Chapter 730: Natives

Chapter 730: Natives

While everyone was astounded by his knowledge, Qin Lie himself had sunk into deep thought pondering about the same question.

When the memories regarding the Heaven Ghoul Race had popped up in his mind, he realized that his memories weren’t completely sealed away.

He was able to read the ancient text engraved onto the twelve spirit pattern pillars back at Armament Sect.

He was also able to understand the Horned Demon Race’s language and communicate with Ku Luo and other Nether Realm denizens back at the Nether Realm.

There was also the time he suddenly awakened Spirit Arts Fusion while fighting.

Today, he actually recalled the Heaven Ghoul Race’s origin after listening to Liu Yan’s description of them and some efforts in recalling.

These were all things that were embedded deep within his memories.

All these abnormalities meant that that these memories that were unrelated to himself could be recalled during his time of need.

But everything about his origin, his background, his relatives, his experiences, the reason his memories were sealed, and so on were so tightly sealed that it was practically impossible for him to recall.

Through this incident, he came to a small realization. The seal on the knowledge he had gathered, the things he learned, and the impression he got from certain things wasn’t strict.

“The Heaven Ghoul Race, the Heaven Ghoul Race. What else is there…”

After he came to terms with this revelation, he frowned deeply and did his best to recall any knowledge he might have had about this race.

Meanwhile, Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen were staring at him in astonishment as if he was a new person.

The main person in charge right now, Lei Yan looked both astonished and puzzled. He too fell silent and waited for Qin Lie to speak.

Everyone could see that Qin Lie was doing his best to recall his memories of the Heaven Ghoul Race, so no one tried to disturb him. Lei Yan even put a finger to his mouth and motioned for Dong Wanzhai, Liu Yan, and the other Moon Worshipping Palace martial practitioners to shut up.

After Qin Lie had gathered his concentration and tried to excavate the scattered memories he possessed of the Heaven Ghoul Race, the memories abruptly lit up and erupted in his mind.

His knowledge of the Heaven Ghoul Race slowly became clear after he organized them for a while.

Qin Lie’s eyes slowly lit up.

“The Heaven Ghoul Race had been around in Spirit Realm since a very, very long time ago. They are one of the original natives of Spirit Realm. Before the Heaven Fighting Race invaded the Spirit Realm, the Heaven Ghoul Race used to enjoy a period of prosperity. They mostly stayed in many reputable mountains and great rivers where they dug caves inside the mountains for cultivation, living and reproductive purposes.”

“There’s an extremely small portion of the Heaven Ghoul Race that is sensitive to the ripples of space, and these people were always able to find the chaotic streams of space that exist between Spirit Realm and its auxiliary worlds. They could even build a space tunnels that could connect two worlds from inside the chaotic streams of space using their racial talents.”

“Every once in a while, a cultivator who is extremely well-versed in the secrets of space would appear among this race. They are given the name of ‘Great Sage’.”

“This is also why they dared to escape into the chaotic streams of space after the Heaven Fighting Race had dealt them a severe blow.”

“The Heaven Ghoul Race is born devious and cruel. They love to eat raw flesh and blood, and they especially enjoy the limbs of spirit beasts and humans.”

“Since they’re natives of Spirit Realm, their cultivation system is similar to most races around here too. Their cultivation system is also split into ten different stages, and the realms are identical to ours.”

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and talked about the Heaven Ghoul Race unhurriedly.

Everyone was paying close attention to his words for fear that they would miss out even a single line. Slowly, everyone began to believe him.

“How do you know about this race?” Lei Yan finally couldn’t help but ask a qeustion after Qin Lie had come to a stop.

“I’ve read about them from an ancient scripture. I had to focus to recall what I’ve read about them.” Qin Lie gave him a careless excuse.

Lei Yan asked in half belief and half doubt, “I heard that you came from the Scarlet Tide Continent?”

Qin Lie nodded.

“How did an ancient book like this appear in a small place like the Scarlet Tide Continent? If what you say is true, the Heaven Ghoul Race had lived in Spirit Realm before the Heaven Fighting Race had even come over from the outer space. How could there possibly be any ancient books or scriptures that survived the passage of time and somehow ended up on the Scarlet Tide Continent?” Lei Yan asked in puzzlement.

“The Scarlet Tide Continent is connected to the Nether Realm, and I have communicated with the Horned Demon Race of the Nether Realm before. In fact, I’ve been there myself,” Qin Lie said in a mysterious manner. “There are things that may be found in the Nether Realm even if they don’t exist in the Land of Chaos.”

“Makes sense.” Tong Zhenzhen smiled. “The Dark Nether Race of Nether Realm was a powerful ancient race in the past. It is not strange that they would have records of the Heaven Ghoul Race.”

