Chapter 736: Reawakening

Chapter 736: Reawakening

The spatial rifts intersected at the center of Prism Continent. Many Heaven Ghouls were gathered there as though they were silently waiting for something.

Two great sages guarded the spatial passageway.

Waves of furious spatial vibrations suddenly came from the intersecting spatial rifts. The bright edges of space flashed and twisted like lightning.

The eyes of the Heaven Ghouls lit up.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Two gray figures suddenly came out of the chaotic streams of space. Where the gray shadows passed, enormous mountains of stone silently turned to powder.

The gray figures moved furiously and in the moment they passed through the passageway, they suddenly retracted their auras.

Then two figures shot down from the sky, and suddenly appeared on an enormous tower of bone. The figures turned into two other old Heaven Ghouls.

The two were disheveled like old beggars. Their eyes were dim and their expression tired.

“Food!” someone shouted.

The Heaven Ghouls moved the bundles of arms to the two new Heaven Ghouls.

The two were silent as they buried their heads to eat. As they fed, their wrinkled skin gradually regained light and their eyes became lively.

“Spirit stones!” one of the two said in a hoarse voice.

After he spoke, the Heaven Ghouls threw over bright high qualities spirit stones.

The two old Heaven Ghouls chewed on the bloody arms as they held on to the spirit stones with one hand to furiously absorb the pure spirit energy.

Under their power absorption, large amounts of spirit stones turned into gray stone powder.

The two’s presences gradually became dark and terrifying.

For three whole days, the two old ghouls were silent as they consumed flesh and absorbed the spirit energy of the stones to replenish their power.

The two great sages that had arrived first stayed beside the duo. They described what they had seen and heard on Prism Continent, and explained in detail what they had obtained about the situation of the Land of Chaos.

The two old ghouls listened as they ate.

“Do not give them too much time to gather power. Bhutto is still sleeping. We will only be able to be dominate when he wakes up.” An old ghoul spoke, “Bhutto will need the flesh and blood of human martial practitioners to recover, not ordinary mortals. Therefore, we need to attack proactively, and hunt for the blood and bones of those high level human martial practitioners. We need to get Bhutto awake before the humans have adjusted!”

“How is your recovery?” The two-level Soul Altar old ghoul who had chased Xu Ran asked.

“I am able to fight!” The old ghoul asked.

“Then we will act immediately?”

“The sooner the better!”

“Gather the clansmen and act immediately, attack the enemy’s gathering places!”

All of the Heaven Ghouls became active. Some of them tore at flesh and swallowed as they shouted, their eyes flashing with bloodthirst.


The place where the three enormous Terminator Sect ships were floating.

“My master is on his way. Heavenly Sword Mountain, Illusory Demon Sect, Heavenly Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain have responded. Their martial practitioners are on their way.” Inside Chu Li’s room, he handed Qin Lie a jar of liquor and continued, “In at most seven days, experts from the four forces will gather here through the teleportation formations. Then large groups of people will gradually come on flying artifacts within a month or two.”

“What about Black Voodoo Cult and the three families?” Qin Lie took a gulp of liquor and said with a frown.

Chu Li’s eyes were dark. “They have not yet responded.”

“It seems that they are not preparing to come.” Qin Lie narrowed his eyes.

“It’s the same whether they are here or not!” Chu Li smiled coldly. “Only Black Voodoo Cult has some power. As to the three families… hmph! They do not qualify to be called silver forces.”

“Did the letter I ask you to send to the Setting Sun Islands go through?” Qin Lie asked.

There were large spatial artifact teleportation formations inside the three enormous iron ships of Terminator Sect that could directly connect to Blood Fiend Sect.

He saw the negative trend of Prism Continent and wrote a letter for Chu Li to give to Blood Fiend Sect for them to help as much as they could.

“I sent it.” Chu Li smiled. “But the present Blood Fiend Sect is not the Blood Fiend Sect of a thousand years ago. They most likely will not be able to give great aid in this battle.”

“If Xue Li’s speed at merging the Blood Progenitor’s body accelerates, he will be of significant effect in the future fight.” Qin Lie did not agree with Chu Li. He said, “If this battle with the Heaven Ghouls Race drags on, over time, Xue Li’s effect will grow greater.”

