Chapter 725: Chaos

Chapter 725: Chaos

Terminator Sect.

Lei Yan was holding a letter and carefully reading through its contents. He frowned. “Evil beings are supposed to invade Prism Continent, but Blood Fiend Sect is the one sending the news. Strange…”

He summoned a few Terminator Sect elders and passed them the letter.

“Senior Brother has been in seclusion for the past half a year, so I would prefer not to disturb him with trivial matters. What do you think of this?” Lei Yan asked.

“Have Prism Continent’s Moon Worshipping Palace, Heaven Martial Association, and Jewel Flame Manor delivered any news?” Elder Chen Kui said with a serious expression on his face.

“No, nothing from them yet,” Lei Yan shook his head.

“Then let us send someone over to confirm that there is an invasion before we decide our next step,” Shen Kui...

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