Chapter 741: Nan Zhengtian

Chapter 741: Nan Zhengtian

Tens of thousands meters above a vast sea, two giant black iron ships hovered amidst the clouds.

Qin Lie was waiting quietly inside his own cabin.


Suddenly, a thunderous rumble resounded from the sky.

It was deep into the night. Countless bolts of lightning as thick as giant dragons suddenly zapped towards the ships’ direction, accompanied by thunderous rumbles.

“The Forefather is here!”

“It’s the Forefather!”

“The Forefather has finally arrived!”

The faces of Terminator Sect blossomed with smiles that came from the bottom of their hearts when they heard the thunderous rumbles. They could feel their nerves visibly relaxing.

Qin Lie walked out of his room and stood alone on the deck, looking towards the sky.

Countless lightning bolts were erupting deep inside the clouds and unleashing power that seemed capable of destroying the world. It was as if the lightning of the lightning pool hidden deep in the skies had spilled over.

Thick, long lightning bolts roared and flashed across the sky like a dragon rising from the abyss, cleansing the air of the world’s filth.

Giant balls of lightning that made huge, thunderous noise fell from the sky like giant rocks.

A thunder cloud that looked like something from the Forbidden Land of Thunder moved towards Prism Continent. It was as if the sky itself was moving to the Forefather’s will.

“The Forefather, the Forefather went to Prism Continent directly!”

“That’s the Forefather we know!”

“He attacked them the second he came over!”

The martial practitioners of Terminator Sect made an excited fuss as a strong light of admiration shone inside their eyes.

Even Qin Lie himself was shaken by this sight.

He watched as the thunder in the sky that looked like a world of its own swiftly flew towards Prism Continent.

Countless bolts of lightning collapsed from the clouds like a scene from the apocalypse. Ball-shaped lightning exploded everywhere and ravaged the land beneath the sky, destroying countless mountains and rivers in the process.

“Let’s go! Let’s get closer to the battlefield!”

Xu Ran suddenly showed up, grabbed Qin Lie and flew straight towards the battlefield.

Lei Yan broke into a loud laughter and flew towards Prism Continent too.

Far, far away.

A lot of Heaven Ghoul Race clansmen were gathered underneath a spatial rift while looking like they were anxiously waiting for something to arrive.

Suddenly, everyone around that area looked up into the sky in astonishment.

A screen of blazing light accompanied by thunderous rumbles flew over across the pitch black sky and was headed towards their location. Lightning of all shapes then descended as if the contents of a lightning pool was tipped over to the ground.

The land spanning over hundreds of kilometers was instantly flooded by lightning and blasted mercilessly.

Mountains were shattered, rivers were torn, and everything was blasted into the other world as lightning fell. Many Heaven Ghoul Race clansmen were killed in the process.

For a brief moment, the Heaven Ghoul clansmen felt as if Lieyan Zhong of the Heaven Fighting Race had shown up once more to finish the terrifying mission that was the extermination of their entire race.

“Surround and kill him!”

The four great sages of the Heaven Ghoul Race instantly summoned their Soul Altars, sat on them and flew into the sky.

There were two three-level Soul Altar, one two-level Soul Altar and one one-level Soul Altar experts among the Heaven Ghoul Race. As of now, they represented the Heaven Ghoul Race’s greatest strength.

Matthew’s Soul Altar in particular looked dim and lightless because he was burned by the power of blaze earlier.

Everyone else’s Soul Altars looked as dazzling and as brilliant as the stars themselves.

“Zzzt zzt zzzt!”

Spatial rifts that looked like thin, long light blades suddenly appeared in midair while their Soul Altars flew to the air.

Attracted by their Soul Altars, the spatial rifts were swung at the sky of thunder like cold blades that stretched for several kilometers.

They looked like they would tear the sky itself to shreds.


The spatial blades cut through space itself and left behind a tear that looked like the disemboweled stomach of a giant beast. Strange light actually spilled out of it as if space itself was bleeding.

Between the tears of space, storms raged, wild winds blew, and giant rocks from the outside the realm slipped in through the cracks.

These twisted and chaotic objects, storms and whirlpools gradually filled the sky of Prism Continent and blocked the way. They forcefully changed the passage of space itself.

Tens of thousands of meters above the ground, a screen of light made of thunder and lightning illuminated tens of thousands of kilometers of land and fired off incessant blasts towards the ground.

However, the unknown distorted objects, the storms between spatial cracks, and the whirlpools seemed to have merged together into a wall of chaos after they filled up the sky.

The wall stood between the sky of thunder and Prism Continent, preventing it from shooting more thunder and lightning onto the ground.

“Profound Thunder Sky Shatterer!”

