its endless attacks.

“The power of the Lightning Pool of the Ninth Heaven!”

Qin Lie’s eyes were bright. He could clearly feel Nan Zhengtian manipulating the endless thunder and lightning energy in the clouds. He guided down the bolts of lightning and destroyed the world as though he was a god of lightning.

In Qin Lie’s mind consciousness, Nan Zhengtian seemed to have become a lightning pool, a lightning fae of the world that could control the savage lightning as he wished.

Among the furious roars of lightning, Nan Zhengtian’s howls were mixed with the muffled grunts of the Heaven Ghoul sages.


A curtain of lighting hundreds of miles long once again formed in the sky and came down.

The spatial blades tried their best to cut at the curtain and tear it to pieces.

Lightning continued to land.

Within the mountain range, Heaven Ghouls furiously fled for their lives when they saw the lightning come down.

However, the bolts of lightning had simple intelligence. They pursued the Heaven Ghouls and killed them one by one.

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen wailed.

The five great sages roared in anger and looked as if they would put their lives on the line..

Nan Zhengtian’s wild laughter came from deep within the clouds. The lightning and thunder suddenly receded and disappeared.

Among the laughter, a blinding figure shot out like a lightning.

In the blink of an eye, Forefather Terminator appeared next to Xu Ran and Lei Yan with disheveled hair and unkempt clothes.

Nan Zhengtian looked at the three. He grinned and said, “Let’s talk after our return.”

“Alright.” Xu Ran nodded with a smile.

A dozen seconds later, Qin Lie followed the three Soul Altar experts back onto the giant black iron ships.

He focused and found that there were seven new giant black iron ships that were slowly coming close. They all flew the flag of Terminator Sect.

He reckoned these giant black iron ships must have come with Forefather Terminator.

“These five Heaven Ghoul great sages are not easy to deal with. The reason I was able to hold on for so long against them was because they have not recovered.” Inside an enormous residence, Nan Zhengtian sat with his legs spread apart. He said, “Those three with three-level Soul Altars, only one of them has seventy percent of their strength. The other two have recovered only about thirty percent of their power. If they completely recovered, they would be hard to deal with.”

“There is also one that is sleeping. He will come in three days. That one is the really terrifying one,” Xu Ran said.

Nan Zhengtian’s eyes lit up. He gave a strange laugh. “Great! That is great!”

Xu Ran and Lei Yan stilled.

“Give them some more time, let them recover, especially that old ghoul named Bhutto. I hope that I can have a fight with him at full power!” Nan Zhengtian was full of fighting spirit.

“Elder Brother! That person once was in the Void Realm!” Lei Yan said urgently.

“So what?” Nan Zhengtian’s expression darkened. He snorted. “So what if he was once there? Even if he was in the Void Realm, and still possessed a four-level Soul Altar, I would still dare to try!”

“Why waste our time? Before they recover, let’s have the four Silver rank forces eliminate these people. Wouldn’t that be better?” Xu Ran said helplessly.

“It’s not so simple.” Nan Zhengtian shook his head. “They are skilled in using the power of space. If they see the situation going bad, they will once again flee into the chaotic streams of space. If they flee into the void, even I won’t dare to fight them there.”

“You mean?”

“Give them a bit of time, let all of them come and recover some power. Lure them away from Prism Continent, to some place with dense space energy. It is far too easy for them to escape into the spatial currents from here,” Nan Zhengtian said.

Pausing, he took a deep breath and continued, “Also, I need to have a battle with that fully-recovered Bhutto! I need to use this Bhutto to reinforce my confidence and truly take a step into the Void Realm!”

Xu Ran shook and said in shock “You are sure? Master attempted it in the past, and something happened at the last step. His soul was destroyed as a result.”

“These past years, we’ve never heard of anyone actually reaching the Void Realm in the Land of Chaos! Elder Brother!” Lei Yan said in shock.

“If the Land of Chaos wants to advance, if Terminator Sect wants to transform into a Gold rank force, we must have someone above the Imperishable Realm!” Nan Zhengtian’s expression was determined. “Master may have failed, but that doesn’t mean we won’t ever be able to do it! Also, I promised him that after taking over Terminator Sect, I will bring about a new Terminator Sect!”

“Terminator Sect is the strongest force in this land,” Lei Yan said.

“This is not enough.” Nan Zhengtian shook his head. “Far from enough!”

Xu Ran and Lei Yan had shocked expressions.

Qin Lie was also shocked. He looked at this Forefather Terminator with unkempt clothes and felt respect and awe.

Suddenly, he thought of the spatial ring that Li Mu had given him. Hesitating, he took out the spatial ring and handed it to Forefather Terminator. He said respectfully, “Li Mu of Heavenly Sword Mountain asked me to give this to you.”

