Chapter 723: Alarmist Talk?

Chapter 723: Alarmist Talk?

Yue Ji and the others had relatively strong trust in Qin Lie, so they immediately began acting upon hearing his words.

The women of Moon Worshipping Valley swiftly gathered in one place.

Setting aside even their curiosity at Lin Liang’er’s “reviva”’ right now, they hastily brought out all the important materials inside the valley, got on a large war chariot and sped towards Moonstone City along with Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er.

“What in Spirit Realm is going on?” Yue Ji couldn’t help but ask along the way.

Qin Lie made a brief explanation about the abnormal incident that had transpired at the center of Prism Continent just now. He told her about the countless spatial rifts.

“You’re saying that you sensed a terrible, evil intent from one of the spatial rifts.” Yue Ji’s expression was serious.

“It should be an evil being that roamed the outer space. At first, he had neither direction nor objective as he didn’t know how to make his way over to our place. But because he was able to lock onto a wisp of my soul consciousness by accident, I became the beacon that lit his path to Spirit Realm.” Qin Lie said with a dark expression. “From the moment I sensed that evil being’s soul presence, I knew that this continent would probably be met with calamity if we allowed it to appear.”

“Is that thing really so scary?” Yue Ji was alarmed on the inside. “Could Moon Worshipping Palace, Heaven Martial Association, and Jewel Flame Manor not be able to kill him if they joined forces? Do we really have to alert Terminator Sect?”

“Is there anyone among the three great Copper rank forces of Prism Continent, including Moon Worshipping Palace, that possess a peak Imperishable Realm expert?” Qin Lie frowned.

Yue Ji shook her head. “No.”

“Then there is no one who can defeat it!” Qin Lie exclaimed.

When he said this, Yue Ji and everyone else finally turned pale as they realized what was really going to befall on the continent beneath them.

The group said nothing as they continued along their journey in great worry.

The crystalline war chariots carried the crowd on a mad charge and finally arrived at the skies of Moonstone City during midday.

In the past, even members of Moon Worshipping Palace would descend from the flying spirit artifacts instead of flying their flying spirit artifacts above Moonstone City.

But due to the severity of the crisis, both Qin Lie and Yue Ji had ignored Moonstone City’s rules and landed directly on Moon Worshipping Palace, drawing astonished gazes from a great number of martial practitioners.

Dong Wanzhai was discussing with his martial practitioners on accumulating as many spirit stones as possible so that they could purchase more Blazing Profound Bombs from Blood Fiend Sect.

Dong Wanzhai frowned slightly in displeasure when he heard the roar of crystalline war chariots.

“Palace Master, Yao Tian and Yue Ji’s group had come back together,” someone reported from outside.

“Moonstone City has its rules, and Yue Ji should’ve reminded him even if Yao Tiao knew nothing about it. Why had she allowed him to break the rules?” Liu Yan also looked displeased. “If everyone can pilot their flying spirit artifacts and fly however they wanted to on Moonstone City, then what honor do we still have? This Yue Ji isn’t seeing the bigger picture. Perhaps she had forgotten Moonstone City’s rules and even who she belongs to in order to curry favor with that Yao Tian.”

“It is time to reprimand her,” someone echoed in agreement.

Dong Wanzhai had the same idea, a dark expression on his face. He too thought that Yue Ji was acting too wantonly as of late.

It was at this moment Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er hastily made their way into the great hall of Moon Worshipping Palace under Yue Ji, Ye Ji, and Shui Ji’s guidance.

“You are?” Dong Wangzhai, Liu Yan and the others all turned pale with fright when they saw Lin Liang’er show up.

Qin Lie had attracted Moon Worshipping Palace’s attention not long after he stepped into Moonstone City. When Qin Lie began walking around Moonstone City while carrying the human body of Lin Liang’er, he had surprised many people in Moonstone City.

It was only natural that Moon Worshipping Palace was watching him in secret too.

In everyone’s opinion, Lin Liang’er was a cold, dead corpse that had been dead for quite some time already. As a result, they all thought that Qin Lie had a twisted mind.

But Lin Liang’er was obviously alive, and she was walking into the hall with cold eyes right now. The visual impact she caused had stunned all of them for a time.

“Palace Master Dong, a terrible change had happened at the center of Prism Continent. I am afraid that an evil being would soon descend on Prism Continent. I hope that you can contact Terminator Sect immediately and tell them to send over some Imperishable Realm experts to counter this threat,” Qin Lie exclaimed.

“What?” Dong Wanzhai abruptly stood up. “Are you sure, Brother Yao? Why would an evil being suddenly descend on Prism Continent? You’re not spreading alarmist talk, are you?”

Liu Yan and the others didn’t look like they believed him too.

“We haven’t noticed anything abnormal for many years since the time the Asura Race had invaded us en masse.” Liu Yan rubbed his chin and chuckled. “Have you seen this evil being with your own eyes, brother Yao?”

“No. I only felt that he was about to pass through a spatial rift,” Qin Lie said solemnly.

“Oh, so you’ve only felt its presence?” Liu Yan grew more and more unperturbed. “Feelings… are easily fooled, you know. What if your senses were wrong, and that there are no evil beings that are descending on Prism Continent? Even if there is, what if it isn’t a particularly strong enemy? Wouldn’t it be inappropriate to call for an Imperishable Realm expert from Terminator Sect if that is the case?”

The martial practitioners of Moon Worshipping Palace didn’t pay Qin Lie’s warning any real attention either. They all looked calm, and they all thought that Qin Lie was mistaken or exaggerating the danger.

After all, Qin Lie was only in the Fulfillment Realm.

