Chapter 731: Piles of Corpses

Chapter 731: Piles of Corpses

Under the guidance of Xu Ran and his wife, Qin Lie once again stepped onto Prism Continent. The four first wanted to visit Moonstone City.

When they arrived and looked down from the white clouds, their expressions immediately darkened.

In just a few days, the prosperous and busy Moonstone City became living hell.

Inside what used to be a city, there were only piles of bones and mangled flesh belonging to martial practitioners that had been stationed at Moonstone City.

A thick rotten odor hung above Moonstone City and spread a hundred miles outwards, not showing any signs of dissipating.

Towns around Moonstone City were also lifeless. Not one person had been left alive.

The only thing the four could see was a sea of corpses. The remains had their limbs torn off. All of them died a horrific death.

The Heaven Ghoul Race clearly had not stayed for long after massacring Moonstone City as they hadn’t destroyed the city buildings.

They couldn’t see any Heaven Ghouls.

“So horrific.” Tong Zhenzhen sighed deeply.

Xu Ran’s eyes radiated murderous intent. “This kind of race should be extinct! Compared to the Asura Race, the Heaven Ghouls are crueler, more bloodthirsty, and they lack basic morals!”

When the Asura Race invaded, they would not commit large-scale killing. They would enslave the humans to help them mine for ore, and farm spirit medicines and grasses.

As a result, during the past conflict between Asura Race and humans, those that died by the hands of Asuras were only the martial practitioners from the forces that fought.

The Asura Race did not act against mortals.

They also would not eat people.

The Heaven Ghoul Race was clearly much more savage.

Seeing the destruction of Moonstone City, Qin Lie and the others realized Heaven Ghoul Race wouldn’t leave anyone or anything alive!

Martial practitioners, spirit beasts, or even common folk. None of them would be spared!!

Probing with their soul consciousness from the sky, they found no signs of life.

“It seems like a mistake that the Heaven Fighting Race did not kill them all. This kind of savage and bloody race should not be allowed to exist,” Tong Zhenzhen said with a frown.

Qin Lie’s expression was dark as well.

He felt suffocated by the horrific scenes below. While he had experienced some bloody battles, he had never encountered such a terrifying scene before.

One city, millions of martial practitioners and mortals completely butchered and eaten like chickens.

It was a nightmare.

The four looked for a while from the air, then flew toward the center of Prism Continent. Along the way, they deliberately kept their speed slow and paid attention to the land below.

The cities and villages they passed by ended up just like Moonstone City, devoid of all life.

Humans; spirit beasts; livestock; none had been left alive.

Every highly populated area turned into mountains of corpses and rivers of blood.

As they travelled, the quartet’s expressions became uglier. The horrific scenes they saw along the way were a great blow to them.

“Starting from now on, I will instantly kill every Heaven Ghoul I encounter!” Xu Ran suddenly said.

Qin Lie agreed.

He had never seen any Heaven Ghoul before. But just because of their inhuman butchering, Qin Lie put them in the category of animals.

In his memories, there were hardly any high level races that would do such inhuman things.

According to what he knew, even the Heaven Fighting Race that once dominated this world had only forced other races into slavery or servitude.

“There are Heaven Ghouls active three hundred miles ahead!” Tong Zhenzhen suddenly said.

Xu Ran’s eyes lit up and he said, “Let’s go!”

The four moved forward quickly.

An hour later, with Tong Zhenzhen leading the way, they arrived at a small mountain valley.

In the valley, the short, grayish-brown skinned Heaven Ghouls were freezing limbs they had torn off in order to preserve them.

The arms of human martial practitioners were bundled together and piled up beside a pond in the mountain valley. After being washed using the water, the ghouls were freezing the bundles using cold energy contained in strange crystals like the ones Lin Liang’er had in the past.

Inside each slab of ice, there were hundreds of frozen human arms. And there were dozens of these slabs in the valley...

The valley housed more than thirty Heaven Ghouls. They wasted no time, feeding on human arms while preserving more for later.

“I’ve been starving for so long, I can finally satisfy my hunger. The taste of these young human female arms are still so good.”

“It’s been so long. I hadn’t thought that the Heaven Fighting Race was driven out of the Spirit Realm. We do not have to worry about being killed by the Heaven Fighting Race any longer!”

“Stop talking. Use the flesh to recover your energy. We still have clansmen who have yet to arrive. They also have been starving for a long time.”

“Yes, we need to prepare more food for them. The population of this Prism Continent is limited, not enough to feed all of us.”


The language the Heaven Ghouls used was the common language of Spirit Realm. While their speech was still unpracticed and awkward, Qin Lie, Xu Ran, and the others could understand them clearly.

“Leave the strongest one alive, kill the others.” Xu Ran said murderously.

Tong Zhenzhen nodded. He asked Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er. “Will you go kill a few to satisfy your hate?”

“Of course.” Qin Lie’s gaze was also murderous.

“I will not waste my energy, I have not fully recovered yet.” Lin Liang’er shook her head.

“You are at seventh rank, you wouldn’t need me to hold your hand, would you??” Tong Zhenzhen smiled slightly.

Lin Liang’er circulated her spirit energy. A pair of frost wings formed behind her. She finally broke free of Tong Zhenzhen’s hold and floated silently in the air.

Xu Ran abruptly landed on the ground with Qin Lie.

“The Heaven Ghouls inside the valley are of average strength. Go find yourself one of your strength,” he said casually.

“I know.” Taking a deep breath, blue lightning wrapped around Qin Lie’s arms.

“Pathetic humans, before we went into the chaotic streams of space, you were just food for us Heaven Ghouls! That was true in the past, and it is true now!” a Heaven Ghoul laughed.

Hearing him say this, Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen nodded inwardly. They were finally sure that what Qin Lie had said was right.

“In the past, the Heaven Fighting Race didn’t kill the last of you. But we will. We will not allow you to exist!” Xu Ran attacked in rage.

A thick, ancient, double-headed battle axe suddenly flew out of Xu Ran’s sleeve. The axe floated ten meters above the valley and shot out rays of golden light.

“Pew! Pew!”

The golden light penetrated bodies of the Heaven Ghouls and their bodies instantly became riddled with bloody holes.

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