Chapter 74: The Risks of Artifact Forging (Teaser)

Chapter 74: The Risks of Artifact Forging

The artificer did not have to take on any of the risk. Regardless of whether it succeeded or not, the artificer would still take their payment; they would not forge for nothing.

—This was the fundamental rule of the artificer world.

“I’ve followed Great Master Yao for some time. His success rate is very high, and he rarely fails,” said Qin Lie.

“Great Master Yao?” Zhuo Qian’s expression was strange. “Forget about it. In the eyes of true artificers, he is unacceptable.”

“How so?”

“The reason his success rate is very high is that he always forges the way he wants instead of taking into account a martial practitioner’s requirements, rank, and physique as well as the art they cultivate. For example, if a tailor makes an article of clothing, but they do not measure and instead make it according to their own wishes rather than meeting the customer’s requirements, this kind of clothing is definitely easy to make, right?”


“The clothing that is made is clothing, but if the customer doesn’t feel comfortable wearing it, they wouldn’t wear it, right?”


“A true artificer will not forge however they wish, but will consider everything about a martial practitioner. Their rank, the art they cultivate in, the strength of their body, their height, the size of their hands, and even the thickness of their fingers!” Zhuo Qian’s expression...

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