Chapter 741: Nan Zhengtian

Chapter 741: Nan Zhengtian

Tens of thousands meters above a vast sea, two giant black iron ships hovered amidst the clouds.

Qin Lie was waiting quietly inside his own cabin.


Suddenly, a thunderous rumble resounded from the sky.

It was deep into the night. Countless bolts of lightning as thick as giant dragons suddenly zapped towards the ships’ direction, accompanied by thunderous rumbles.

“The Forefather is here!”

“It’s the Forefather!”

“The Forefather has finally arrived!”

The faces of Terminator Sect blossomed with smiles that came from the bottom of their hearts when they heard the thunderous rumbles. They could feel their nerves visibly relaxing.

Qin Lie walked out of his room and stood alone on the deck, looking towards the sky.

Countless lightning bolts were erupting deep inside the clouds and unleashing power that seemed capable of destroying the world. It was as if the lightning of the lightning pool hidden deep in the skies had spilled over.

Thick, long lightning bolts roared and flashed across the sky like a dragon rising from the abyss,...

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