Chapter 733: Clash

Chapter 733: Clash

“Heavenly Thunder Eradication? The Thunder Emperor’s inheritance?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

“Most likely!” Xu Ran’s tone was quite certain as he added, “Even the power of thunder Nan Zhengtian is cultivating right now is not the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance. That is why he couldn’t find the right opportunity to make his breakthrough, and was stuck at the Imperishable Realm for so many years. That is why it is so difficult for him to reach the Void Realm!”

Qin Lie was surprised yet again.

“The Thunder, Flame, and Ice Emperors were the three human emperors of ancient times. Their inheritances are extraordinary and contain power of the most profound secrets of the pinnacle!”

“If a cultivator could obtain a genuine inheritance of the Three Emperors and cultivate steadily every step of the way, they would naturally reach consecutive breakthroughs without much unexpected trouble.”

“If Nan Zhengtian’s spirit art was a genuine inheritance of the Thunder Emperor, he would not be stuck at the Imperishable Realm for as long as he did. He would have found a chance to reach the next realm a long time ago!”

Xu Ran paused for a second and stared deeply at him, saying, “I believe that Nan Zhengtian guessed that your thunder spirit art had originated from the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance. That was why he had sent out word to protect you from harm when Black Voodoo Cult had invaded the Setting Sun Islands.”

“He wishes to see you and obtain some inspiration by watching you cultivate your thunder spirit art. He wishes to tear through the wall that is blocking him from reaching the Void Realm.”

Qin Lie frowned in silence.

“There’s nothing for you to be worried about,” Xu Ran smiled faintly when he sensed his unusual behavior, “I consider myself to know Nan Zhengtian fairly well, and I can tell you that he… is not a person who would bully the weak. He is a fair and impartial person, and he would not rob you of the thunder spirit art you’re cultivating.”

“He will learn what he needs by observing the state you’re in when you’re cultivating such as the ripples of your soul, the changes in your body, and other cultivation details.”

“Moreover, he will compensate you for what he has learned from you. He won’t let you suffer a loss.”

“Are you sure?” Qin Lie’s eyes flashed.

“Mn. That’s the kind of person he is,” Xu Ran said calmly, “In fact, you’ll probably learn a lot more things from him than the other way around. After all, he is at the late stage of the Imperishable Realm and the number one cultivator in the Land of Chaos. No one can compare to him in terms of the understanding and knowledge of the power of thunder!”

“I believe that he should be able to answer most of your questions in regards to the power of thunder. It is true that he may come out better from this exchange, but you are the bigger winner of this trade.”

“Besides that, he’ll compensate you in other aspects too. He will make sure that you’ll be satisfied by the trade.”

“Good.” Qin Lie relaxed slightly.

“Where is the place that you said that a part of the Ice Emperor’s inheritance exists in?” Lin Liang’er asked the question after seeing that they were done discussing.

“That place is called the Three Mausoleums, and it is not in the Land of Chaos. Only those who cultivate the Thunder Emperor, Flame Emperor, and Ice Emperor’s inheritance have the right to go in,” Xu Ran explained.

“So you mean that we aren’t the only ones who cultivate the power of the Three Emperors?” Qin Lie looked puzzled.

“Of course not,” Tong Zhenzhen interrupted with a smile. “I know at least a dozen or so people who cultivate the Flame Emperor and Ice Emperor’s inheritance. However, Miss Lin is the first person I saw to have cultivated Ice Emperor’s inheritance to this extent.”

“There are even more people who cultivate the Flame Emperor’s inheritance, but their mastery of the inheritance is superficial at best. The inheritance they obtained is probably not a core component. To this point, I haven’t seen anyone who managed to attain greater heights than me in the cultivation of the Flame Emperor’s inheritance.”

“As for the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance…”

Tong Zhenzhen couldn’t help but frown when she reached this point. Her look on Qin Lie was obviously mingled with a bit of amazement.

“What is it?”

“You are the first person ever that I’ve seen to have successfully cultivated the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance,” Tong Zhenzhen said honestly.

A gleam of electricity flashed past Qin Lie’s eyes.

Lin Liang’er also looked astonished, “Did no one ever succeed in cultivating it?”

“I know of some people who tried to cultivate the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance, but those people were all… maybe it’s because their spirit art is incomplete, or their inheritance wasn’t a core part of the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance, or they were simply lacking in talent. At any rate, these cultivators would often lose their souls to thunder and lightning during the cultivation process and perish before they even stepped into the Natal Opening Realm.”

Tong Zhenzhen continued after staring deeply at Qin Lie, “I have never seen or even heard someone who managed to cultivate to the Fulfillment Realm like you.”

Qin Lie rubbed his chin with an odd expression on his face. “I guess my luck is pretty extraordinary.’

“This isn’t something that can be explained with just luck.” Tong Zhenzhen laughed softly before shaking her head. “Maybe it’s because you used a special method, or maybe you yourself are special in some ways. Of course, this is your private secret, and I shan’t pursue further into the matter.”

“I’ll be blunt.” Xu Ran took over the conversation while looking at Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er. “We know where the Three Mausoleums are, and Zhenzhen managed to find a way to enter deep into the Three Mausoleums having cultivated the Flame Emperor’s inheritance for so many years. However, we will need the two of you to help us in order to make this method a success. Of course, that is in the future and not now.”