A loud, angry roar rumbled down the clouds as if a billion thunder balls had fallen off the sky all at once.

A gigantic thunderball operating off the laws of thunder and lightning absorbed the power of the lightning pool of the Ninth Heaven. Bubbling with explosions and overflowing with myriad electricity, the thunderball descended from the sky like a star of thunder.

“Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

Earthshaking explosions erupted from inside the ball of thunder and lightning, and when it made contact with the wall it destroyed all of the storms, the giant whirlpools, the outer realm winds and giant rocks completely.

That wasn’t all. The ball of thunder and lightning started resonating with the earth and throbbed like a person’s heart.

“Thump thump thump!”

The ground rumbled, and a massive earthquake struck Prism Continent. Mountains shook and crumbled into flat lands, while flat lands were torn into depthless ravines.

It felt as if the thunderball would shatter the entire Prism Continent before it even touched the ground.

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen turned pale with shock as they watched the thunderball tear apart the wall of chaos they created together and continue to fall towards the bone towers they’d constructed.

“Retreat! We must retreat temporarily back into the chaotic streams of space! Let us wait until Bhutto wakes up!” Matthew screamed.

When the Heaven Ghoul clansmen sensed the power capable of annihilating worlds contained inside the thunderball falling down onto their heads like the heart of the sky itself, they immediately unleashed their racial talents and escaped with all their might back into the chaotic streams of space.

“Do not retreat!”

“It was at this moment a voice that sounded as horrendous as a ghoul’s resounded from the spatial rift above them.

A gray shadow flew out of the spatial rift.

The gray shadow took the form of a one-point-two meter tall old man and stood on top of a three-level Soul Altar. The Soul Altar was filled with countless arms.

The surface of his Soul Altar wriggled and transformed into many mouths that tore and devoured the human arms whole.

“Bhutto has awakened! He will be able to pass through the vast void and join us three days later!” the old man howled shrilly while waving his short arms. “I don’t need to protect him any longer!”

While saying this, he controlled his three-level Soul Altar and flew straight towards the sky.

Countless spatial blades that stretched tens of kilometers long appeared around his Soul Altar and flew to the sky with him.

The giant thunderball falling from the sky actually exploded halfway after it was attacked by the old man and cut by the spatial blades.

Rivers of thunder and lightning spilled everywhere from inside the thunderball as if the lightning pool of the Ninth Heaven itself had crumbled.

The old Heaven Ghoul man standing on top of his three-level Soul Altar shouted loudly, “Get him!”

The turn of events immediately injected new spirit into the four Soul Altar elders of the Heaven Ghoul Race. They readjusted themselves and flew their Soul Altars straight into the dense clouds of thunder.

“Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

A battle of the absolute strongest erupted from inside the clouds tens of thousand meters above the ground. Spirit energy and all sorts of auras spilled out of the clouds and travelled at least tens of thousands of kilometers before finally fading.

The shockwaves rippling from the battle zone alone could crush a Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner and blast any living being that attempted to get close into smithereens.

“Let’s stop here.” Xu Ran stopped.

Tens of thousands meters away, the trio watched the battle unfold as giant balls of light erupted on the sky of Prism Continent one after another. The explosions caused many depthless black holes to appear, and the remaining energy many terrifying storms that rampaged all across the lands.

“Nan Zhengtian definitely didn’t disappoint me,” Xu Ran muttered under his nose.

“Now that’s my elder brother!” Lei Yan laughed wildly.

While saying this, Lei Yan got ready to charge into the fray and aid Nan Zhengtian in fighting the Heaven Ghoul Race’s Soul Altar experts to the death.

“Stop. That new Heaven Ghoul Race expert is extremely powerful. Even with your aid, Nan Zhengtian wouldn’t be able to defeat this opponent.” Xu Ran hurriedly stopped him. “Moreover, he isn’t looking to settle this right here. He is just testing to see how strong the Heaven Ghoul Race is. He’s probably waiting for reinforcements to show up and defeat them in one go.”

Lei Yan stopped himself and didn’t charge into the battlefield upon hearing this.

Qin Lie’s eyes were bright as he stared closely as the battle happening before him. He used his mind and soul consciousness to perceive the minute changes of the thunder and lightning.

Every bolt of lightning and every roar of thunder contained Nan Zhengtian’s profound understanding of the power of lightning and thunder, along with their myriad transformations. They were all controlled by his soul consciousness.

To him, a martial practitioner who cultivates the Heavenly Thunder Eradication, this was literally the chance of a lifetime. Just by observing this battle at the pinnacle and sensing the minute changes occurring inside those thunder and lightning attacks, he will be able to gain much knowledge and improve his cultivation of Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

He focused his full concentration on the battle to make the best of this opportunity.

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