Chapter 726: A Community

Chapter 726: A Community

The three gigantic black iron ships were covered in lightning patterns, and the martial practitioners working above the decks were dressed like Terminator Sect martial practitioners.

It was very difficult for Qin Lie’s small crystalline war chariot to reach that high of an altitude.

Therefore, he could only look up at the three gigantic black iron ships that belonged to Terminator Sect travelling through the clouds like three giant monsters.

The reason he left Prism Continent was to head to Terminator Sect, and so he immediately started shouting the second he saw the giant ships.

Unfortunately, it would seem that his shouts couldn’t reach the three ships.

When he saw that the three ships were gradually flying further and further away from him, he abruptly circulated the Heavenly Thunder Eradication as determination fleeted across his face.


Blue lightning suddenly shot out of his body while thunder boomed.

The lightning flew straight towards one of the giant ships!

A Nirvana Realm Terminator Sect martial practitioner on the ship noticed the bolt of lightning.

His figured blurred, and he instantly left the ship in a trail...

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