Chapter 730: Natives

Chapter 730: Natives

While everyone was astounded by his knowledge, Qin Lie himself had sunk into deep thought pondering about the same question.

When the memories regarding the Heaven Ghoul Race had popped up in his mind, he realized that his memories weren’t completely sealed away.

He was able to read the ancient text engraved onto the twelve spirit pattern pillars back at Armament Sect.

He was also able to understand the Horned Demon Race’s language and communicate with Ku Luo and other Nether Realm denizens back at the Nether Realm.

There was also the time he suddenly awakened spirit art fusion while fighting.

Today, he actually recalled the Heaven Ghoul Race’s origin after listening to Liu Yan’s description of them and some efforts in recalling.

These were all things that were embedded deep within his memories.

All these abnormalities meant that that these memories that were unrelated to himself could be recalled during his time of need.

But everything about his origin, his background, his relatives, his...

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