Chapter 724: Calamity

Chapter 724: Calamity

The Setting Sun Islands.

“Elder Hong, there is a letter from Moonstone City,” A Blood Fiend Sect disciple immediately delivered the letter after receiving it from the item teleportation formation.

Hong Bowen’s face suddenly turned pale after he gave it a hurried glance.

Without another word, he transformed into a ray of bloody light and went to see Mo Lingye immediately.

A dozen or so seconds later, he appeared at the private room where Mo Lingye used to cultivate in silence and passed over the letter with heavy feelings. “It’s written by Qin Lie.”

Mo Lingye looked surprised. She accepted the letter and read through it carefully with a frown.

Mo Lingye was normally calm in face of most situations, but this time her expression changed quickly as she exclaimed in shock, “If what Qin Lie says is correct, the presence he detected from the spatial rift may be scarier than even Jiang Zhuzhe!”

“Qin Lie probably sent us this letter because he was hoping that we can notify Terminator Sect to make preparations as soon as possible,” Hong Bowen guessed.

Mo Lingye nodded slightly and thought for a moment. Then, she instructed, “Elder Hong, please inform Terminator Sect’s Lei Yan of this situation. Also, please send someone to the Scarlet Tide Continent’s ultimate blood ground and tell Xue Li that it would be best if he returned.”

“Do we need to alert Brother Xue of this?” Hong Bowen looked astonished.

Prism Continent was a continent within Terminator Sect’s area of influence, and it was pretty far away from the Setting Sun Islands. Qin Lie had probably delivered this message only to have Blood Fiend Sect notify Terminator Sect about this.

Blood Fiend Sect couldn’t possibly be affected by this situation, could it?

Jiang Zhuzhe’s savagery and dominance at the Setting Sun Islands earlier had caused every Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioner to be filled with anxiety and fear.

Xue Li himself noticed that the situation was bad despite gaining the Blood Progenitor’s body for himself. It was why he had went back to the ultimate blood ground and had been doing his best to fuse with the Blood Progenitor.

At his current rate, Xue Li was probably still a long way away from fusing completely with the Blood Progenitor’s body since only a year had passed.

In Hong Bowen’s opinion, summoning Xue Li back to the Land of Chaos for this might be overdoing it.

“The direction Qin Lie mentioned reminded me about something. It’s a little complicated to explain, and there are certain… things that you aren’t aware of.” Mo Lingye looked terribly worried. “If an evil being really does appear from that spatial rift, I fear that we won’t be facing just one or two of them. I suspect that an entire community may come out.”

“A community?!” Hong Bowen was shocked.

Mo Lingye sighed. “I hope that my guess is off, else the Land of Chaos will be embroiled in war once more.”

“What would happen if it was as you imagine it to be?” Hong Bowen said anxiously.

“It may be similar to the time the Asura Race had invaded our lands,” Mo Lingye said bitterly.

“I will inform Lei Yan and Brother Xue right now!” Hong Bowen exclaimed softly before asking, “What about Illusory Demon Sect?”

“I will head there and meet them myself,” Mo Lingye stood up.

Hong Bowen’s expression grew heavier and heavier.


At the center of Prism Continent.

The Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor martial practitioners were still flying around and collecting the strange crystals that were flying out of the spatial rifts from time to time.

The elder riding on the Fire Crow King and the big man from Jewel Flame Manor paid no heed to Qin Lie’s warning.

They even thought that Qin Lie was trying to trick them so that they would evacuate this place and enable him to collect all the crystals that appeared from these shattered rocks for himself.

Naturally, there was no way they were contacting the Terminator Sect because of this.

The crystalline war chariots continued to operate around the area. Both sects gradually formed a tacit understanding with each other as they took up a spot each and collected only the crystals in their area.

Both sects remained safe and didn’t clash with each other.

“Elder, that kid said that a terrifying existence is descending to this place. He told us to leave as far away as we possibly can, and to inform the Terminator Sect about this. Don’t you think that…” a Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner from Heaven Martial Association asked.

The elder riding on the Fire Crow King let out a snort and said disdainfully, “This is the Prism Continent and the domain of Terminator Sect!”

Right now, Terminator Sect was called the strongest power in the Land of Chaos. Not even the surrounding forces such as Illusory Demon Sect and Black Voodoo Cult dared to act wantonly before Terminator Sect.