“Senior Xue Li was bright in the past. A thousand years ago, he rivaled my master. But now…” Chu Li shook his head.

“Let’s wait and see.” Qin Lie did not explain more.

Not many knew that the Blood Progenitor’s body possessed a seven-level Soul Altar. Chu Li only knew some details.

The merging of the seven-level Soul Altar could not be accomplished immediately. A long process was required.

When Xue Li could fuse half of the seven-level Soul Altar and truly control the body of the Blood Progenitor, the power he could produce will rival that of Forefather Terminator.

If Xue Li could fuse four levels of the Soul Altar, it was not an impossible matter for Blood Fiend Sect to make it back to the top of the Land of Chaos.

As the two drank, they discussed the situation with relatively calm expressions.

Until midnight.

When there were no moons or stars in the sky, the sky was pitch black, and the weather slightly suffocating.

The three enormous ships floated silently in the clouds like enormous beasts in sleep and unaware of the silent arrival of danger.

Qin Lie and Chu Li were still talking.

Suddenly, he felt a wave of suffocating pressure.

He felt as though he couldn’t breathe.

There was no eruption, no change in his emotions. But his blood started to boil. The astounding waves of heat coming out of his blood spread through his body and caused him to feel heated and uncomfortable.

The divine characters that meant “blaze” jumped out of his blood. They flew in his body like butterflies as though they were alive.

“Qin Lie, are you alright?!” Chu Li changed expression.

At this time, Qin Lie was like an erupting volcano. His pores gave off a sulphur aura and his skin was as red as fire.

“Not right! Something is not right with me! I cannot tell what it is!” Qin Lie’s breathing grew heavier.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Threads of fire uncontrollably rose from his body. They were like lava and started to burn as they appeared.

Chu Li’s room was instantly drowned in flames.

Chu Li wailed and hurriedly retreated as he kept on shouting.

Lei Yan, Xu Ran and his wife, Lin Liang’er, and the marital practitioners of Terminator Sect came from all over and gathered here.

“What is going on?” Lei Yan shouted.

“I don’t know!” Chu Li kept on shaking his head.

Tong Zhenzhen came over and looked deeply at Qin Lie for a while. She suddenly said, “Move everyone on this ship to the other two ships! Quick!”

Lei Yan was still in a daze. Xu Ran shouted impatiently, “Do as she says!”

“Did you not hear here? Move everyone on this ship to the other two, quick!” Lei Yan shouted loudly.

The Terminator Sect martial practitioners that gathered quickly moved. They shouted to wake up all the martial practitioners on the ship and directed them to quickly leave.

“Lei Yan, have everyone else leave. You and Chu Li can stay.” Tong Zhenzhen ordered.

Lei Yan frowned slightly. He thought for a moment and then sent more orders.

Soon, all the martial practitioners on the ship were sent away without reason.

At this time, the flames that came out of Qin Lie’s body had spread.

“I can control them,” Xu Ran suddenly said.

“Don’t!” Tong Zhenzhen shook her head and stopped him. Then she said with a frown, “He…”

Hesitating, Tong Zhenzhen did not continue. Her look became even more puzzled.

Lei Yan, Chu Li, and even Xu Ran were confused. They looked urgently at her and hoped that she could explain.

Tong Zhenzhen looked at Lin Liang’er and suddenly said, “How much do you know about him?”

“Not much,” Lin Liang’er said calmly.

“Then do you know that his bloodline… is unlike others?” Tong Zhenzhen asked.

“I know a bit,” Lin Liang’er answered.

Tong Zhenzhen was about to ask more questions when Xu Ran’s expression suddenly changed. He broke apart the boards over his head and floated above the ship.

Lei Yan also seemed to detect it. After his body shuddered, he flew up next to Xu Ran.

Far away in the direction of Prism Continent, the bright red flames that burned in the sky were unusually eye-catching in the black night.

The flames were similar in power and aura to what Qin Lie released. Even the smell of sulphur and lava was the same.

Xu Ran and Lei Yan could see faintly with their eyes that there was a three-level Soul Altar old Heaven Ghoul that was screaming in pain in the destructive flames. He swore and cursed loudly.

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