In their opinion, even if the terrible evil consciousness Qin Lie had sensed was real, and even if an evil being was truly descending on Prism Continent, it shouldn’t be as terrible as Qin Lie was making it out to be.

To a Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner, a peak Fragmentation Realm expert was sufficiently scary enough.

They all thought that the existence Qin Lie thought as terrifying might not necessarily be all that powerful. They thought that this enemy would be at best at the Nirvana Realm.

Although Moon Worshipping Palace, Heaven Martial Association, and Flame Jewel Manor were all Copper rank forces, they all had one or two Nirvana Realm elderly martial practitioners concealed in their midst.

They didn’t think that this incident was all that serious.

“You don’t trust me?”

Qin Lie’s face darkened when he saw that Liu Yan and the others weren’t as afraid as he thought that they should be. He felt a little impatient on the inside.

Liu Yan laughed and shrugged at Dong Wanzhai. He no longer said anything.

Meanwhile, Dong Wanzhai laughed twice and said, “Why would I not believe you, Brother Yao? I’ll send someone over to the place you mentioned and check it out for any abnormalities right now! Don’t worry, even if there really is an outer realm evil being, Heaven Martial Association, Moon Worshipping Palace, and Jewel Flame Palace absolutely possess the power to suppress it!”

“If we were to summon a Terminator Sect Imperishable Realm expert over a small matter, they would be displeased and put the blame on us,” a short Moon Worshipping Palace martial practitioner said with a laugh.

Qin Lie looked at them.

He knew that these people were not in the least concerned about the incident, and that they hadn’t realized just how serious it was from their expressions.

He pondered for a moment and nodded. “I would like to send a letter back to Blood Fiend Sect. Please help me with this, Palace Master Dong.”

He had written a letter on the way to Moon Worshipping Palace which detailed all the abnormalities he had perceived at the center of Prism Continent.

With his status on the Setting Sun Islands and Hong Bowen’s knowledge and experience, he believed that his people would make the necessary preparations accordingly.

“When do you need it delivered?” Dong Wanzhai smiled faintly. “We’re preparing the spirit stones and are hoping to buy more Blazing Profound Bombs from Blood Fiend Sect in the next two days. Can this wait until then?”

“It is very urgent!” Qin Lie said solemnly.

Dong Wanzhai was caught off guard for a second before he said, “Alright. Yue Ji, please lead Mrother Yao to the teleportation formation.”

“Palace Master! Yao Tian is not one to speak without thinking! If he says that an evil being has descended on Prism Continent, then it must be true. I beg you to take this seriously, Palace Master!” Yue Ji said urgently.

“I got it, of course I would keep it in mind. Take Brother Yao over to the formation, will you?” Dong Wanzhai waved his hand and urged impatiently.

Yue Ji sighed, knowing that Dong Wanzhai obviously didn’t realize just how serious the situation was.

“I’m going.” She agreed in a soft voice and led Qin Lie to the private room where the item teleportation formation was.

Qin Lie left without a word.

“I suppose that Yue Ji and those women haven’t been handled by a man for too long. I can’t believe they brought everyone from Moon Worshipping Valley over just because of Yao Tian’s exaggerated words,” Liu Yan shook his head and ridiculed after Qin Lie and Yue Ji had left. “Women are women. They become stupid really easily once they get laid.”

“Make some arrangements and send those nearby to check out the location Yao Tian had spoken of. It is true that this part of Heaven Martial Association’s territory is a little strange,” Dong Wanzhai instructed.

“Mn. I shall contact Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor. They would probably notify us if an outer space being really had invaded Prism Continent.” Liu Yan nodded.

“That is all.” Dong Wanzhai announced the end of the meeting.

Inside the private room where the item teleportation formation was.

Qin Lie calmed down a little after seeing his letter vanishing from the formation in a flash of white light.

“We will be leaving Prism Continent immediately.” After pondering for a moment, he looked at Yue Ji, Ye Ji, and Shui Ji and said sincerely, “In my opinion, there is no way Heaven Martial Association, Jewel Flame Manor, and Moon Worshipping Palace could pose any threat to that thing that’s descending onto Prism Continent. If that thing starts murdering everything in sight, it will take at most three to five days before Prism Continent’s soil is covered in blood. Heaven Martial Association, Jewel Flame Manor, and Moon Worshipping Palace may vanish as well.”

Yue Ji, Ye Ji, and Shui Ji looked pale.

“It’s obvious that your palace master think that I’m spreading alarmist talk. He is treating the matter with indifference,” Qin Lie said indifferently. “I’ve said all that needed to be said. It’s their problem if they don’t believe me. ”

“Is that thing really going to commit mass murder?” Yue Ji trembled.

Qin Lie nodded. “I could sense deep-seated hatred from that will. I know that it will commit slaughter to vent its emotions the second it comes over.”

“You’re leaving now?” Yue Ji said anxiously.

“Mn. Every second we waste here brings bigger danger to our own well being. Plus, it is not like I have the obligation to advise Palace Master Dong repeatedly until he listens.” Qin Lie walked towards outside. “If you wish to be safe, I will advise you to leave this place as soon as possible. As for the things you promised me earlier… we’ll talk about it once you’ve survived this crisis.”

The moment he walked out of the private room, he climbed back on his crystalline war chariot and soared no sky, disregarding Moonstone City’s rules.

Yue Ji, Shui Ji, and Ye Ji could see the weight and terrible anxiety in one another’s eyes. However, they couldn’t discard everything and leave just like that.

They belonged to Moon Worshipping Palace, and they were responsible for offering sacrifices to the moon. There was no way they would be allowed to leave Prism Continent without a good reason.

“If we cannot leave, then let us arrange for our families to leave at least.” Yue Ji sighed.

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