Chapter 724: Calamity

Chapter 724: Calamity

The Setting Sun Islands.

“Elder Hong, there is a letter from Moonstone City,” A Blood Fiend Sect disciple immediately delivered the letter after receiving it from the item teleportation formation.

Hong Bowen’s face suddenly turned pale after he gave it a hurried glance.

Without another word, he transformed into a ray of bloody light and went to see Mo Lingye immediately.

A dozen or so seconds later, he appeared at the private room where Mo Lingye used to cultivate in silence and passed over the letter with heavy feelings. “It’s written by Qin Lie.”

Mo Lingye looked surprised. She accepted the letter and read through it carefully with a frown.

Mo Lingye was normally calm in face of most situations, but this time her expression changed quickly as she exclaimed in shock, “If what Qin Lie says is correct, the presence he detected from the spatial rift may be scarier than even Jiang Zhuzhe!”

“Qin Lie probably sent us this letter because he was hoping that we can notify Terminator...

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