Chapter 737: The Blaze Imprint From Several Tens of Thousands of Years Ago

Chapter 737: The Blaze Imprint From Several Tens of Thousands of Years Ago

“A three-level Soul Altar!”

Both Xu Ran and Lei Yan turned pale at the same time as seriousness sprung to their eyes. They stared towards the distance with increasing concentration.

Amidst the blazing flames, the old Heaven Ghoul Race man who possessed a three-level Soul Altar struggled madly while screaming.

An innumerable amount of divine characters had flown out of the old man’s cavities and transformed into unbreakable chains that tied firmly around him.

The dazzling chains burned with ferocious flames as liquid lava and scorching heat waves branded themselves onto the old man’s body and caused his skin to crack open.

Dozens of Heaven Ghoul clansmen were shouting something around the blazing flames while wearing anxious looks on their faces.

Both Xu Ran and Lei Yan could smell the terrifying stench of destruction unleashed by those flames even though they were tens of kilometers away from it.

The duo subconsciously looked beneath them.

Inside the giant black iron ship, Qin Lie was spilling fire out of his pores as countless divine characters that burned like hot lava flew around him like butterflies.

The giant ship was slowly being engulfed by the terrible flames.

Tong Zhenzhen and Lin Liang’er had no choice but to move away from Qin Lie for the moment, and they were both staring at him in shock.

“This…” Lei Yan stared at him blankly for a moment before reacting, “Was the blaze around that three-level Soul Altar Heaven Ghoul caused by Qin Lie?”

Xu Ran smiled wryly, “It would appear so.”

“Tell the two ships at the back to evacuate first,” Tong Zhenzhen looked up and seriously seriously, “There are four people in total in their midst that possesses a Soul Altar, and two of them had three-level Soul Altars. There’s another one other than that cultivator that’s being burned right now. The Heaven Ghoul Race is obviously planning to mount a huge assault when they sneaked up on us.”

“Two three-level Soul Altar martial practitioners!” Lei Yan turned pale at the revelation.

He cast Tong Zhenzhen another deep glance, and when he saw her nodding again, Lei Yan shouted to the Terminator Sect martial practitioners behind him and made the decisive order to retreat.

The two giant black iron ships hastily heeded his call and turned around, fleeing towards Terminator Sect.

“These Heaven Ghouls were probably planning to assault us during night time when our guard was low. However…” Tong Zhenzhen’s eyes were dark and quiet, “Qin Lie’s bloodline powers obviously shared a strange connection with one of the attackers, and it caused the… ancient secret art imprinted into the attacker’s body to come to life. It instantly caused his powers to rebound unto himself and engulfed him in flames.”

Both Xu Ran and Lei Yan wore strange expressions as they listened to her explanations.

Even now they had no idea what had happened, or why this accident had occurred in the first place.

“We have Qin Lie to thank regardless. Otherwise, if the sudden attack of two three-level, one two-level, and one one-level Soul Altar great sage were to succeed…” Tong Zhenzhen looked deeply worried, “The consequences would’ve been unimaginable.”

Lei Yan’s face was dark as he slowly understood just how severe the situation had been.

On their side, he was the only one who possessed a two-level Soul Altar. He wasn’t sure what level of strength Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen were at.

In his opinion, had the four Heaven Ghoul great sages been successful with their raid, every Terminator Sect member who were present would’ve been killed by them.

Even he might have been dealt a heavy blow because he was caught off guard and be annihilated in both body and soul as a result.

When he realized that the worst case scenario had been averted thanks to Qin Lie, he couldn’t help but look at him with growing gratitude.

The slight pain that he felt when he saw the burning ship was gone by now.

While they were speaking, Qin Lie was embroiled in the pain of being burned alive. The blood in his veins felt like flowing lava, and the divine characters that had leaped into existence was burning everything visible object within his vicinity.

He didn’t know that a three-level Soul Altar Heaven Ghoul expert was also suffering great pain because of him.

He had no idea that he had unconsciously foiled the Heaven Ghoul Race’s ambush attempt.

Many Heaven Ghoul experts had gathered around the three-level Soul Altar great sage and guarded him anxiously. They knew that their surprise attack operation was officially busted.

They thought that a terrible, unforeseen event had overcame them.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Mysterious divine characters of blaze were being burned out of his lava-like blood. They swam all over his body and leaped agilely in midair.

Amidst the terrifying sea of blaze, Qin Lie gradually realized that the divine characters were gathering around in an orderly manner and transmitting some kind of mysterious message.

The bloodline of an powerful ancient race was the treasure of an entire race. It contained countless indescribable secrets and was the most mysterious and indecipherable thing in the world.

Once a person had awakened his bloodline, the descendants of that ancient expert would obtain many wonderful knowledge from their bloodline.

The inheritance of a race, the billions of years of glory, the experiences of an unmatched expert that was once born to the race, and the prosperity and decline of a race were all reflected inside one’s bloodline.

The foundation of a powerful ancient race was their bloodline. It was imprinted with their race’s entire wealth of knowledge and memories.

Right now, the divine characters of blaze leaping out of his bloodline were transforming and arranging themselves according to an immeasurably complex formula. They seemed to be evolving into some kind of meaningful image.

