Chapter 732: Three Emperors

Chapter 732: Three Emperors

“Qin Lie, I will leave a few people for you.” Xu Ran laughed.

The double-headed axe that looked like a golden spinning wheel harvested many lives inside the valley.

Whenever the enormous axe touched a ghoul, the ghoul would be chopped into pieces. They couldn’t avoid it.

The Heaven Ghouls all wore a kind of bone armor that seemed slightly old.

When the golden axe appeared, the Heaven Ghouls roared and tried to fight back fiercely.

They released balls of berserk spirit power, and caused their bodies to swell like balloons.

Alas, their strength was just too low for Xu Ran. No matter how they fought, they could not withstand onslaught of the enormous axe.

In the end, after flying a few circles, there was only one Heaven Ghoul left around Xu Ran.

Tong Zhenzhen landed and said, “Leave this one to me.”

Xu Ran reached out a hand.

Five streaks of golden energy formed a claw that gripped the Heaven Ghoul and pulled that ghoul through the air to Tong Zhenzhen.

Tong Zhenzhen raised a hand. She pointed with her left index finger at the other’s brow.

The energy and spirit in the screaming Heaven Ghoul’s eyes immediately disappeared.

Tong Zhenzhen used an eerie secret art to extract this Heaven Ghoul’s memories without any care for their life.

Qin Lie looked in shock at Tong Zhenzhen.

“There are two more alive.” Xu Ran smiled and pointed outside the valley. “I left them for you.”

Qin Lie was speechless.

“If you don’t give chase, the two of them will flee,” Xu Ran urged.

Qin Lie did not continue to watch. He nodded, then flew towards the outside of the valley.

When he left, a fiery bird appeared in Tong Zhenzhen’s pupils.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

As soon as this mark appeared, a thread of flame appeared on Tong Zhenzhen’s fingertip sank into the ghoul’s forehead.


A strange sound came from inside this person’s body. In the next moment, his body burned in fire. The light of memories jumped out of the bright flames and were attracted to Tong Zhenzhen’s finger.

Tong Zhenzhen slowly closed her eyes as though she was digesting this person’s memory. The Heaven Ghoul turned into ash.

At this time, Lin Liang’er who had been floating in the sky with her icy wings suddenly came down.

She landed next to Tong Zhenzhen and stared at Tong Zhenzhen with cold eyes.

“I know a place that has a part of the Ice Emperor’s inheritance left. I think you will be very interested in it,” Xu Ran said softly.

Lin Liang’er’s eyes immediately lit up.

Xu Ran shook his head and said with a laugh, “Don’t be too excited, you will not be able to go to that place right now. When you break through to rank eight, you might try with Zhenzhen and Qin Lie.”

“Qin Lie? Why him?” Lin Liang’er said in puzzlement.

Xu Ran did not immediately answer but turned to look outside the valley.

At this time, Qin Lie was wrapped in thick bolts of electricity as thunder roared inside his body. He was chasing the two Heaven Ghouls that were fleeing away.

Those two were just in the Fulfillment Realm. After roaming in the vast chaotic streams of space, their power had eroded greatly.

Under Qin Lie’s pursuit, the two did not last long before they were killed by thunder and lightning.

“I think I am right.” Xu Ran felt even more certain.

“What?” Lin Liang’er asked.

“We’ll speak when he comes back.” Xu Ran smiled.

“Alright.” Tong Zhenzhen opened her eyes. The fiery bird mark in her eyes had disappeared. When Qin Lie came close, her expression became grave. “These Heaven Ghouls are more difficult than we imagine. They had managed to survive in such terrible conditions in the outer space with more than just their unique racial ability.”

“How many of them are left?” Qin Lie asked.

“More than seven thousand.” Tong Zhenzhen looked at the corpses of the Heaven Ghouls and said, “These are the weakest group because it is easier for the weaker Heaven Ghouls to recover after returning to Spirit Realm. The stronger Heaven Ghouls were responsible for exploring the endless void and protecting their race. They expended too much energy searching for the way back and are exhausted.”

“Also, when they found this spatial rift and managed to make a passage, they expended even more power, becoming even weaker.”

“They have six Great Sages, each is a Soul Altar expert. The strongest Great Sage was once a four-level Soul Altar. In other words, at the early stages of the Void Realm. But while traversing the chaotic outer space, they encountered a great calamity. In order to help the clan members survive, that four-level Soul Altar expert paid a great price, shattering a level of his Soul Altar. His cultivation then decreased to the late stage of the Imperishable Realm. He only has a three-level Soul Altar now, and he sank into deep slumber after this injury.”

“These Heaven Ghouls gathered these arms and committed massacres on Prism Continent in order to hold an evil ceremony and use a sea of sacrifices to wake the strongest Great Sage.”

“Once this Great Sage wakes up, even if he only has a three-level Soul Altar, it is enough for him to create a storm of blood in the Land of Chaos.”

Tong Zhenzhen did not recite all of the person’s scattered memories. She only told them the important points so that Xu Ran knew the severity of the matter.

“One Soul Altar level shattered, once in the early stage of the Void Realm. Once this Great Sage wakes and recovers, I’m afraid even Nan Zhengtian will not be his match!” Xu Ran paled.

“Because he is so strong and also due to his deep slumber, those Heaven Ghouls did not dare to move him. So even now, he is in the chaotic streams of space, sleeping on an enormous rock. He has not come over yet.” Tong Zhenzhen paused and then said, “Of the remaining five Great Sages, two have come, three are still in the void to help the remaining clansmen pass through the unstable passageway. One of them is responsible for guarding the strongest, and making sure he would not be swept away by the currents to another desolate corner.”

“What are the realms of the two that have come?’ Xu Ran said gravely.

Tong Zhenzhen’s expression was relatively relaxed. “Fortunately, of the two Great Sages, one is a one-level Soul Altar, the other a two-level Soul Altar.”

Xu Ran visibly sighed in relief and rejoiced. “As long as it is not three-level.”

“If a three-level Soul Altar comes, we will not continue our investigation and will immediately retreat,” Tong Zhenzhen said helplessly.

Xu Ran nodded and changed the topic. He said to Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er. “In the ancient era, there were Three Emperors and Five Progenitors. The three emperors are Thunder Emperor, Flame Emperor and Ice Emperor. Miss Lin, the frost aura you cultivate should be from Ice Emperor, coincidentally, Zhenzhen cultivates the inheritance of the Flame Emperor…”

He looked deeply at Qin Lie and said, “If I am right, the thunder power that you, Qin Lie, cultivate should be the genuine inheritance of the Thunder Emperor!”

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