Chapter 726: A Community

Chapter 726: A Community

The three gigantic black iron ships were covered in lightning patterns, and the martial practitioners working above the decks were dressed like Terminator Sect martial practitioners.

It was very difficult for Qin Lie’s small crystalline war chariot to reach that high of an altitude.

Therefore, he could only look up at the three gigantic black iron ships that belonged to Terminator Sect travelling through the clouds like three giant monsters.

The reason he left Prism Continent was to head to Terminator Sect, and so he immediately started shouting the second he saw the giant ships.

Unfortunately, it would seem that his shouts couldn’t reach the three ships.

When he saw that the three ships were gradually flying further and further away from him, he abruptly circulated the Heavenly Thunder Eradication as determination fleeted across his face.


Blue lightning suddenly shot out of his body while thunder boomed.

The lightning flew straight towards one of the giant ships!

A Nirvana Realm Terminator Sect martial practitioner on the ship noticed the bolt of lightning.

His figured blurred, and he instantly left the ship in a trail of dark red light.


The dark red light abruptly stopped and took human form right in front of Qin Lie. It was a middle-aged martial practitioner with white beard.

“I am the enforcer of Terminator Sect. My name is Tao Rui. May I know your name?”

Qin Lie didn’t answer immediately. He pulled off the fox skin mask on his face first before saying, “I am Qin Lie, Qin Lie of the Setting Sun Islands!”

“Qin Lie!” Tao Rui looked shocked. “I know you!”

“Is Chu Li up there?” Qin Lie let out a sigh of relief and asked hastily as he looked at the three gigantic black iron ships above them.

“He is. Come with me!” Tao Rui said heavily.

“My crystalline war chariot isn’t high grade,” he explained.

Tao Rui immediately grabbed his shoulders and attempted to bring him to the sky without another word.

“Wait!” Qin Lie hastily carried Lin Liang’er with him too.

Tao Rui cast him a strange glance but offered no comment to Qin Lie. He brought him up to the three giant ships above them.

Dozens of second later, Qin Lie was carried by Tao Rui to the foremost black iron ship.


He landed heavily from mid air and saw both Lei Yan and Chu Li immediately after he stood up from the deck.

A dozen or so Terminator Sect martial practitioners were currently gathered together and discussing something with incredibly serious expressions.

Qin Lie’s sudden descent attracted everyone’s attention. Chu Li especially let out a cry immediately, “Qin Lie! Why are you here?”

“You are Qin Lie?” There were a lot of people who looked at him in surprise.

Lei Yan’s expression was heavy as he cast a glance at Qin Lie and asked, “You are the one who told us about Prism Continent through Blood Fiend Sect, right?”

“Mn” Qin Lie nodded.

“Why did you use Moonstone City’s item teleportation formation and went through Blood Fiend Sect to notify us? Why hadn’t you just contacted us from Moon Worshipping Palace directly? Wouldn’t that be faster?” Lei Yan’s eyes were odd.

“I did notify Dong Wanzhai of Moon Worshipping Palace, but unfortunately…” Qin Lie let out a helpless laugh. “Unfortunately, he did not believe me.”

“God dammit!” Lei Yan erupted into curses, his demeanor emanating with murderous intent.“Dong Wanzhai must take responsibility for his errors!”

The rest of the Terminator Sect martial practitioners also looked solemn. They were all incredibly angry at Dong Wanzhai’s erroneous judgment.

A bad feeling passed Qin Lie’s mind as he moved next to Chu Li and asked in a small voice, “What’s the situation right now, Brother Chu?”

It had only been five days since he left Prism Continent.

Period of five days wasn’t a long time. He thought that the evil being wouldn’t be able to cause too much destruction even if it spent all this time causing havoc on Prism Continent.

However, Chu Li’s answer made his heart sank.

“It’s really bad!” Chu Li’s expression was incredibly grave. “Two days ago, Jewel Flame Manor and Heaven Martial Association would still send us some messages on occasion, but now…” Chu Li paused and let out a sigh. “Jewel Flame Manor and Heaven Martial Association had gone completely silent. If we’re not mistaken, they should’ve been exterminated already.”

Qin Lie looked stunned. “How could this be? I know that evil being is very powerful, but he is just one person!”

“It’s not just him.” Chu Li shook his head. “From what we learned, it is likely that an entire community of outsiders had come through from that spatial rift!”

“A community?” Qin Lie was aghast.

“Countless lives were lost on Prism Continent for these past five days. A large number of normal mortals, spirit beasts, and martial practitioners were killed and turned into food by those outsiders.” Lei Yan inhaled deeply. “Jewel Flame Manor and Heaven Martial Association were too slow and didn’t even have a chance to escape from those outsiders. Because of your advice, Moon Worshipping Palace reacted the fastest and evacuated the second the disaster befell Prism Continent. That’s why Dong Wanzhai and Moon Worshipping Palace martial practitioners are still alive. In fact, they are headed in our direction right now.”

“Bang!” Lei Yan’s iron fist smacked heavily against a black iron handrail and caused a spark of lightning to appear.

This huge ship suddenly quaked and a large majority of the passengers aboard rocked along with it.

“If Dong Wanzhai had listened to your advice and notified us about the seriousness of the situation at first notice, if he had ordered the normal people of Prism Continent to evacuate immediately, then there’s no way that place would have turned into living hell, and the outsiders wouldn’t have gotten a tremendous amount of food to recover from!” Lei Yan roared.

