Chapter 742: Forefather Terminator’s Benefactor

Chapter 742: Forefather Terminator’s Benefactor

According to Qin Lie’s perception, there seemed to be soul force inside the balls of lightning in the clouds.

The thunderballs that came from heaven dissipated after exploding. However, they did not disappear. Instead, they continued to transform, slowly gathered again and became a new thunderball.

Billions of bolts of lightning covered the sky above Prism Continent, and attacked the five Heaven Ghoul great sages.

A long, sharp spatial light blade split the firmament. It pulled numerous twisters, enormous stones, gusts of wind, dregs of space, and twisted magnetic fields to attack the booming lightning.

The thunder seemed to resonate with the heavenly thunder deep in the clouds. It grew stronger as though it would never run dry despite its endless attacks.

“The power of the Lightning Pool of the Ninth Heaven!”

Qin Lie’s eyes were bright. He could clearly feel Nan Zhengtian manipulating the endless thunder and lightning energy in the clouds. He guided down the bolts of lightning and destroyed the world as though he was a god of lightning.

In Qin Lie’s...

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