Chapter 723: Alarmist Talk?

Chapter 723: Alarmist Talk?

Yue Ji and the others had relatively strong trust in Qin Lie, so they immediately began acting upon hearing his words.

The women of Moon Worshipping Valley swiftly gathered in one place.

Setting aside even their curiosity at Lin Liang’er’s “reviva”’ right now, they hastily brought out all the important materials inside the valley, got on a large war chariot and sped towards Moonstone City along with Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er.

“What in Spirit Realm is going on?” Yue Ji couldn’t help but ask along the way.

Qin Lie made a brief explanation about the abnormal incident that had transpired at the center of Prism Continent just now. He told her about the countless spatial rifts.

“You’re saying that you sensed a terrible, evil intent from one of the spatial rifts.” Yue Ji’s expression was serious.

“It should be an evil being that roamed the outer space. At first, he had neither direction nor objective as he didn’t know how to make his way over to our place. But because he was able to lock onto a wisp of my soul consciousness by accident, I became the beacon that lit his path to Spirit Realm.” Qin Lie said with a dark expression. “From the moment I sensed that evil being’s soul presence, I knew that this...

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