Chapter 740: Undercurrents

Chapter 740: Undercurrents

Black Voodoo Cult.

It was a dark place filled with countless voodoo insects as bright as stars flying in the air.

The Voodoo Progenitor’s body floated from a pitch black pond under the first voodoo insect’s control.

Dozens of martial practitioners dressed in black robes were spread out around the lake and waiting in silence.

A long time later, Jiang An, Pope of the Black Voodoo Cult, also surfaced from the pitch black pond.

He looked towards the Voodoo Progenitor with two pools of bottomless dark eyes. Tendrils of electricity passed between Jiang An and the Voodoo Progenitor’s eyes as they exchanged some sort of mysterious information with each other.

If someone were to pay close attention to the duo, they would notice that there were tiny specks of light inside those tendrils. It was a blurry picture that contained the image of mountains and rivers, and the secrets of the four seasons.

“It’s finally done.”

An unknown amount of time passed, and Jiang An finally exhaled a long breath while saying this. His black, murky breath contained the thick stench of rot.

It was as if Jiang An’s body had gone through tens of thousands of years of corrosion and become suspended within the rivers of time for a long, long time. Now, he finally returned.

The Black Voodoo Cult disciples were staring at Jiang An with suppressed, yet obvious, excitement in their eyes.

Jiang An was already a late stage Imperishable Realm martial practitioner and a three-level Soul Altar expert to begin with. He was one of the strongest people in the entire Land of Chaos.

Several hundred years ago, Black Voodoo Cult and Terminator Sect had waged a war against each other. Both Jiang An and the Forefather Terminator Nan Zhengtian clashed mightily, ultimately falling into the depths of the chaotic streams of space together.

In the end, it was Nan Zhengtian who returned half a year earlier than Jiang An and took down several Black Voodoo Cult elders in the process, setting Terminator Sect’s victory in stone.

Jiang An himself was trapped for another half a year before he finally made his way back to Black Voodoo Cult in a weakened state. He immediately announced that he was going into seclusion.

It would be thirty years later that Jiang An exited his seclusion and showed himself once more. During this period, Black Voodoo Cult had fallen into complete disadvantage while competing against Terminator Sect.

Everyone knew that Jiang An was the loser of the battle against Nan Zhengtian.

His own crushing defeat and him being trapped inside the chaotic streams of space was the direct cause of Black Voodoo Cult’s crushing defeat.

It was after that battle that Nan Zhengtian’s title as the strongest cultivator on the entire Land of Chaos became set in stone.

One could say that the prosperity Nan Zhengtian and Terminator Sect currently enjoyed were all thanks to Jiang An and Black Voodoo Cult.

It was a shame that Jiang An could never forget as long as he lived.

“Pope, Terminator Sect sent news saying that some evil race had invaded Prism Continent from the chaotic streams of space,” a Black Voodoo Cult elder reported the latest news to Jiang An while bowing his head.

“Evil race?” Jiang An slowly gathered his concentration.

The Voodoo Progenitor’s body submerged back into the black murky pond while he was speaking.

“It is a foreign race called the Heaven Ghoul Race,” the elder continued to explain, “The three great families have also sent word to us asking if they should lend a hand in the matter.”

“What about the other Silver rank forces?” Jiang An frowned.

“Heavenly Sword Mountain, Illusory Demon Sect, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain had confirmed that they will send their experts and aid Terminator Sect in destroying the foreign race.”

“Since the five great Silver rank forces had decided to join hands, that Heaven Ghoul Race will definitely be slaughtered to the last.” Jiang An’s expression was indifferent. “In that case, there’s no need for us to help them.”


“Raise more voodoo insects and gather the resources as quickly as possible. Once Terminator Sect’s war against the foreign race ends, I shall issue another challenge against Nan Zhengtian!” Jiang An said.

The elders of Black Voodoo Cult were shocked by this declaration.

“Pope, how… high is our chance of victory this time?” Guan Xian broke his silence and asked the question carefully.

Jiang An cast a glance at the black pond and said, “With the Voodoo Progenitor’s body and the first voodoo creature’s aid, I have seventy percent chance to defeat Nan Zhengtian!”

Every Black Voodoo Cult disciple looked absolutely ecstatic when they heard this.

“While I’m dueling Nan Zhengtian, tell the three great families to send all their experts to eliminate Blood Fiend Sect at the same time!” Jiang An snorted.


“Now we wait. We will wait for them to end their war against the foreign race. I need time to fully comprehend the Voodoo Progenitor’s inheritance anyway.”


Heavenly Fissure Continent, at the dormant volcanoes of Celestial Artifact Sect.

Jiang Zhuzhe’s men were hiding in this place.

Plenty of corpses stored inside special coffins could be found inside many dormant volcanoes. Each of them contained thousands of these coffins.

Miao Fengtian was moving around these mountains and spreading his thick corpse aura that looked like white mist to all these coffins.

Occasionally, strange sounds would appear from inside the coffins. It sounded like someone was grinding their teeth.


A coffin’s cover was suddenly thrown open from the inside, and a gray white hand filled with gray white corpse hair abruptly extended out of the coffin.

A strange flash appeared in Miao Fengtian’s eyes, and he immediately went to the coffin and pressed down the struggling creature inside it.

“Be patient. It is not yet the right time,” Miao Fengtian said softly.

“Patak! Patak!”

Coffin covers were being thrown open left and right. Hands were extending out of the coffins non-stop in a struggle to get back onto their feet.

Miao Fengtian moved quickly and pacified every one of these creatures that shouldn't exist in the first place. They grew quiet and absorbed the corpse aura obediently after he pacified them.

A very long time later, the somewhat tired Miao Fengtian withdrew his corpse aura and walked out of the place.

