Chapter 735: Furor

Chapter 735: Furor

As Xu Ran talked, the three-level golden Soul Altar charged away from Prism Continent.

Behind them, the crowd of Heaven Ghouls furiously chased but the distance only increased.

The strongest great sages among the Heaven Ghoul clansmen only had two-level Soul Altars.

The difference in cultivation between those with different numbers of Soul Altar levels was even greater than the distance between two stars. Therefore, no matter how they tried, they could not catch up to Xu Ran.

The remaining clansmen were even weaker and naturally could not decrease the distance to Xu Ran.

In the end, the Heaven Ghoul clansmen gave up and stopped giving chase.

The group had taken four to six hours when they entered the center of Prism Continent. When Xu Ran took out his Soul Altar, and took everyone away, they were ten times faster than when they came in!

The Soul Altar flew like a meteor or a bolt of lightning.

In the blink of an eye, before Qin Lie had time to react, he found that they had left Prism Continent far behind them.

“Alright.” Xu Ran smield.

The golden Soul Altar under their feet suddenly went back into his brow.

“There’s no hurry. Take out a crystalline chariot, let us slowly return.” Xu Ran said.

“Alright.” Qin Lie took out a crystalline chariot from his spatial ring. The four landed on the chariot. “Senior Xu, you said that anything can be realized inside the Soul Altar? Could you speak of the specifics?” he asked again.

“Haha.” Xu Ran laughed. “Create a world, make mountains, rivers, valley, build towers of jade, a space that is created based on your resolve and your rules. All of this… can be realized in the levels of the Soul Altar.”

Qin Lie was astounded. “A completely new space?”

“Yes.” Xu Ran’s expression was solemn. He thought and then said, “Supposedly, when one reaches the Genesis Realm, they are able… to create new lifeforms inside their Soul Altar!”

When this was said, even Lin Liang’er’s mouth was wide in shock.

“Create new life?” Qin Lie’s expression was thoughtful.

“The rumors say so.” Xu Ran confirmed with a nod of his head.

The crystalline chariot that Qin Lie took out carried the four gradually to where the three enormous ships from Terminator Sect were waiting.

Lei Yan was waiting for them.

“Do not tell others about my three-level Soul Altar,” Xu Ran said in a low voice.

Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er nodded gently.

A few minutes later, the crystalline chariot landed on one of the enormous black ships. Lei Yan hurried over and asked, “Boss Xu, what is the situation?”

“Not good.” Xu Ran’s brow creased. “They really are the Heaven Ghoul Race. What Qin Lie said before was not incorrect. There are over seven thousand of them with the majority of them in the Netherpassage, Fulfillment, Fragmentation, and Nirvana Realm. There are six great sages at the Imperishable Realm.

“The strongest of the six is in a deep sleep. This person is terrifying, for he once possessed a four-level Soul Altar. He shattered one level to help his clansmen overcome a spatial turbulence disaster. But even so, once this person wakes and recovers, he will be a destructive force on the Land of Chaos.”

“He was once in the Void Realm!” Lei Yan’s expression shifted.

The Terminator Sect martial practitioners panicked when they heard Xu Ran’s description.

In the enormous Land of Chaos with its many large and small continents and billions of islands, no Void Realm existence had appeared up until now.

The Void Realm definitely existed in the other worlds of the vast Spirit Realm, and there should be many of them.

But there were not any present in the Land of Chaos.

The strongest great sage of the Heaven Ghoul Race still had a three-level Soul Altar after he dropped in cultivation. His actual offensive power was not something those at the peak of the Imperishable Realm could rival.

Those who entered the Void Realm saw what it was like would have an understanding of the rules of the universe and the true meaning of power. They surpassed all Imperishable Realm experts.

Including Forefather Terminator Nan Zhengtian!

“Fortunately, that person is still asleep. Also, even if he wakes, he will need a period of time to recover.” Xu Ran comforted them. “Before he wakes up, or when he just wakes up, if we form a great force to kill him, then the Heaven Ghoul Race will not be able to make many waves.”

“I understand. I will report the situation to Elder Shen immediately!” Lei Yan had a grave expression.

“Mn.” Xu Ran rubbed his chin. He pondered, then said, “Before the Heaven Ghoul Race have been taken care off, I will not leave without reason.”

Lei Yan looked deeply at him and said seriously, “I thank Boss Xu on behalf of Terminator Sect.”

Waving his hand, Xu Ran said casually, “While I am not frequently in the sect, I still think of myself as part of Terminator Sect. Also… the old sect master treated me well. Without him and Terminator Sect, there will be no Xu Ran of today. Also, taking a step back, I was born in the Land of Chaos. This is my home. I am naturally not willing to see other races such as the Heaven Ghoul Race turn the Land of Chaos upside down and kill its beings.”

