Chapter 729: The Outsiders’ Origin

Chapter 729: The Outsiders’ Origin

Qin Lie’s point of view coincided with Chu Li’s worry perfectly. Judging from the current situation, it was very likely to be the case.

For almost three hundred years, Forefather Terminator had sat firm on the throne that was the strongest cultivator of the Land of Chaos. Terminator Sect’s strength had also grown in response, and they showed signs of transforming into the greatest sect in the Land of Chaos.

To those Silver rank forces, the idea of Terminator Sect constantly growing stronger was too scary.

They had absolutely no intentions to allow Terminator Sect grow stronger.

If the outsiders’ invasion this time could deplete part of Terminator Sect’s strength and make them lose some of their experts, it would undoubtedly be great news for these sects.

Some sects would view the outsider’s invasion as an excellent opportunity.

Some of them might even be silently celebrating, delighted by this outcome.

I only hope that the outsiders on Prism Continent aren’t as difficult as the Asura Race was, or else…” Chu Li shook his head and sighed. “This time, the nine great Silver rank forces will not be as united as they were before.”

“They will only set down their prejudices and work together when the situation has deteriorated to a certain point. However, it is a little unrealistic to expect them to fight together with you right now,” Qin Lie said.

“I guess so.” Chu Li looked helpless.

Another three days passed by.

That day, a few large-sized flying spirit artifacts flying the flag of Moon Worshipping Palace had appeared before Terminator Sect’s ships.

When both sides had gotten close to each other, Qin Lie concentrated and immediately saw that Dong Wanzhai, Liu Yan and other Moon Worshipping Palace leaders were walking over from those flying spirit artifacts with darkened expressions. They were going to meet up with Lei Yan and the husband and wife pair, Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen.

“Let’s head over and take a look too.” Chu Li invited Qin Lie.

“Mn.” Qin Lie followed him.

They hadn’t even reached the other side of the ship when they heard Lei Yan shouting a torrent of abuses at Dong Wanzhai.

Dong Wanzhai, Liu Yan, and everyone else’s faces were flushed red, but they didn’t dare to come up with a retort. They simply bowed their heads in obedience and allowed the abuses to wash over them.

They were the vassal force of Terminator Sect, and Lei Yan was the junior brother of Nan Zhengtian himself. His status in Terminator Sect was high to say the least, so they had no choice but to submit to his authority obediently.

“Qin Lie had given you the sternest warning, but why didn’t you listen to him and evacuate at first notice? Why haven’t you notified US immediately?” Lei Yan continued to roar.

Every Moon Worshipping Palace leader had spittle on their faces, but not a single one of them dared to wipe it away. They all looked incredibly wimpy right now.

“Who’s Qin Lie?”

Everyone looked puzzled by the name.

“Perfect timing!” Lei Yan beckoned Qin Lie over the moment he saw him.

Qin Lie walked towards them in a careless manner.

“Did you remind them about the danger?” Lei Yan withdrew much of his threatening manner when he was talking to Qin Lie. His voice was still high strung, however.

Qin Lie nodded and cast a glance at Dong Wanzhai, saying, “I am very surprised to find you alive, Palace Master Dong. I guess you finally reacted near the end. Otherwise, you would’ve become food for those outsiders just like Jewel Flame Manor and Heavenly Martial Association.”

“You are?” Dong Wanzhai looked to be at a complete loss.

“Yao Tian, at your service,” Qin Lie bowed slightly and said politely, “Let me introduce myself once more. My name is Qin Lie. I hail from the Setting Sun Islands, and I was invited by Forefather Terminator as a guest!”

“Qin Lie! You’re Qin Lie!” Dong Wanzhai was shocked.

Unlike Yue Ji, Ye Ji, and Shui Ji, Dong Wanzhai was the palace master of Moon Worshipping Palace. He had better understanding of the Land of Chaos.

That was why he knew who Qin Lie was.

He was the survivor of the Graveyard of Gods, the winner of many ancient elite remains, the cultivator who helped Blood Fiend Sect reclaim their former title and assisted Gold Sun Island in eliminating the two great Copper rank forces, Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion. He was in possession of eight god corpses, and he aided Blood Fiend Sect in the defense against Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families. He was also the island master of Flaming Sun Island…

When every rumor regarding Qin Lie had passed by Dong Wanzhai’s ear once, his gaze on Qin Lie slowly changed.

Liu Yan and everyone else were all shocked beyond words.

“No wonder Blood Fiend Sect was so generous as to give out five extra Blazing Profound Bombs. No wonder,” Dong Wanzhai muttered.

He knew that Gray Island was the real creator of the Blazing Profound Bombs, even if Blood Fiend Sect was the one selling them.

