Chapter 719: Two Letters

Chapter 719: Two Letters 

Dong Wanzhai and the experts of Moon Worshipping Palace rushed towards Moon Worshipping Valley overnight, finally arriving at their destination when the dawn broke.

The second he entered the valley, he immediately saw that Qin Lie’s exposed arm, neck and even his face were marred by obvious scratch marks.

Dong Wanzhai’s heart sank.

Through the letter Hong Bowen had personally written himself, Dong Wanzhai realized that Qin Lie was an important figure in Blood Fiend Sect. Hong Bowen had specifically told him to take good care of Qin Lie.

Hong Bowen was one of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders and a representative of Blood Fiend Sect. Although Blood Fiend Sect was no longer as prominent as they were before, they still were an ancient Silver rank force.

Moreover, Dong Wanzhai heard that Blood Fiend Sect and Terminator Sect shared quite a good relationship with each other.

Moon Worshipping Palace was just a Copper rank force under Terminator Sect. He had no doubts that Moon Worshipping Palace would be suppressed by Heaven Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor, causing their status on Prism Continent to plummet worse position on Prism Continent were they to provoke Blood Fiend Sect’s ire...

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