Chapter 721: Snatching Food

Chapter 721: Snatching Food

“Boom boom boom!”

Dull explosions accompanied by shocking noise and energy erupted from inside the colorful clouds. Flames, rocks, icicles and metal were constantly flying out of the clouds.

There were a lot of flying spirit artifacts, flying carriages, war chariots, and spirit birds that were flying about seemingly in search of something.

On the mountains’ surface, there were places constantly exploding. Some of the mountains straight up exploded after a falling foreign object from the sky crushed them.

“It’s the flag of Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor!”

When they got closer to the groups, Qin Lie concentrated and discovered that the flags on the big flying spirit artifacts hovering in midair obviously belonged to the Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor.

What surprised him even more was the fact that Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor were arguing so heatedly that they looked like they would break out in war at any moment.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh! Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos interrupted the scene at this precise moment and charged towards the mountain ranges on the ground...

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