Chapter 738: Qin Lie’s Value!

Chapter 738: Qin Lie’s Value!

The crowd of Heaven Ghoul clansmen shielded the burning elder and hurriedly returned to Prism Continent.

Each Heaven Ghoul had a dark expression on their face.

“How many years has it been? The Heaven Fighting Race is still around!” The other great sage with the three-level Soul Altar roared on top of his Soul Altar as space twisted around him.

The clansmen were silent, their expressions grave, and their eyes filled with fear.

“It has been so many years, why are there still descendants of the Blaze Family coincidentally nearby?”

He turned his head to look at the other two great sages and said darkly, “Didn’t you say that the Heaven Fighting Race was defeated by the other races, and left for faraway space? Why did a member of the Heaven Fighting Race appear just as we came over?”

The two weaker great sages had similarly grave expressions. They didn’t know why something like this occurred, and were extremely puzzled.

“How many are there? “Also, the person who caused the blaze seal in Matthew’s body to activate, what is his cultivation?” he continued to ask.

No one could answer him.

Beside him, the elder named “Matthew” was burnt black all over as he curled into a ball.

There were blaze marks on his burnt body that shone like red stars. Inside, countless mysterious characters flowed and move.

As the group moved further away, the light of the blaze characters slowly dimmed.

Matthew was breathing faintly and clearly heavily wounded. On the way back, his soul was floating and he could not give any information on Qin Lie.

They went back to the center of Prism Continent. Matthew was put onto the top of a bone tower. Through the mysterious ceremony of the Heaven Ghoul Race that used up several dozen strange crystals, and bloody arms, Matthew finally recovered slightly.

Matthew opened his eyes again.

The clansmen hurriedly gathered with inquiring looks. They wanted to know what had happened.

As a three-level Soul Altar expert, he managed to survive even under the torment of the blaze characters.

This proved his strength.

A person at such a level, even when his soul was being burned by the blaze characters, could detect the source of the blaze character through his sensitive perception.

“There is only one descendant of the Blaze Family, he isn’t even in the Fragmentation Realm. His knowledge of the bloodline power is shallow, he does not know how to completely ignite all the blaze characters in my body through his bloodline. Otherwise, my Soul Altar would have been burned by the blaze characters.” Matthew was extremely tired. On top of the bone tower, he absorbed threads of pure power. He constructed his words and said, “This may not be a bad thing.”

The clansmen became startled.

“How is this not a bad thing?” someone asked.

Matthew was silent for a moment. Then he turned to look at the spatial rift above his head and said, “Bhutto also has the blaze imprint of the Blaze Family!”

When the words were said, the faces of many Heaven Ghoul clansmen changed.

Bhutto was the strongest elder of the clan, and was the oldest and wisest great sage of the present Heaven Ghoul Race.

Once Bhutto who had once been in the Void Realm awakens, and then recovered his power, he would lead them to dominate the Land of Chaos, and help the Heaven Ghoul Race reproduce and rule this part of the world.

Bhutto was their support, the hope of their races, the key to the clan recovering their past glory.

But Bhutto also had the blaze imprints.

While the blaze imprints in Bhutto’s body had not activated for a thousand years, as long as they existed, there was the possibility that they could activate again.

Matthew had just proven this.

“For Bhutto, that descendant of the Blaze Family is a hidden threat. In the future battles, if that person appeared at an important moment, and activated the blaze imprints in Bhutto’s body, he would immediately cause Bhutto’s strength to drop. Bhutto might even die from this!” Matthew’s expression was dark. He said, “Due to this, we must find this little Blaze Family boy as soon as possible, and kill him to end that possibility!”

“Do you know what he looks like?” a great sage asked.

“Of course!” Matthew gritted out.

As he spoke, threads of gray clouds shot out of his eyes. They slowly turned and manifested into Qin Lie’s appearance.

“It’s this person!” The two-level Soul Altar great sage’s face turned cold as he suddenly roared with laughter. “I was able to lock onto the left side of Spirit Realm and find this rift that connected the chaotic streams of space through this person’s soul intent!”

“Such a coincidence.” Matthew snorted and said, “I am not able to act at the moment. Also, the people that came later who have blaze imprints should not leave here in the short term.”

He looked at the people around him. “Act as soon as possible, and turn this boy with the Blaze Family bloodline into dust!”



“I saw some scenes through the memories hidden in my blood.” On the other side, Qin Lie frowned as he spoke of what he saw.

Xu Ran, Tong Zhenzhen, Lei Yan, and Lin Liang’er were listening silently with grave expressions.

After Qin Lie explained, the four were silent for a long time, still with their serious expressions.

“As expected of a race that called themselves “gods.” They were able to imprint so much information in their bloodline, it is incomprehensible!” Xu Ran sighed in shock.

“That person called Lieyan Zhong is at least in the Void Realm. If he appears in the Land of Chaos, he is enough to turn the Land of Chaos into a wasteland. No one can rival his power.” Lei Yan was full of wariness.

“Maybe the strongest great sage that is sleeping also had the blaze imprints branded onto him.” Tong Zhenzhen’s thoughts were clear. “If that’s the case…”

She looked in shock at Qin Lie and said, “You may be of great effect in the future battles! At least to that three-level Soul Altar ghoul. If he appears within ten kilometers of you, he will immediately be inflicted with misfortune!”

“According to Qin Lie, not just one old ghoul among the Heaven Ghoul Race was branded with the blaze imprints.” Xu Ran rubbed his chin. His eyes gradually became bright. He saw Qin Lie’s value. “This means that Qin Lie might be able to create a devastating blow against the Heaven Ghoul clansmen at a crucial time in the future!”

Lei Yan suddenly shook. When he looked at Qin Lie again, his eyes were filled with surprise.

“Lei Yan, you need to remember. No matter what, you have to protect Qin Lie! In the future, if the strongest elder of the Heaven Ghoul Race wake up and recovers his full power, it is not realistic for Nan Zhentian to win just by himself!” Xu Ran took a deep breath and said slowly. “At that time, Qin Lie’s existence might be able to reverse the situation and be of decisive effect!”

“Qin Lie! Do not stay here. Retreat to the rear now. Before my elder brother comes, you are not allowed to go near Prism Continent!” Lei Yan shouted.

He decided to use all of his power to make sure Qin Lie was alive. He thought of Qin Lie as a peerless weapon—one to use against the Heaven Ghoul Race!

“Remember to keep the fact that Qin Lie has the Heaven Fighting Race bloodline a secret!” Tong Zhenzhen commanded.

“Don’t worry. Other than us four and my elder brother, no one else will know of this!” Lei Yan patted his chest and promised.

Looking at the group and listening to their conversation, Qin Lie seemed to be inattentive.

After a while when their discussion finished ,Qin Lie moved towards the two black iron ships at the rear as arranged by Lei Yan.

He had a new set of rooms.

Pushing away Chu LI who was filled with puzzlement, Qin Lie entered the cultivation room covered in wards with a bowed head and a dazed mind. He silently sat down.

“Bam bam bam!”

His heartbeat was slightly abnormal. He knew that the bloodline had changed slightly.

He calmed his mind and inspected his unusual blood.

When his consciousness focused, there seemed to be eyes all over his body. He observed the blood flowing in his veins and focused on feeling the slight changes.

He changed his emotions slightly.

The blood inside his body that had just managed to calm down boiled again. Mysterious blaze characters jumped out of his body.

His soul consciousness focused into a point and passed through the blaze characters as he felt with his mind.

Faint threads of information came out of the those blaze characters indistinctly.

He felt carefully and his eyes gradually lit up as his face began to glow.

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