The moment he left there, he entered another wide mountain cave filled with the crushed bones of ancient elite remains.

Miao Fengtian sat down and began absorbing the corpse aura from the crushed bones. A blurry one-level Soul Altar floated out of his glabella and spun like a white whirlpool, aiding him in absorbing the corpse aura even faster than before.

A bloody shadow abruptly appeared in the place.

Miao Fengtian continued to cultivate without even batting an eyelid. He asked, “How is it?”


A large amount of bones was thrown out and piled together like a little hill by the bloody shadow.

The bloody shadow then transformed into the cultured countenance of Jiang Zhuzhe. He smiled faintly and said, “You may be at ease, Brother Miao. Your family will not be attacked by Blood Fiend Sect. That is one of the conditions of our trade.”

“That is good.” Miao Fengtian relaxed.

“How goes the refinement of the corpse demons?” Jiang Zhuzhe asked with a smile.

“The first group has already awakened. They are slowly forming their own consciousnesses. At the longest, they will be usable in half a year’s time,” Miao Fengtian said proudly. “After they wake up, they will be even scarier than when they were alive. The only thing they will remember after they had awakened is pure combat knowledge! Moreover, a corpse demon knows neither pain nor death. They can also obtain strength from the recently deceased and fight forever without ever knowing fatigue!”

“The Corpse Progenitor truly was equal to our progenitor.” Jiang Zhuzhe looked gladdened. “Don’t worry. I, Jiang Zhuzhe, am a man of my word. I will definitely fulfill my promise to you.”

“I trust you.” Miao Fengtian nodded.

“Come and take a look at this new corpse.” Jiang Zhuzhe pulled out a corpse out of nowhere like he was doing magic.

The corpse was completely dry as its blood was completely drained to the last. Besides this one flaw, the corpse was well-preserved and not marred by any external wounds whatsoever.

A messy soul energy still existed inside this corpse. It was wrapped inside a ball of blood energy and sealed inside the body.

Miao Fengtian immediately cried out in surprise when he saw the corpse, “I know this person. He is the foreign delegate of Black Voodoo Cult!”

“Mn. This person is called Pu Ze, and he once possessed a one-level Soul Altar. A year ago he attacked the Setting Sun Islands, but found his Soul Altar shattered by Duan Qianjie instead. He escaped after he lost his Soul Altar.” Jiang Zhuzhe’s smile was bright, but the sudden glint of blood in his eyes couldn’t be hidden. “I found him while he was remaking his Soul Altar, so I sucked him dry and brought his corpse here. It is so that you may refine a high rank corpse demon with it.”

Miao Fengtian suddenly fell silent as a hint of fear passed through his eyes. Then, he said, “I will refine him properly.”

He had just created a one-level Soul Altar with Jiang Zhuzhe’s help. He hadn’t yet stabilized his realm.

The fact that Jiang Zhuzhe could kill Pu Ze so easily meant that he could easily meet the same fate if he couldn’t satisfy Jiang Zhuzhe’s demands.

“Oh right, an evil race had recently invaded the Land of Chaos. Terminator Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Illusory Demon Sect, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain are all going to send their experts to take out this foreign race. Hehe, I believe that we will acquire plenty of high rank corpses in the future. Wait for my good news,” Jiang Zhuzhe said cheerfully.

“Alright,” Miao Fengtian nodded.

After leaving Miao Fengtian’s side, Jiang Zhuzhe went to the blood red cave he normally cultivated in. Then, he contacted a certain person using a secret art inside a blood pond.

It didn’t take long before the wisp of a soul descending from an unknown outer realm transformed into a huge blood man using the blood inside the pool.

“Master,” Jiang Zhuzhe said respectfully with his head bowed and a knee on the ground.

“Speak. What has happened as of late?” the blood man asked.

Jiang Zhuzhe explained every major incident that had happened on the Land of Chaos carefully and seriously.

He never raised his head or looked up to the blood man even once during his report.

The blood man listened quietly and never interrupted him once while he was talking. He waited until Jiang Zhuzhe was done before he finally said, “Your failure to obtain the Blood Progenitor’s body now constitutes as a hidden threat. You will be your senior brother’s first target the moment he successfully fuses with the Blood Progenitor’s body,” He paused for a moment before asking, “How much longer do you need before you can construct the third level of your Soul Altar?”

“I will need another three years,” Jiang Zhuzhe answered honestly.

“We will have to speed up your progress then.” The blood man thought for a moment before saying. “In seven days, I will send you a batch of materials through the secret item teleportation formation you created. These items will aid you in constructing the third level of your Soul Altar. I will also send you a few corpses that you can pass to that Corpse Progenitor successor to refine. Once they had all been turned into corpse demons, you may refine them a second time using the Blood Demon Art and claim them as your own murder tool. When that happens, you will fear no one on the Land of Chaos.”

“What else do I need to do?” Jiang Zhuzhe said with barely suppressed joy.

“Improve the realm and strength of your Blood Drinkers as soon as possible, develop more Blood Drinkers and refine more corpse demons,” the blood man instructed.

“I will obey your command, master,” Jiang Zhuzhe exclaimed in a low tone.

“Where is that Qin Lie kid right now?” the blood man asked another question before he left.

“I heard that he is with Terminator Sect at Prism Continent right now. I heard that Forefather Terminator was the one who summoned him,” Jiang Zhuzhe answered.

“The evil race you mentioned is at Prism Continent too?” The blood man looked a little surprised.

Jiang Zhuzhe nodded. “According to what I’ve heard, the first person to discover the evil race seems to be Qin Lie.”

The huge blood man fell quiet for a moment before he finally said, “I heard you. Just focus on your own things for now. I will make other plans to deal with the rest of the problems.”

Jiang Zhuzhe voiced his agreement again and again.

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