Gray Island fell under the jurisdiction of Flaming Sun Island, and Qin Lie was also the island master of Flaming Sun Island.

“If you were willing to declare your identity then, I, I would’ve paid attention to your warning!” A while later, Dong Wanzhai clenched his teeth in secret and stared a little grudgefully at Qin Lie.

“I’m not strong enough. Who could say that the Moon Worshipping Palace wouldn’t have threatened me had I revealed my identity?” Qin Lie frowned. “If you were malicious and planned to capture me alive for something, I could not guarantee that I’d be able to retreat safely.”

“I, I wouldn’t have dared!” Dong Wanzhai said hastily.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Qin Lie shook his head.

“You have undeniable responsibility in this screw up!” Lei Yan lost his patience and glared at Dong Wanzhai. He yelled, “Even if we manage to chase away the outsiders from Prism Continent, it still won’t be the Moon Worshipping Palace’s home any longer! Once this war is over, Terminator Sect will move your sect to a low level land as punishment!”

Dong Wanzhai let out a sigh of dejection. He had no choice but to accept his fate.

“Have you seen those outsiders before?” It was at this moment the silent Xu Ran suddenly spoke up.

“We haven’t, but we have accounts of the outsiders’ appearance from our subordinates, and we remember them quite well,” Liu Yan said.

“Tell us in detail!” Xu Ran’s eyes lit up a little.

“These outsiders aren’t tall; they’re all about one and a half meters tall. They have twin pupils and a tongue that’s almost half a meter long. Their tongues are too long to hold inside their mouths, so they leave it hanging beneath their chin most of the time. Also, they don’t have hair on top of their heads. Instead, they have flesh feelers that looks like tentacles.” Liu Yan did his best to depict the outsiders’ appearance as detailed as possible.

Every Terminator Sect member listened to his description with heavy hearts.

“Do any of you have any idea where these outsiders come from?” Lei Yan asked.

The elders of Terminator Sect frowned in thought but couldn’t come up with an answer.

It seemed that no one had heard of this race before.

Xu Ran was also surprised by this question, and had no recollection of a race with their appearance. He then looked at Tong Zhenzhen and asked softly, “Do you know who they are?”

Tong Zhenzhen narrowed her eyes and fell into deep thought. She waved a hand at Xu Ran to stop disturbing her for now.

Xu Ran immediately fell silent and looked at her expectantly. He seemed to think that she was the only who would know of the outsider’s identities.

Qin Lie was also in deep thought.

He didn’t know why, but he had a feeling like he knew this foreign race after hearing to Liu Yan’s in depth description of their appearance. He kept feeling like he had read about this outsiders from a certain ancient scripture.

He thought hard and attempted to dig out this dust-covered memory from the deepest corner of his mind.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed when a light of inspiration suddenly flashed past his mind. A memory entered his mind just like that.

“Heaven Ghoul Race! They are called the Heaven Ghoul Race!” Qin Lie suddenly broke the silence.

Everyone’s gazes focused on him.

“This race used to live in Spirit Realm until the Heaven Fighting Race arrived and started dominating this place. They fought a brief battle against the Heaven Fighting Race, but suffered a horrible defeat at their hands and was almost slaughtered to the last. The Heaven Ghoul Race that survived by chance had to use their racial talents and escape to the chaotic streams of space in order to escape the Heaven Fighting Race’s pursuit and ensure the continuation of their race.”

Qin Lie tidied the memory that had suddenly appeared in his head, frowned and began explaining slowly, “There are many great terrors at the chaotic streams of space. It is a place between the gaps of Spirit Realm and many auxiliary worlds where spirit energy is distorted, and soul devouring entities are everywhere. Even Imperishable Realm martial practitioners may lose their lives at this place. The Heaven Ghoul Race are naturally adapted to chaotic spirit energy, which is why they ultimately escaped into the chaotic streams of space after they were met with the threat of extinction by the Heaven Fighting Race. They cut off all their connections with Spirit Realm fearing that the Heaven Fighting Race would use these connections to chase after them.”

“After that, the Heaven Ghoul Race never showed up again. They never showed up even after Heaven Fighting Race’s domination and subsequent exile.”

“This is everything I know.”

Everyone was staring at him in astonishment when he was done. Their expressions were about as strange as one could imagine.

Xu Ran finally remembered to ask Tong Zhenzhen after the moment of shock had passed. He asked in a low tone, “How is it?”

Tong Zhenzhen shook her head and smiled apologetically. “I know nothing about this race.”

Xu Ran obviously looked very astonished. He seemed to be surprised that Qin Lie was able to say so many things about this race when even Tong Zhenzhen knew nothing about them.

Xu Ran couldn’t help but cast a few extra glances at him.

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