Chapter 728: Private Chat

Chapter 728: Private Chat

“I don’t know, but that Tong Zhenzhen woman gives me a very dangerous feeling.”

An ice crystal suddenly appeared in Lin Liang’er’s hand. She clutched the crystal tightly with her white hands and extracted the aura of absolute frost inside it.

The room’s temperature fell sharply and turned icy cold in just dozens of seconds.

Qin Lie responded accordingly by circulating the Frost Arts. He quickly adapted to the frigid temperature of the room.

Meanwhile, Chu Li’s teeth chattered like he was back at the Forbidden Land of Ice. He had to summon his spirit energy and protect himself quickly.

“The damage to my soul has recovered by seventy percent. Just a little longer and I will have completely recovered.” Lin Liang’er held the ice crystal and thought to herself. “I suppose I can even leave now.”

Qin Lie’s expression changed. “Are you afraid of her?”

Lin Liang’er’s unusual reaction was entirely caused by Tong Zhenzhen. He didn’t understand why a normal-looking woman like Tong Zhenzhen could cause so much anxiety in Lin Liang’er.

“If I could improve further...

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