As a result, Terminator Sect’s vassal forces were pretty proud of themselves. They didn’t believe that there existed anyone who would dare to provoke them of their own accord.

“That’s true. As long as the Forefather remains healthy, there is no one blind enough to act wantonly in Terminator Sect’s domain.”

“Stop wasting time and focus on gathering the crystals!”

“Got it!”

The martial practitioners of Heaven Martial Association and Flame Jewel Manor continued to work calmly after Qin Lie’s escape-like departure.

None of them paid Qin Lie’s warning any serious attention.

The cross-shaped spatial rift slowly grew wider and wider.

Giant rocks shattered again and again inside the spatial rift as shiny crystals dropped out unendingly.

More and more Heaven Martial Association martial practitioners were gathered around that area, and even the elder on his Fire Crow King had come closer.

Suddenly, a sharp howl that could burst one’s eardrums resounded from the spatial rift. It grew sharper the closer the source approached towards them.

The howl churning with earthshaking hatred was like a blade that stabbed and twisted itself inside their brains.

The elder above the Fire Crow King shuddered abruptly when he heard the howl. Two lines of blood flowed down the corners of his mouth involuntarily.

Terrible fear finally appeared inside his eyes.

He turned around and looked at his subordinates, but he suddenly realized that they were dead, having bled out from all seven orifices already.

The elder screamed and slapped the Fire Crow King fiercely. “Leave! Leave now!”

On the other side, Jewel Flame Manor’s martial practitioners had also heard the abnormality. Some of them were bleeding out of their nose, eyes, or suffered great damage to their heart and soul.

“What’s going on?” the big man of Jewel Flame Manor said anxiously.

“Something’s about to come out!” The elder on the Fire Crow King looked absolutely terrified.

The moment he said this, all Jewel Flame Manor martial practitioners also started to panic as they hastily got ready to evacuate.

The screech resounded once more!

The sound waves spilled out of the spatial rift and penetrated their heads like cold blades.

Many people clutched their ears in pain, but blood still flowed out from between their fingers.

Flying spirit artifacts went out of control and fell from the sky suddenly. They crashed and shattered into many pieces.

The Flame Crow King elder and Jewel Flame Manor’s big man ran away in panic.


A gray figure appeared from the spatial rift along with an exploding giant rock.

The gray shadow was like a ghost that flew in twists and bends in midair. Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor martial practitioners exploded into clumps of flesh and blood everywhere he went.

Even the two leaders of the group who had escaped far, far away were caught by the gray shadow. Without being able to resist, they too exploded into clumps of flesh and blood.

In just a dozen or so seconds, nearly one hundred Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor martial practitioners operating in this area were all killed by the gray shadow.


The gray shadow slowly took on a physical form at the highest point of the tallest mountain.

It was a skinny, bony and ancient-looking outsider who was less than one and a half meters tall, had dark green twin pupils and a long tongue that hung beneath its chin.

The old man was completely naked, and it was so thin that it looked like a skeleton. The scent of death surrounded his entire body. His sunken eye sockets of four dark green eyes gleamed with an intimidating, icy luster that made him look absolutely terrifying and eerie.

“Crack! Crack!”

The old outsider happily chewed on a bloody arm like he was eating brittle bones.

His snake-like tongue slithered around eerily while he was eating the arm.

He consumed the entire stump in no time at all.

Without bothering to wipe the blood traces on his mouth, he appeared beside another corpse and pulled off both arms, feeding on it heartily just like before.

The gray shadow moved around constantly and pulled off all the arms of the recently deceased Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor martial practitioners. He chewed heartily into the flesh and blood.

He looked like he was starved for far, far too long.

He did nothing but eat for two hours straight—feeding on human flesh.

His shriveled body finally regained some colors and luster after a few hours of frenzied feeding.

“This isn’t enough, this is far from enough.” He complained impatiently as he continued to eat without pause.

A very, very long time later, shrill howls resounded from the spatial rift above his head.

Intermittent replies resounded from a far, faraway place behind the spatial rift.

Half a day later, more gray shadows flew out of the spatial rift.

These people were all as thin as bones when they took on physical form. They looked like they hadn’t eaten anything for tens of thousands of years.

“Let us eat.” The old man who arrived first swung his long tongue once like a whip as he looked at his people.

The newcomers immediately cheered in excitement and spread out to all directions.

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