The blurry image gradually became clear as the flames burned fiercely.


Qin Lie’s body abruptly shook, and his flame-addled brain abruptly became clear.

That was how he saw the image inside the flames burning inside his body.

On a dry, red land where there were many mountains that stood tens of kilometers tall, many bone towers could be seen at the peak of these mountains. Many Heaven Ghoul clansmen could be seen wailing and struggling painfully in and around these bone towers.

Hundreds burning fireballs could be seen spinning madly in the sky.

Rivers of lavas and flames could be seen flowing out of these blazing fireballs and rushing into the Heaven Ghoul Race’s bone towers.

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen tried to escape with all their might, but they were burned into nothingness by melting lava the second they were touched by those flaming sparks.

If someone were to pay close attention, they would notice a vague, burning figure inside every one of these fireballs.

Among these fireballs, a brawny man hung suspended inside the biggest fireball like a dazzling sun in midair. His body was like an erupting volcano which spurted out rivers of burning lava that stretched at least tens of kilometers long.

Countless Heaven Ghoul clansmen were melted into pools of blood by the lava, and even the mountains themselves were crumbling nonstop like red hot iron under the baptism of the lava rivers.

The world fiercely burned wherever the man went.

“I am Lieyan Zhong of the Blaze Family. I was given the order to exterminate your entire race,” A loud and unreasonable voice rang from the person’s mouth.

“Lieyan Zhong! The Heaven Ghoul Race has already submitted to the Heaven Fighting Race’s will, so why must you kill us to the last?!” A clan elder of the Heaven Ghoul Race holding a walking stick said shakily as he hovered in midair.

“A petty and low race like yours do not deserve to live in this world. Your dirty blood will only pollute the land beneath our feet!” The burning man cared nothing for reason at all. The rivers of lava spilling out of his body whipped the land like giant whips that were tens of kilometers long, killing even more Heaven Ghoul clansmen in the process.

The blazing fireballs and the vague figures inside them were also spitting fire like little volcanos.

The Heaven Ghoul Race’s final land was engulfed by flames as mountains melted and lives turned into puddles of blood.

The Heaven Ghoul Race was completely powerless before the slaughter of the blazing fireballs. In the end, many great sages detonated their Soul Altars, forcefully destroyed the barriers of space and led their clansmen into the chaotic streams of space, escaping.

The Heaven Ghoul Race’s final act seemed to surprise the Heaven Fighting Race man named “Lieyan Zhong” for a second. Then, he roared angrily and attacked once more.

Rivers of lava that were tens of kilometers long and several hundred meters wide flew away from his body and straight into the chaotic streams of space.

It was as if dozens of fire dragons had dove into that hole in space.

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen who failed to evacuate in time were instantly burned to nothingness by the ferocious rivers of flames.

The flames covered in blaze divine characters inside the river looked like fire spirits that possessed a life of their own. They flew out of the sea of lava and fire like sparks of fire and imprinted themselves onto the Heaven Ghoul Race experts’ bodies.

“As long as the fire of blaze does not fade, you will taste the pain that is blaze burning at your souls until the day you perish,” Lieyan Zhong’s voice rumbled loudly into the chaotic streams of space through the burning rivers of lava, “The blaze imprint will be etched into your blood and bones, and it will flare up erratically even when thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years have passed. If you dare return to Spirit Realm once more, if you dare go near within ten kilometers of a Blaze Family descendant, blaze will engulf you whole.”

The spatial rifts slowly vanished alongside his savage hoots and the Heaven Ghoul Race’s suffering screams of pain.

From that day onward, the Heaven Ghoul Race was damned to surf the chaotic streams of space forever.

The image playing itself in the flames inside Qin Lie’s body gradually vanished.

At almost the same time, the heat inside Qin Lie’s body swiftly subsided and no longer burned like before.

On the other side, both Xu Ran and lei Yan were staring at the distant Heaven Ghoul Race group in astonishment.

The Heaven Ghoul Race clansmen who had sneaked over under the curtain of night were actually running back to Prism Continent while guarding the old ghoul who was burned into the color of charred ash.

There were many Heaven Ghoul Race clansmen who were looking back at Qin Lie’s location repeatedly. There was bone deep hatred on many of their faces, but even greater fear.

The final spark on Qin Lie’s body vanished into nothingness.

He took out a crystalline war chariot and departed from the burning black iron ship. His face was surprisingly red, and his eyes were riddled with thoughts.

Xu Ran, Lei Yan, Tong Zhenzhen, and Lin Liang’er came over together.

They were all staring at him in shock and puzzlement.

“Kid, you actually have the bloodline of the gods in you?” A while later, Lei Yan couldn’t help but ask.

Qin Lie nodded.

“It’s best if you don’t say anything about this,” Xu Ran pondered for a moment before looking at Lei Yan, “Even if it was unconscious, Qin Lie had saved us from a disaster this time. The Heaven Fighting Race had once committed countless atrocities in Spirit Realm, and there are innumerable races who wished to devour them alive. If his bloodline were to be exposed, endless trouble would befall his head.”

“I’m not that talkative,” Lei Yan snorted.

Xu Ran finally relaxed and asked, “What on Spirit Realm happened, kid?”

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