Chapter 719: Two Letters

Chapter 719: Two Letters 

Dong Wanzhai and the experts of Moon Worshipping Palace rushed towards Moon Worshipping Valley overnight, finally arriving at their destination when the dawn broke.

The second he entered the valley, he immediately saw that Qin Lie’s exposed arm, neck and even his face were marred by obvious scratch marks.

Dong Wanzhai’s heart sank.

Through the letter Hong Bowen had personally written himself, Dong Wanzhai realized that Qin Lie was an important figure in Blood Fiend Sect. Hong Bowen had specifically told him to take good care of Qin Lie.

Hong Bowen was one of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders and a representative of Blood Fiend Sect. Although Blood Fiend Sect was no longer as prominent as they were before, they still were an ancient Silver rank force.

Moreover, Dong Wanzhai heard that Blood Fiend Sect and Terminator Sect shared quite a good relationship with each other.

Moon Worshipping Palace was just a Copper rank force under Terminator Sect. He had no doubts that Moon Worshipping Palace would be suppressed by Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor, causing their status on Prism Continent to plummet worse position on Prism Continent were they to provoke Blood Fiend Sect’s ire.

This was absolutely not a sight that Dong Wanzhai wished to see.

“Brother Yao, I’ve come to personally apologize to you,” Dong Wanzhai went over and greeted Qin Lie first. Then, he turned to look at Yue Ji with a darkened expression and immediately scolded her, “What on earth are you girls doing? I’ve sent you a message two hours ago that you had made a mistake, so why are there still injuries on Brother Yao’s body?”

Yue Ji and the rest of the women tried to make their explanation in a hurry.

Dong Wanzhai snorted coldly and waved them off, forbidding them from saying anything. Then, he made a promise to Qin Lie, “Please be at ease, Brother Yao. This matter is Yue Ji’s responsibility. I won’t forgive them, and I’ll definitely give you a proper account later!”

While saying this, he passed over two spatial rings to Qin Lie personally and explained, “These were delivered from the Setting Sun Islands along with the goods. Elder Hong told to pass them to you personally.”

While doing this, Dong Wanzhai put on a smiling face and told Liu Yan and the other experts behind him, “Bring over the best healing pills from the palace so that Brother Yao may recover as soon as possible!”

Liu Yan and the others hastily began to rummage through their spatial rings.

Yue Ji, Ye Ji, and Shui Ji felt bitter on the inside when they saw Dong Wanzhai’s attitude.

They knew very well that Dong Wanzhai would certainly sacrifice and punish them to earn Qin Lie’s mercy had they not reconciled with Qin Lie beforehand.

They’ve been also rudely awakened to the fact that they were just the masters of ceremony to Moon Worshipping Palace. They held no real status whatsoever.

Perhaps Dong Wanzhai really did suspect Qin Lie’s identity earlier, which was why he willing to give him to them so they could pry out the truth from Qin Lie’s mouth.

But now that the situation had turned south, Dong Wanzhai immediately got ready to abandon them as cleanly as he possibly could. He made it obvious that he never thought much about them.

This made every one of them sad.

They couldn’t help but look at Qin Lie with worry. They were worried that Qin Lie might go back on his promise.

Qin Lie smiled coolly before their glistening eyes and said, “You are overthinking things, Palace Master Dong. Not only have they done nothing to me, they even gave me some great help. They helped me… achieve a breakthrough in my cultivation. So why would I ever think to reproach them when I actually owe them my gratitude instead?”

The moment he said this, Dong Wanzhai, Liu Yan and everyone else were stunned and puzzled.

They alternated glances between Qin Lie and Yue Ji’s group, and the meaning behind their eyes slowly turned strange.

Liu Yan and the other raised their heads slightly as if they suddenly understood something.

“Haha, I see, I see,” A brief moment of daze later, Liu Yan suddenly laughed with dubious eyes, “As long as you get along then it’s all good; very good.”

Dong Wanzhai also came to realization and drew an obvious odd smile on his face.

They all thought that Yue Ji, Ye Ji, and Shui Ji hadn’t tortured Qin Lie immediately after they took him to Moon Worshipping Valley. They thought that these… thirsty women had fulfilled some of their long neglected needs through the young man that was Qin Lie.

While they were satisfying themselves, they probably enchanted Qin Lie so much that he was actually pleased by his supposed predicament.

When Yue Ji, Ye Ji, and Shui Ji saw the dubious looks in everyone’s eyes, they all guessed what these people were thinking and found it harder and harder to maintain a natural expression. This made Liu Yan and the others grew more and more certain that what they thought was the truth.

“Ahem, since Yue Ji and the other girls hadn’t hurt you, then…” Dong Wanzhai let out some dry laugh and asked, “You won’t pursue the matter, will you?”

“Of course not.” Qin Lie shrugged.

Dong Wanzhai let out a sigh of relief. Then, an odd gleam flashed across his eyes as he asked in a sudden, “Brother Yao, about the Blazing Profound Bombs… we would like to buy more of them. What do you think?”

“I believe that Blood Fiend Sect wouldn’t have any problems trading them for the right sum of spirit stones.” Qin Lie rubbed the two spatial rings and investigated the contents inside.

One of the spatial ring came from Song Siyuan. It contained a letter and a lot of spirit materials of the six attributes. They were specifically prepared to feed the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The other spatial ring had been prepared by Tang Siqi specifically for him. It contained thirty-five Blazing Profound Bombs, and among them, five were marked with obvious sign of deadly poison.

