Chapter 739: Eye of Imprint

Chapter 739: Eye of Imprint

Qin Lie could sense with his soul consciousness that wisps of thoughts appeared from time to time from the blaze divine characters leaping out of his boiling blood.

—It was the ancient knowledge contained inside the blaze imprint.

Qin Lie concentrated his mind and absorbed himself in the task. He carefully extracted the various profound secrets of the blaze imprint and organized them in his head.

The secrets of the blaze imprint and the subtle connection that existed within the Blaze Family bloodline slowly became clearer.

The thoughts inside the blaze divine characters were like orderless pages of scriptures, and after he organized them many records of the Blaze imprint became known to him.

“The blaze imprint... the family bloodline… execute this secret art and visualize through the Demon Sealing Tombstone…” Qin Lie muttered while his eyes glittered with divine light.

A long time later, he slowly closed his eyes and worked hard to integrate all the information he obtained...

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