Chapter 736: Reawakening

Chapter 736: Reawakening

The spatial rifts intersected at the center of Prism Continent. Many Heaven Ghouls were gathered there as though they were silently waiting for something.

Two great sages guarded the spatial passageway.

Waves of furious spatial vibrations suddenly came from the intersecting spatial rifts. The bright edges of space flashed and twisted like lightning.

The eyes of the Heaven Ghouls lit up.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Two gray figures suddenly came out of the chaotic streams of space. Where the gray shadows passed, enormous mountains of stone silently turned to powder.

The gray figures moved furiously and in the moment they passed through the passageway, they suddenly retracted their auras.

Then two figures shot down from the sky, and suddenly appeared on an enormous tower of bone. The figures turned into two other old Heaven Ghouls.

The two were disheveled like old beggars....

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