Many Terminator Sect martial practitioners wore heavy expressions on their faces.

Qin Lie noticed that there were two people who were unmoved by the tremor when Lei Yan had struck the handrail in frustration.

It was a man and a woman at their middle age. They were holding hands, and they looked like a pair of husband and wife.

Noticing Qin Lie’s gaze, Chu Li straightened his back and respectfully introduced them. “This is Senior Uncle Xu Ran and Senior Aunt Tong Zhenzhen.”.

Qin Lie hastily saluted the couple after his initial shock.

He heard from the Blood Fiend Ten Elders Hong Bowen that this husband and wife pair—Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen—were prominent figures on the same level as Forefather Terminator Nan Zhengtian, Lei Yan, and Xue Li. They were all of outstanding talent during their youth.

Although Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen belonged under Terminator Sect, they often spent their time travelling all over the world through desolate and forgotten continents rather than staying inside the sect.

In the past, Xu Ran’s fame was on par with Forefather Terminator Nan Zhengtian’s.

It was rumored that Xu Ran would have been Nan Zhengtian’s greatest rival in the fight for the seat of sect master, had he not fallen for Tong Zhenzhen and grew to care little for power.

The experts of the older generation had high praises for Xu Ran. They all thought that Xu Ran was the most likely person on the Land of Chaos to reach the Void Realm if he were to focus his concentration on cultivating.

Unfortunately, he seemed to have neglected his cultivation after he came to be with Tong Zhenzhen. He often travelled all over the world instead of spending his time in seclusion.

“You are not a member of the Terminator Sect, so there is no need for you to salute us or treat us so courteously.” Xu Ran smiled amiably at him. He gave Qin Lie the feeling that the luxuries of the world no longer held much value in his eyes, and that he had achieved inner peace with himself.

Tong Zhenzhen simply greeted him with a smile.

Qin Lie stared deeply at the couple, and especially at Tong Zhenzhen. He noticed that this woman who caused Xu Ran to neglect his cultivation and even give up the position of sect master of Terminator Sect was neither impressively gorgeous nor bewitchingly charming in anyway. She felt incredibly normal.

“Lei Yan, this is not the time to discuss how to hold Dong Wanzhai accountable.” Xu Ran smiled when Lei Yan continued to roar in anger and frustration. “The first person to notice the abnormality is right in front of us. I think we should listen to his report.” He looked at Qin Lie.

The rampaging Lei Yan actually calmed down at a speedy rate instead of getting angry at his advice.

Lei Yan had always been Nan Zhengtian’s loyal supporter. He thought of Forefather Terminator as his own brother, and there weren’t many people in Terminator Sect who could earn his respect.

Shen Kui, the elder who gave up on trying to achieve a breakthrough and focused all his energy onto building Terminator Sect was one of them.

Xu Ran was another.

He knew that Nan Zhengtian would have had to fight a fierce and deadly war if Xu Ran hadn’t given up on the seat of sect master in favor of Tong Zhenzhen. Although he had blind confidence in Nan Zhengtian’s strength, he knew that Nan Zhengtian would have been forced to pay a heavy price to achieve the ultimate victory.

Xu Ran’s sacrifice and former greatness had instilled a great deal of respect in Lei Yan.

“Why don’t you tell us in detail what you noticed in that spatial rift, Qin Lie?” Lei Yan turned around and asked Qin Lie a question.

Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen were also looking at him curiously with a smile.

Qin Lie pondered for a moment and began explaining in detail about the terrifying soul presence he detected and how the giant rocks were being crushed into smithereens by the gray shadow approaching the spatial rift

When he was done, Xu Ran, Tong Zhenzhen and Leiyan wore heavy expressions on their faces.

“That evil being is probably at the middle stage of the Imperishable Realm at minimum; an existence that possesses a two-level Soul Altar,” Xu Ran said suddenly.

“Are you sure?” Lei Yan asked loudly in a low tone.

Xu Ran withdrew his smile and answered seriously, “There should be no mistake.”

Everyone suddenly fell silent.

“There’s nothing to be worried about. I can deal with a two-level Soul Altar fellow alone!” Lei Yan said forcefully.

Xu Ran cast him a glance and said indifferently, “It’s not just one person, it’s an entire community. What will you do if there are not one, but many cultivators with two-level Soul Altars?”

Lei Yan was stumped for words.

“In my opinion, I think we should not charge into Prism Continent hastily even after we arrive. We’d better have our warships stay slightly further away from the continent until our scouts can go in and give detailed report of what’s going on there. We can make our decision after that.” Xu Ran thought for a moment before adding anxiously, “I think it would be best if you sent a message back to the sect and tell Nan Zhengtian to end his seclusion earlier, Lei Yan.”

The moment he said this, every Terminator Sect martial practitioner was stunned by this turn of events.

No one including Lei Yan had uttered a word. Everyone’s eyebrows were furrowed into a frown.

“The invasion of outsiders does not concern just Terminator Sect; the rest of the Silver rank forces should help in the resistance too. Once Nan Zhengtian exits his seclusion, we can use his name to rally other forces to send their experts over,” Xu Ran continued, “Just like the time we fought against the Asura Race, bloody wars will be fought and countless lives will be lost. But there’s no reason for us to be the only ones making sacrifices, right?”

“I understand.” Lei Yan nodded.

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