“Boss Xu contributed greatly to Terminator Sect becoming the strongest Silver force of the Land of Chaos!” Lei Yan said sincerely.

Xue Ran chuckled and nodded. “This is true. If I didn’t give up against Nan Zhengtian and fought to the bitter end, he most likely would not have succeeded so easily. If I had persisted at that time, after the matter, no matter who survived, it will not be a good victory. At that time, Terminator Sect did not have the spirit materials to support me and him advancing together.”

“Right now, your choice looks to be correct, and is the best for Terminator Sect!” Lei Yan said admiringly. “The Terminator Sect of the past is much weaker than today. The amount of spirit materials needed to raise someone to the late stages of the Imperishable Realm is a great number. The Terminator Sect of that time could not afford the spirit materials for you and Big Brother Nan to advance at the same time.”

“So Nan Zhengtian owes me, haha.” Xu Ran laughed.

After saying this, he did not linger to chat with Lei Yan. He walked hand in hand with Tong Zhenzhen into his resting area in the cabin.

Qin Lie knew that he needed time to recover his spirit power after that short fight against the experts of the Heaven Ghoul Race and using his Soul Altar.

His gaze when he looked at Xu Ran was filled with a thread of respect. He felt as though he was meeting Xu Ran for the first time.

This person had outstanding cultivation talent and had been held in high opinion by the previous master of Terminator Sect. He was at least as strong as Forefather Terminator Nan Zhentian.

If someone like this truly desired to fight for the position of sect master, his chances of success would be higher than Nan Zhengtian.

But for Tong Zhenzhen or for Terminator Sect, he gave up all of this.

He roamed around for so many years. This person who had let his cultivation “lie in waste” managed to possess a three-level Soul Altar through gathering the spirit materials on his own.

In Qin Lie’s eyes, this Xu Ran was a great personage even in all of the Land of Chaos!

“Miss Lin, come here, let us talk alone.” Tong Zhenzhen suddenly gave an invitation to Lin Liang’er.

Lin Liang’er immediately abandoned Qin Lie without a word and walked towards Tong Zhenzhen.

Qin Lie rubbed his nose. He said to Chu Li, “I’m also going to rest.”

“Nah, let us brothers chat.” Chu Li hooked an arm around Qin lie’s shoulder with a chuckle and pulled him away.


Three days later, the intelligence of the Heaven Ghoul Race passed to the major Silver forces through Terminator Sect’s channels.

Heavenly Sword Mountain, Illusory Demon Sect, Black Voodoo Cult, Heavenly Artifact Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and the three great families received the most recent news from Terminator Sect almost at the same time.

The strongest of the most powerful forces in the Land of Chaos were alarmed.

Back then when Terminator Sect told them that there was a foreign race invasion on Prism Continent, no one responded.

Their thoughts were the same.

Isn’t Terminator Sect strong? Aren’t you the strongest Silver force? Nan Zhengtian, aren’t you the strongest of the Land of Chaos?

Then use the power of Terminator Sect to eliminate the invading foreign race. Let us see the strength of Terminator Sect!

Many people were full of schadenfreude.

More people hoped that Terminator Sect would lose manpower in fighting the other race.

That benefited them. This would allow them to gain more ground in their struggle against Terminator Sect.

But they only hoped that Terminator Sect suffered a loss of its strength.

—No one hoped that the other race would be strong enough to destroy Terminator Sect!

A foreign race that could kill Terminator Sect was powerful enough to defeat all the Silver forces in the Land of Chaos!

When new information came in and they heard that the outsiders that had invaded possessed a terrifying existence who once possessed a four-level Soul Altar, the leaders of the Silver forces could not keep their calm.

Other than Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Illusory Demon Sect, Heavenly Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain acted. Many large-scale flying artifacts roared as they flew towards Prism Continent.

The experts with profound auras quickly reached Prism Continent first through the spatial teleportation formations.

Over at Terminator Sect, Nan Zhengtian came out of the Thunder’s Roar. He hurriedly gathered towards this place with more people from Terminator Sect.

Even far away, the eastern barbarians heard of what happened in the Land of Chaos, and knew of the invasion of a terrifying foreign race.

The three major tribes of the eastern barbarians sent messages that they were willing to send experts to battle.

One outsider that once was in the Void Realm was enough to make the eastern barbarians nervous. They naturally knew that they would be affected as well.

Also, the savagery, cruelty, and murderousness of the Heaven Ghoul Race were exponentially greater than the Asura Race of the past!

The arrival of the Heaven Ghoul Racecaused the Land of Chaos that was always in turbulence and full of the Silver forces fighting for power to reach a short unspoken agreement to eliminate the other races together.

But Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families still didn’t make any gestures.

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