Chapter 732: Three Emperors

Chapter 732: Three Emperors

“Qin Lie, I will leave a few people for you.” Xu Ran laughed.

The double-headed axe that looked like a golden spinning wheel harvested many lives inside the valley.

Whenever the enormous axe touched a ghoul, the ghoul would be chopped into pieces. They couldn’t avoid it.

The Heaven Ghouls all wore a kind of bone armor that seemed slightly old.

When the golden axe appeared, the Heaven Ghouls roared and tried to fight back fiercely.

They released balls of berserk spirit power, and caused their bodies to swell like balloons.

Alas, their strength was just too low for Xu Ran. No matter how they fought, they could not withstand onslaught of the enormous axe.

In the end,...

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