Xu Ran glanced at Qin Lie deeply before he moved his attention to the front and said suddenly, “We’re not far away from Prism Continent.”

When the crowd concentrated, they discovered that they could vaguely see the outline of Prism Continent from where they were.

“Let us stop the three ships here,” Xu Ran said.

Lei Yan thought over it for a moment before agreeing to his suggestion. He ordered his men to halt the ships.

Not long after, the three giant black iron ships stopped in the air.

“We need to send someone over and check just how many powerful cultivators this… Heaven Ghoul Race has.” Xu Ran rubbed his chin and smiled calmly. “Lei Yan, why don’t you let us husband and wife go explore Prism Continent for a bit?”

Lei Yan looked astonished. “But I should be the one to go there myself.”

“If you go, these people will be left without their commander. It’s better for us to go instead.” Xu Ran volunteered himself to the front.

Lei Yan looked hesitant.

“Relax. I may have have neglected my cultivation these recent years, but I’ve improved quite a lot in my ability to avoid trouble,” Xu Ran said proudly.

“Well… alright. Watch out, will you?” Lei Yan reluctantly agreed.

“Qin Lie, come with us and bring us to the place where you discovered the anomaly,” Xu Ran then added.

Qin Lie looked surprised.

“This kid had been chosen by Brother Nan himself, Xu Ran!” Lei Yan hastily said.

“I know that. What are you worried about? Are you worried that I’ll eat him or something?” Xu Ran laughed.

“I’m worried for his safety,” Lei Yan frowned. “His status is special, and he is the opportunity Brother Nan sought to improve his cultivation. Elder Shen himself said that nothing must befall upon Qin Lie!”

“Nevermind, I’ll ask him instead.” Xu Ran turned around and looked at Qin Lie.“Do you want to come with us on an adventure, kid?”

“Don’t worry, we won’t harm you,” Tong Zhenzhen said seriously.

Qin Lie looked at the duo and thought over his options carefully for a moment. Finally, he nodded. “Alright.”

“Bring that girl with you too.” Tong Zhenzhen cast a glance at where Lin Liang'er was.

Qin Lie looked surprised, “I’ll have to ask her permission first.”

“That’s not a problem.” Tong Zhenzhen smiled softly.

“Kid! You just barely escaped from that place, and now you’re going back in again? Are you sure?” Lei Yan gave him an angry look.

“That was one thing, and this is another.” After he threw down these words, he immediately headed to Lin Liang'er’s cultivation room and knocked on the door. After Lin Liang'er had responded to him, he explained, “That Tong Zhenzhen wants you to come with me to see those outsiders. What do you think?”

“I’ll come with you,” Ling Liang'er immediately replied.

Dozens of seconds later, she walked out of the cultivation room while covered in cold air. Her pupils had turned back into an unnatural silver white color that gleamed with a cold and merciless luster.

“Let’s go,” she urged of her own accord.

“Not while you still look like this.” Qin Lie shook his head.

Lin Liang'er looked at the bronze mirror inside the room before she exhaled a couple of cold breaths and adjusted her condition. Slowly, she looked normal once more.

“Now we can leave.” It was only then that Qin Lie headed outside.

Very soon, he led Lin Liang'er out of the room and stunned Lei Yan and every other Terminator Sect martial practitioner greatly.

After all, Lin Liang'er’s body didn’t have any soul presence at all when Qin Lie first carried her up to the ship. They all thought that she was just a corpse at the time.

Just like how Dong Wanzhai and everyone else were stunned back at Moon Worshipping Palace, Lin Liang'er’s “resurrection” shocked them just as much.

“Lin girl, Qin Lie will stay with Xu Ran while you stay with me as we inspect the situation at the continent, alright?” Tong Zhenzhen said gently.

Lin Liang'er nodded obediently and answered in agreement. Then, she walked to Tong Zhenzhen’s side on her own.

This sight made Qin Lie feel amazed on the inside.

“Let’s go!”

Xu Ran grabbed onto Qin Lie’s arm and flew away from the ship without a second word.

Tong Zhenzhen also stepped into the sky while holding Lin Liang’er’s hand. She stepped into the clouds together with Xu Ran and slowly vanished without a trace.

Lei Yan looked odd. It was a while before he finally turned around to look at Chu Li, “Has your master informed the other Silver rank forces to send over their people?”

“He has,” Chu Li nodded and smiled wryly, adding, “But no force had replied or even attempted to contact us of their own accord yet.”

“I knew they couldn’t wait for us to fight the outsiders to the death!” Lei Yan snorted coldly. “If they dare sit by and watch, then we shall build a defense line here and keep the outsiders from spreading towards Terminator Sect only. We will ignore everything else beyond that!”

Chu Li looked astonished.

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