“In the future, after the two of you have managed to cultivate the Ice Emperor and the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance to a certain level, we hope that you can come with us to the Three Mausoleums.” Tong Zhenzhen looked sincere. “I guarantee that you will obtain what you need inside the Three Mausoleums just like I would!”

“Of course I’m going to collect all the Ice Emperor’s inheritances!” Lin Liang’er expressed her agreement.

The trio then turned to look at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie pondered underneath their gazes for a moment before saying, “I admit that I am a little interested.”

The moment he said this, both Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen broke into a smile. It was as if they were certain that they would be heading to the Three Mausoleums together now that they had had their verbal promise.

“Let’s leave this place behind and head to where the spatial rifts are,” Xu Ran suggested.

The trio nodded in agreement.

And so they flew to the sky once more and continued to the center of Prism Continent. Along the way, they ran into many groups of Heaven Ghouls.

The deeper they went, the stronger these Heaven Ghouls were. Fragmentation Realm and Nirvana Realm martial practitioners began to appear.

These people were doing the same thing as the Heaven Ghouls they met in the mountain valley. They were all encasing human limbs in ice.

The reason these Heaven Ghouls were gathering food and collecting the materials for their evil ritual, was to help the clansmen who had yet to come recover and awaken the slumbering Great Sage.

Xu Ran slaughtered every outsider he encountered along the way with his giant axe.

This lasted until they reached their destination.

“We’re here!” Qin Lie exclaimed from inside a clump of gray cloud.

Xu Ran had also wrapped a gray cloud around his body and withdrawn his aura. He observed the scene not far away from them.

At the center of Prism Continent where many mountain ranges fell and rose across the land, there were many spatial rifts in the sky. Violent chaotic streams of space spilled from inside these spatial rifts.

The distorted and chaotic fluctuations of spirit energy were strong enough to cause discomfort.

The giant rocks that floated like little hills between the spatial rifts and the mountain peaks looked like Li Mu’s floating island at first glance.

These giant rocks were filled with many tower shaped palaces built from gray-white bones, and there were many bone-thin Heaven Ghoul Race clansmen that were walking in and out of the buildings.

A gray shadow that belonged to a Heaven Ghoul would appear occasionally from the largest spatial rift.

Those people who just arrived here looked like little skeletons clad in skin as they were surrounded by the thick scent of death. After descending on the bone towers, they immediately sat down as if they didn’t want to waste even an ounce of energy.

The Heaven Ghouls who had arrived earlier would then bring out piles of human arms from inside the bone towers and serve them to these clansmen.

These newly-arrived ghouls would immediately tear into the flesh and blood greedily without any hesitation. They would chew on the arms and cause bits of flesh to splatter everywhere.

There were plenty of Heaven Ghouls operating on the mountain ranges beneath the floating giant rocks. They were transporting many blocks of ice into the bone towers.

Piles of human limbs were frozen inside these blocks of ice. It was food they had washed and frozen outside the bone towers before carrying them in.

Every Heaven Ghoul was busy with either collecting food or eating to recover energy.

Two short and tiny senior Heaven Ghouls that looked as old as time itself were seated at the two bone towers closest to the spatial rift, closely observing it while unleashing strong spatial energy.

If someone were to pay close attention to the scene, they would notice that two gray-colored streams had joined as one and flowed into the spatial rift together.

It was the spatial passage connecting to Spirit Realm that they had constructed.

It was through that gray stream that the Heaven Ghoul Race clansmen managed to pass through the chaotic streams of space and void currents to arrive at the Spirit Realm.

“Those two old men are the Great Sages of the Heaven Ghoul Race. They are both at the Imperishable Realm,” Tong Zhenzhen reminded from the clouds.

Qin Lie concentrated and took a look.

“You mustn’t release your soul consciousness!” Xu Ran hastily stopped him.

Qin Lie immediately withdrew the wisp of soul consciousness he sent out.

A silvery white gleam also flashed past Lin Liang’er’s eyes.

The eyes of one of the two old men sitting underneath the web like spatial rift abruptly gleamed brightly with evil light as he threw a violent and bloodthirsty soul attack towards Qin Lie’s group like a spear.


The air between Qin Lie and the old man crackled like fireworks, and the surrounding gray clouds were immediately swept clean like a tornado had just swept past the area.

Qin Lie and others were immediately exposed before all Heaven Ghoul Race clansmen.

Xu Ran let out a cold snort.

A golden barrier adorned with gold patterns that looked like fish scales swiftly formed around the four of them.

The old man’s violent soul attack smashed fiercely against the gold barrier and caused its scale-like patterns to ripple and scatter.

At the same time, a Soul Altar that looked like it was forged from pure gold appeared beneath Xu Ran and radiated with gold light that stretched far, far into the distance.

“Let’s go.” Xu Ran waved his hand once, and the Soul Altar that looked like a gold mountain carried Qin Lie and everyone else away from the place swiftly.

“You’re not leaving so easily!” The old Heaven Ghoul soared into the sky with an angry roar.

A diamond-shaped two-level Soul Altar that looked like it was made out of crystal flew out from between his brows as he landed on top of the Soul Altar. Then, he let out a shrill cry and chased fiercely towards them.

Many Heaven Ghoul Race experts flew into the air and charged at them like hungry ghouls.

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