Chapter 725: Chaos

Chapter 725: Chaos

Terminator Sect.

Lei Yan was holding a letter and carefully reading through its contents. He frowned. “Evil beings are supposed to invade Prism Continent, but Blood Fiend Sect is the one sending the news. Strange…”

He summoned a few Terminator Sect elders and passed them the letter.

“Senior Brother has been in seclusion for the past half a year, so I would prefer not to disturb him with trivial matters. What do you think of this?” Lei Yan asked.

“Have Prism Continent’s Moon Worshipping Palace, Heaven Martial Association, and Jewel Flame Manor delivered any news?” Elder Chen Kui said with a serious expression on his face.

“No, nothing from them yet,” Lei Yan shook his head.

“Then let us send someone over to confirm that there is an invasion before we decide our next step,” Shen Kui said.

Everyone including Lei Yan nodded inwardly as they found Shen Kui’s suggestion rather in line with their own thoughts.

Shen Kui was the oldest elder in Terminator Sect. He was a famous older generation expert in Terminator Sect back when Nan Zhengtian and Lei Yan first joined Terminator Sect.

Unfortunately, he accidentally experienced fiendish rebound when he was ascending to the Imperishable Realm that resulted in his cultivation declining instead.

To this day, Shen Kui remained stuck at the peak of the Nirvana Realm even though both Nan Zhengtian and Lei Yan had successfully constructed their own Soul Altars and officially stepped into the Imperishable Realm.

It was rumored that it would be very hard for Shen Kui to ever reach a breakthrough.

Perhaps this was exactly the reason why Shen Kui had given up on cultivating single-mindedly in recent years and focused his energy on Terminator Sect instead.

It was true that Terminator Sect was able to accumulate great strength and carve their way to where they were right now because Forefather Terminator’s individual strength was rivaled by no one. But it was also thanks to Shen Kui doing all he could to pave the path towards the future for Terminator Sect.

It was why Shen Kui was extremely respected in Terminator Sect.

“That Blood Fiend Sect kid should’ve arrived a year ago. Who knows what he’s been up to suddenly showing up on Prism Continent, ” Lei Yan mumbled.

Shen Kui looked astonished, “Was it that Qin Lie kid who had sent the message to Blood Fiend Sect from Prism Continent? Is he at Prism Continent right now?”

“Mn, Hong Bowen said that his source was Qin Lie,” Lei Yan answered.

Shen Kui’s expression changed slightly as he pondered for a moment. Then, he said, “Lei Yan, you should head over there in person!”

Lei Yan was dumbfounded.

“Nothing must befall that kid. If an evil race truly has invaded Prism Continent, you must ensure his safety!” Shen Kui said seriously.

“Is he really that important?” Lei Yan looked skeptical.

There were a lot of practitioners in Terminator Sect who couldn’t care less about Qin Lie too. They all thought that Shen Kui valued Qin Lie too greatly to the point of exaggeration.

“He may be the key to your senior brother’s breakthrough to the Void Realm. Nothing must befall him!” Shen Kui exclaimed.

Of course, Lei Yan’s senior brother was the sect master of Terminator Sect, Forefather Terminator Nan Zhengtian.

“Him? A small Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner? What could he do to help my senior brother?” Lei Yan’s expression was odd.

“You won’t understand even if I told you about it.” Shen Kui shot Lei Yan a glare before saying impatiently, “Just go already!”

“Alright, alright.” Lei Yan went out to make his preparations with a dejected look on his face.


At Moonstone City.

Dong Wanzhai slowly grew anxious.

It had been a while, but the subordinates he sent to the center of Prism Continent hadn’t sent back any news. Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor hadn’t replied either when he asked Liu Yan to contact them.

Even Dong Wanzhai felt that the current situation was a little odd.

“Yue Ji, Shui Ji, and Ye Ji had made arrangements and sent their relatives away from Prism Continent in secret already.” Liu Yan came over with a frown. He noticed Dong Wanzhai’s miniscule reaction. “Yue Ji approached me again earlier and said that Yao Tian wouldn’t talk nonsense. She told us to inform Terminator Sect as soon as possible.”

“How can I notify Terminator Sect when we’ve heard and seen nothing? What can I even say?” Dong Wanzhai grew irritated.

“I think Yue Ji and the other women are about to leave too,” Liu Yan said.

“Let them do whatever they want,” Dong Wanzhai said carelessly.

While the duo were chatting with each other, someone came in hastily from outside and yelled, “Heaven Martial Association sent news!”

“What did they say?” Both Dong Wanzhai and Liu Yan looked invigorated by the news.

“They said that they couldn’t contact anyone of their martial practitioners in that area. Heaven Martial Association said that the situation isn’t quite right and that they had sent their experts to check it out,” he answered.

“Jewel Flame Manor sent news!” Another person rushed in fearfully as if his pants were on fire. “They said that unidentified evil beings have invaded many cities in Jewel Flame Manor’s domain and slaughtered all the people in there. Those evil beings also tore apart corpses and ate them raw!”

Dong Wanzhai and Liu Yan finally turned pale upon hearing this.

It was only now that they finally realized that Qin Lie’s departure wasn’t an impulsive move.

“Palace Master! A vassal force of Black Iron rank one thousand kilometers to the southwest of Moonstone City has sent over an emergency message saying that they are being chased by those outsiders, and that almost all of them have been killed!”

“Those outsiders are incredibly cruel and bloodthirsty. The martial practitioners who perished in their hands have all been devoured alive!”

Dong Wanzhai’s expression changed once more.

It wasn’t long after the first message that many other Black Iron rank forces under Moon Worshipping Palace sent over emergency messages as well.

Similar things were happening all over the Prism Continent, hundreds of thousands of people being brutally murdered by these outsiders.

From what they learned, it was apparent that these forces weren’t able to retaliate against the enemy at all. Every defense line they had was crumbling.

Dong Wanzhai panicked and ordered Liu Yan to inform Terminator Sect about Prism Continent’s dire predicament.

Both Jewel Flame Manor and Heaven Martial Association had reported this to Shen Kui ahead of them.

Lei Yan still had yet to depart from Terminator Sect at the time.

“The situation is very bad!” When Shen Kui received the latest news from Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor, he called over all the people in charge and ordered, “Tell the people in seclusion to come out right now. Chu Li, head to Thunder God Roar Valley and notify Forefather Terminator about the situation. Lei Yan, contact Hester of the Asura Race. Inform them about our predicament!”

Terminator Sect immediately broke out into uproar.

Plenty of experts in hiding halted their seclusion meditation prematurely after they received the order.

Many giant flying spirit artifacts soared to the skies of the Heaven Silence Continent as they flew towards Prism Continent.

Under Shen Kui’s command, the giant war machine that was Terminator Sect was swiftly brought to life.

By now, Qin Lie had already left Prism Continent.

This time, he didn’t dilly dally and flew along a straight line towards Heaven Silence Continent.

Along the way, Lin Liang’er had entered the Soul Suppressing Orb of her own accord in order to recover from her soul’s injuries.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos had also stopped bothering him after they swallowed those strange crystals. They entered yet another deep slumber.


A thunderous explosion resounded from deep within the clouds, catching Qin Lie off guard.

He halted the chariot and looked in the direction of the noise. To his surprise, he saw three two thousand meters long ships made of black iron streaking through the clouds like black dragons.

“It’s Terminator Sect!”

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