Chapter 722: The Outer Realm Will

Chapter 722: The Outer Realm Will

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos swam up and down, plundering the strange crystals that appeared from the spatial rifts from everywhere in wild joy.

After Lin Liang’er had successfully scared the Heaven Martial Association elder away, she too successfully obtained the absolute frost crystal she sought for as the light of joy twinkled in her ice-cold eyes.

The moment she came over, the Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor martial practitioners chasing after the six Spirits of Void and Chaos immediately grew cautious.

The strongest martial practitioners they possessed were only at the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm. They wouldn’t be able to control Lin Liang’er even if they possessed great numbers.

Qin Lie continued to observe the situation for a little while.

He noticed that those people seemed powerless even when they were trying to deal with the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos were alternating constantly between tangible and intangible forms while travelling at tremendous speed.

The big flying spirit artifacts might be fast enough to keep up with the Spirits of Void and Chaos, but they weren’t agile enough to move about freely in the valleys of the mountain range.

The small flying spirit artifacts were more agile, but those, however, lacked speed.

Without a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner who could travel freely in the sky, they couldn’t really pose as a real obstacle to the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

Qin Lie was going to aid the Spirits of Void and Chaos, but when he saw that neither the Ice Phoenix Lin Liang’er nor the six little fellows needed his help to fight against the two groups of martial practitioners, he decided to refrain from interfering.

He slowly drove his crystalline war chariot closer to the site.

“Who are you, kid?” a martial practitioner from Jewel Flame Manor shouted.

“I’m just passing by and having a look, that’s all.” Qin Lie smiled calmly before he swept past them suddenly at great speed. He arrived at the sky where several spatial rifts were obviously gaping and closing.

The Jewel Flame Manor martial practitioners who wanted to stop him hastily stopped themselves with slightly changed expressions when they noticed that he was charging towards the spatial rifts.

The place where Qin Lie was at right now would occasionally be visited by exploding rock bits, giant rocks and sudden spatial rifts.

Both forces have had their big flying spirit artifacts shattered and dozens of men killed at that location before.

That was why none of them dared to court death by flying over there themselves.


A giant rock exploded, and a stone the size of a human head rolled out of a spatial rift.

Qin Lie hastily adjusted the direction the crystalline war chariot was heading in.

The war chariot swam left and right like a fish in a sea as he agilely slipped past that flying rock.

He got closer and closer to the spatial rifts.

A violent, twisting energy slipped out of a cross-shaped spatial rift, causing Qin Lie to instinctively sense danger. He hastily moved far, far out of the way.

A giant rock that had been enveloped by the gray streams of wind exploded as crackling noises resounded from inside the rift.


The gray streams exploded exploded and sent rocks flying all over the place. The terrifying shock wave caused the cross-shaped spatial rift to be enlarged massively, turning it into a huge dark mouth threatening to swallow the whole world.

While driving the crystalline war chariot away in a sudden burst, Qin Lie created a wisp of lightning consciousness and attempted to probe around the cross-shaped spatial rift.

Suddenly, a tiny and almost indiscernible consciousness was transmitted intermittently from the cross-shaped spatial rift.

Qin Lie didn’t understand why, but he was terrified of that terribly weak consciousness for some reason.


The Soul Suppressing Orb hidden beneath his glabella suddenly broke out of his skin and glowed with dark, dim light.

The light transformed into a passage that seemed wanting to withdraw the lightning consciousness Qin Lie had just released earlier.

At the same time, the lightning consciousness Qin Lie had sent into the cross-shaped spatial rift was suddenly clutched by an invisible hand.

An eerie, cold will expanded swiftly and grew stronger and stronger!

The will seemed to come from a mysterious place outside of Spirit Realm, and it had locked onto his location accurately through his soul.

A will of absolute evil seemed to be racing towards his direction from the depths of the outer realm.


The cross-shaped spatial rift starting expanding at a visible rate.

Qin Lie’s soul was practically a bright light in the dark to that evil will behind that spatial rift. Qin Lie lit up a path that led him straight towards Spirit Realm.

The evil will locked onto Qin Lie’s soul firmly!

Qin Lie turned pale in terror.