“Li Mu?” Nan Zhengtian, Xu Ran, and Lei Ran stilled. Then their expressions became grave.

Qin Lie looked at the expressions of the three and felt puzzled inside.

“Boy, the sixth Heavenly Sword of Heavenly Sword Mountain is not an ordinary person.” Xu Ran smiled and said, “Even Duan Qianjie may not be able to win against this Li Mu!”

Qin Lie stilled. “Uncle Li only has a two-level Soul Altar, Duan Qianjie… has a three-level Soul Altar, they…”

“Duan Qianjie only started building the third level of Soul Altar after his fight against Li Mu. That fight… according to Terminator Sect’s intel, it ended in Li Mu’s victory.” Lei Yan’s expression was solemn. He thought and then said, “Li Mu has been stuck on the second Soul Altar level for more than two hundred years. Based on his talent, he should have been able to break through a long time ago.”

“He is unlike many people. He will create a firm foundation at every realm. He will comprehend all the spirit power variations that people of that level should master. Each breakthrough of his is as steady as a mountain. He has almost ninety percent success rate. Once he successfully breaks through, he will not have to stabilize his realm.” Pondering for a moment, Forefather Terminator continued, “He and Duan Qianjie can be said to be two extremes. One pursues speed, the other steadiness.”

“Duan Qianjie used only a short three hundred years. He constantly challenged, cultivated day and night, he excavated his potential, quickly accumulated knowledge. Whenever he sees a chance for a breakthrough, he grasps it. For the sake of breakthroughs, he disregarded risks of going mad or even dying.”

“Li Mu is the opposite.”

“He is firm and steady on every realm. He is willing to waste long periods of time to see all there is on each realm. He is not in a hurry to reach a breakthrough and he continues to refine himself.”

“His cultivation is steady, so firm it is almost incomprehensible. Each breakthrough is expected, and natural. There’s no danger. Often, it’s not that he breaks through, he just naturally is pushed into the new realm!”

“One madly pursues his limits, while the other steadily cultivates his base.”

“Who is stronger?” Qin Lie instinctively asked.

“In the short term, Duan Qianjie is stronger. In the long term, Li Mu will be stronger.” Nan Zhengtian concluded. “Once Li Mu creates the third level of his Soul Altar, he will be the person with the highest qualifications to challenge me!”

Qin Lie’s mouth dropped open. Through Nan Zhengtian and Xu Ran’s words, he gained a new understanding of Li Mu.

Nan Zhengtian gave his opinion of Li Mu. Then, he rubbed the spatial ring and felt it with a wisp of his soul.

Qin Lie and the others were silent.

After a while, Nan Zhengtian’s eyes lit up, his expression shocked.


Under his strength, that spatial ring suddenly exploded and turned into powder.

“Elder Brother, what did Li Mu say?” Lei Yan asked.

Nan Zhengtian shook his head and looked deeply at Qin Lie. He said, “Not much.”

Xu Ran was slightly shocked.

From Nan Zhengtian’s expression, he knew that the information in the ring was related to Qin Lie.

But Nan Zhengtian did not want to disclose it.

“I want to talk to Qin Lie alone,” Nan Zhengtian said gravely.

Xu Ran and Lei Yan exchanged a look and then perceptively left.

Only Qin Lie and Nan Zhengtian were left in the room. Nan Zhengtian did not immediately speak, instead sitting in deep thought, a frown on his face..

Qin Lie waited patiently.

A long long time later, Nan Zhengtian thought of many things and then abruptly said, “I, Nan Zhengtian, became what I am today due to a benefactor.”

Qin Lie had a puzzled expression. He didn’t know why Nan Zhengtian said something so random.

“A long time ago, at that time, I wasn’t even outstanding among my master’s many disciples. At that time, I could not rival Xu Ran, and my talent was lacking even compared to Lei Yan.” Forefather Terminator laughed mockingly. “Compared to them, my only advantage was that I was fixated on cultivation.”

“Because of my average talent, I focused solely on cultivation. I thought of nothing else.”

“In the eyes of many people, even my master, I was a fanatic. Alas, limited by my talent, my accomplishments were average.”

“Until one day when I was cultivating in a mountain valley and encountered an old person picking herbs.”

“The old person observed me. He saw me cultivating day and night without sleep or food, cultivating until I didn’t even know who I was.”

“The old man was very shocked. He stopped, taught me, and discussed with me.”

“He told me that extreme focus could make up for my lack of talent. He told me my focus would allow me to go far on the path of cultivation.”

“In this dark world of cultivation of mine, he was a ray of light .”

“He guided me onto the right path, discussed the mysterious power of thunder and lightning with me and helped me understand its vastness and grandeur.

Pausing, Forefather Terminator raised his head and looked at Qin Lie. He said, “One day, he left due to other matters, never to return. Before leaving, he told me his name…

“His name was Qin Shan.”

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