Besides that, Tang Siqi had also sent him a spirit armor she specifically forged for him. Judging from its appearance and materials, it was probably of great quality.

Qin Lie didn’t read the two letters immediately. He looked through everything that was inside the spatial rings and exchanged pleasantries with Dong Wanzhai for a while.

Dong Wanzhai was extremely satisfied with the outcome of this trip.

In the end, Qin Lie turned down his invitation and said that he was ready to spend a few more days in Moon Worshipping Valley. His finally set him and his subordinates at complete ease.

Dong Wanzhai and his men left happily.

Qin Lie only read through the content of the two letters carefully after they had left.

In the letter, Song Tingyu boldly informed him how much she missed him and explained the current situation of Flaming Sun Island. She told him that Flaming Sun Island was growing every day because the Blazing Profound Bombs refined by Gray Island had helped them accumulate quite the sum of wealth.

On the side of Blood Island, the Blood Spear martial practitioners were swiftly growing in strength under Lang Xie’s leadership. They had cooperated with Gold Sun Island and Blood Fiend Sect to sweep through some of the surrounding forces. Their strengths were growing steadily everyday too.

Her and Xie Jingxuan’s fathers had returned to the Scarlet Tide Continent once they found the power they needed from the ancient elite remains. They were preparing to enter seclusion and ascend to Nirvana Realm.

She herself was improving at a tremendous rate using the cultivation spirit materials hoarded by Gray Island after she had ascended to the Fulfillment Realm.

Later on, Song Tingyu asked him on how he was doing at the end of her letter, and where was he operating during the past year.

Tang Siqi’s letter was a little reserved. After expressing her longing for him in a subtle way, she began talking about some of the stuff that had happened on Gray Island. She talked about making a new breakthrough in the research of the ancient diagrams.

She told him that the current Gray Island had completely exceeded the former Armament Sect, and that they were achieving greater progress in the attainment of artifact forging.

After he was done reading through the two letters, Qin Lie gave Yue Ji a notice before staying temporarily at a stone tower in Moon Worshipping Palace.

A few days later.

Recovered, Qin Lie felt like talking a little with the Ice Phoenix. But since Moon Worshipping Valley wasn’t a convenient for the discussion, he gave out a random excuse and flew away from Moon Worshipping Valley.

After driving the crystalline war chariot until he was several hundred kilometers away from Moon Worshipping Valley, he placed the Demon Sealing Tombstone at a faraway location before releasing the Ice Phoenix’s soul from her containment.

The Ice Phoenix’s soul returned to her true body.

“How is it? How much longer until you fully recover?” Qin Lie asked.

Lin Liang’er frowned and probed her soul for a while before saying indifferently, “I should be fine in another two to three months time. I’ll leave on my own when the time comes.”

“Good,” Qin Lie nodded.

After that, Qin Lie asked her the secrets of the Heaven Fighting Race and the many strange events of ancient times.

In return for the favor she owed him, Lin Liang’er told him every word her mother spoke when she was telling her little stories.

“The Galaxy Battlefield is at the edge of Spirit Realm. It is formed by many tiny stars, and it is infinitely vast.”

“It is rumored that after the Heaven Fighting Race had fought to the death against united races, in order to ensure the continuity of their race and to preserve their own strength, they chose to flee to Galaxy Battlefield.”

“Later on, the Heaven Fighting Race slowly vanished without a trace. They seemed to have gone to a far, far away place within the Galaxy Battlefield.”

“The Ice Emperor had once took my mom to explore the Galaxy Battlefield. Over there, he encountered many ancient experts of other races and fought several great battles. Unfortunately, he never encountered a member of the Heaven Fighting Race.”

“Later on, I learned from the first voodoo creature that the Galaxy Battlefield had become the place of contention of many powerful races. There were plenty of human Gold rank forces on Spirit Realm and other powerful races who would enter the Galaxy Battlefield from time to time in search for those unusual spirit materials that can’t grow in Spirit Realm and those super rare crystals in order to monopolize them.”

“Inside the Galaxy Battlefield, there are plenty of shattered stars near Spirit Realm that became bases of many powerful races.”

“It is said that there is a bigger world and even more races operating beyond the Galaxy Battlefield.”

“Those races call the Spirit Realm we’re in all kinds of names such as the Heaven Realm, Spirit Realm, Saint Realm, Divine Realm and so on. In their eyes, the world beneath our feet is the center of this infinite universe, and that only the most powerful living race had the right to enter and rule this main world!”

“It is also rumored that the Heaven Fighting Race was a race that came from the Galaxy Battlefield before they dominated Spirit Realm.”

“There are plenty of legends about the Galaxy Battlefield. The most common one is that the environment there is extremely terrible. Not even a Nirvana Realm martial practitioner can roam the Galaxy Battlefield without risking running into all sorts of unpredictable dangers, let alone someone at your level.”

Lin Liang’er was holding a piece of ice crystal and absorbing the power of absolute frost inside it. She explained what she knew about the Galaxy Battlefield to Qin Lie.

Qin Lie listened in silence.

A while later, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb of their own accord.

Unlike before, the little fellows hadn’t asked for food immediately after they got out. Instead, they sensed about for a bit before flying toward a faraway distance.

A moment of surprise later, Qin Lie hastily told the Ice Phoenix to return, “Come back first.”

“I’m fine. I’ve recovered by quite a bit, and I feel like getting a breath of fresh air too.” Lin Liang’er got up and urged him to follow the little fellows and see what was going on.

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