Chapter 720: Returning What Rightfully Belongs

Chapter 720: Returning What Rightfully Belongs

Qin Lie chased after the Spirits of Void and Chaos on his crystalline war chariot, getting further and further away from Moon Worshipping Valley.

Lin Liang’er who was sitting at a corner of the crystalline war chariot had her eyes change into a silvery white color that permeated with icy, translucent light.

Wisps of white, icy mist slowly spread out from her body and enveloped the crystalline war chariot.

A thin layer of ice covered the chariot’s body.

Qin Lie frowned a little. His eyes changed too as frost concept surrounded his body too.

The frost concept slowly filled up his body.

“I will return what was rightfully yours!” Lin Liang’er’s face sparkled with icy light.

A tiny clump of frost stream gradually grew clearer deep behind her silver white pupils.

All of a sudden, the icy light condensed into a ball of frost nebula and flew out of Lin Liang’er’s pupils. The transformed frost stream projected a Frost Concept Diagram that sparkled with...

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