Without thinking, he withdrew his consciousness immediately, and saw the dark light discharged by the Soul Suppressing Orb wrapping around his soul and pulling it back in an instant.

The wisp of soul consciousness returned to his head.

Then, a terrible sense of fear spread throughout his soul and caused him to feel chills all over his body.

He watched as the cross-shaped spatial rift grew bigger and bigger like the torn hole of a bag.

Inside the void, he could see countless giant rocks that were extremely far away from him suddenly explode into smithereens.

It was as if a terrifying existence was swiftly paving its way to where he was.

Every giant rock that was in its way was instantly crushed into bits.

“Come back! Come back now if you don’t want to die!”

He retreated immediately on his crystalline war chariot and sent a message to the six Spirits of Void and Chaos with his soul consciousness.

As of that moment, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos were still flying up and down in search for strange crystals that could aid them in achieving a speedy evolution.

They looked dazed and hesitant for a brief moment when they heard Qin Lie’s message from the depths of their soul. In the end, they forcefully suppressed their desires and returned to him as six rays of light.

“Lin Liang’er! Let’s go! Let’s go right now!” Qin Lie shouted at the Ice Phoenix.

The Ice Phoenix was also flying everywhere in search for strange crystals of frost attribute, and she couldn’t help but frown when she heard his calls. “What’s wrong? These humans can’t threaten me, so I can collect all these frost attribute crystals without worry. I’m telling you, these crystals are even more outstanding than the ones beneath Frost Island!”

“Stay here then, if you want to die that is.” Qin Lie snorted coldly and started wildly pouring spirit energy into the crystalline war chariot.

The crystalline war chariot beneath him began flying towards the direction of Moon Worshipping Valley at top speed.

Lin Liang’er’s expression finally changed.

She had interacted with Qin Lie for some time, and she knew that Qin Lie was absolutely not a cowardly or careless person.

Qin Lie’s sudden and abnormal reaction struck worry in her heart, and she finally noticed that a terrifying danger would soon befall them.

“I’m coming over right now!” She quickly reacted and flew towards Qin Lie at top speed.

“The lot of you had best evacuate as far away as you can! Also, notify the Terminator Sect that a terrible thing is about to descend onto Spirit Realm right away. Tell them to send their experts over immediately!” Qin Lie threw behind these words in extreme seriousness when his crystalline war chariot passed by the Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor martial practitioners. Then, he met up with Lin Liang’er and flew away without ever looking back.

The Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor martial practitioners simply gave him odd looks. It was obvious that none of them paid his advice any attention at all.

“What is that thing you mentioned?” Lin Liang’er hastily asked.

“I haven’t seen it. I only felt an eerie, cold, and terrifying will that stifled my breath,” Qin Lie said solemnly.

Lin Liang’er turned slightly pale. “How powerful is it?”

“It’s stronger than the three guys who tried to kill you at the Ruined Lands combined! That presence also had an indescribable scent to it. I dare say that that thing that’s coming over right now isn’t a human being!” Qin Lie said seriously.

Lin Liang’er was shocked.

Ignoring everything that was happening behind his back, Qin Lie pushed the crystalline war chariot to top speed and flew all the way back to Moon Worshipping Valley.

“Everyone, follow me to Moon Worshipping City right now!” Qin Lie exclaimed from inside the crystalline war chariot.

He didn’t lower his crystalline war chariot to the ground and simply stopped it in midair. This time, Lin Liang’er didn’t separate her soul from her body to slip into the Soul Suppressing Orb. She simply stood beside Qin Lie.

Inside the valley, Yue Ji, Shui Ji, Ye Ji and many other women noticed Lin Liang’er immediately the moment they looked up. They actually missed the anxiety in his tone because of it.

“D-did your wife come back to life?” Shui Ji covered her mouth and exclaimed.

Every Moon Worshipping Valley female looked surprised and pleased. They were all staring at Lin Liang’er with a look of astonishment.

“Wife…” Lin Liang’er looked startled.

“A terrible change had befallen Prism Continent. An evil race from the outer space is descending unto this place, and we must notify Terminator Sect immediately. If you wish to live then let us move right now!” Qin Lie said heavily.

“Ah!” Yue Ji and the others finally regained their wits.

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