Chapter 729: The Outsiders’ Origin

Chapter 729: The Outsiders’ Origin

Qin Lie’s point of view coincided with Chu Li’s worry perfectly. Judging from the current situation, it was very likely to be the case.

For almost three hundred years, Forefather Terminator had sat firm on the throne that was the strongest cultivator of the Land of Chaos. Terminator Sect’s strength had also grown in response, and they showed signs of transforming into the greatest sect in the Land of Chaos.

To those Silver rank forces, the idea of Terminator Sect constantly growing stronger was too scary.

They had absolutely no intentions to allow Terminator Sect grow stronger.

If the outsiders’ invasion this time could deplete part of Terminator Sect’s strength and make them lose some of their experts, it would undoubtedly be great news for these sects.

Some sects would view the outsider’s invasion as an excellent opportunity.

Some of them might even be silently celebrating, delighted by this outcome.

I only hope that the outsiders on Prism Continent aren’t as difficult...

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