Chapter 727: Bringer of Disaster

Chapter 727: Bringer of Disaster

“Why did you show up here, Qin Lie?”

While Lei Yan, Xu Ran and the others continued to talk about the outsider community, Chu Li pulled Qin Lie to the side and asked in a low tone.

“I went to the Ruined Lands along the way and stayed there for some time. After that I tried to get to Terminator Sect as soon as possible, but who knew that I would stumble into something like this again?” Qin Lie looked helpless. “Is it rare for the Land of Chaos to face an outsider invasion?”

“Not really,” Chu Li shook his head, “The Land of Chaos is infinitely vast, and it is connected to many auxiliary worlds. For example, Terminator Sect is currently friends with the Asura Race, and Blood Fiend Sect used to be share a great relationship with the Gray Wing Race when they controlled the Heavenly Calamity Continent in the past. Of course, the Gray Wing Race is colluding with the three great families now.”

“As for the rest of the forces such as Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, they also share relations with some auxiliary worlds and exchange cultivation materials on occasion.”

“I heard that Heavenly Sword Mountain had...

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