Chapter 718: Conciliation

Chapter 718: Conciliation

Moon Worshipping Valley.

Yue Ji, Ye Ji, Shui Ji and the rest of the females of Moon Worshipping Palace had gotten off the altar long time ago.

Despite consuming the Soul Nurturing Pill that could treat the soul, soothe the mind and nurture the blood, they still looked rather tired. They sat next to the lake inside the valley and began circulating moon energy to recover slowly.

Qin Lie had changed to a new set of gray robes. His neck and arms were covered in scratch marks. He was currently leaning against a stone pillar and frowning, submerged in deep thought.

He replayed the two scenes he saw earlier in his hand again and again.

The first scene was regarding the girl who spoke behind his back after he returned to Spirit Realm from the Galaxy Battlefield. Even the mere recollection of her made his heart flutter.

The second scene was the magnificent sight he saw from the top of a gigantic mountain. It was a scene of his home.

However, he still had no idea why he was brought to Ling Town, why he had lost his previous memories, who his parents were and what the placed he used to live in was called.

But there was one thing certain—his past was extraordinary.

The place he used to live in had magnificent palace complexes, huge flying spirit artifacts that were tens of thousands meters long, and experts whose physical bodies sat on Soul Altars. All of them proved just how wealthy his family used to be.

“The walls around my memories can be torn down. As long as I grow stronger in the future, I will be able to break through this barrier even if I fail to find grandfather. I will be able to understand for real what truly happened in the past!”

After he was baptized by the moonlight attack, he grew even more determined knowing that his future wouldn’t remain vague forever.

The improvement of his realm, the strength of his soul, and the ascension of his bloodline would all improve his strength bit by bit. It would aid him in getting a clearer glimpse of his past.

Atop the altar, Qin Lie swiftly regained his cool and took out some dried meat from his spatial ring. He began eating it to regain his strength.

After he was done observing his entire body with his soul consciousness in detail, he discovered that his soul wasn’t damaged even though a crack had appeared in the walls around his memories due the Moon Worshipping Palace’s secret art executed by Yue Ji, Ye Ji and Shui Ji.

The scratch marks on his body were all caused by himself. Right now, these scratch wounds felt numb and painful, so they too needed some time to recover slowly.

“It’s time to head to Terminator Sect,” he thought to himself.

Yue Ji, who was refining the pills inside her body suddenly sensed something and pressed a hand at the jade token engraved with the mark of a crescent around her waist.

She probed it with her mind.

She instantly received a message that was sent from Moonstone City through the jade token.

Her expression suddenly looked pained.

“What is it, Elder Sister?” Ye Ji asked softly when she noticed change in her expression.

Yue Ji turned back to look at Qin Lie before sighing softly. “We can be sure now that we were mistaken.”

“Did they send us a message?” Shui Ji also asked.

Yue Ji nodded, “The Blood Fiend Sect of the Setting Sun Islands had sent us fifteen Blazing Profound Bombs in total. Moreover, Hong Bowen of Blood Fiend Ten Elders had personally written a letter and informed the palace master that Yao Tian is to be treated well. This Yao Tian… must be an important figure at Blood Fiend Sect of the Setting Sun islands, else there would be no way his name could’ve won Hong Bowen’s attention, much less allow us to trade for fifteen Blazing Profound Bombs from Blood Fiend Sect.”

The moment she said this, Ye Ji, Shui Ji and the rest of the Moon Worshipping Palace women turned slightly pale.

“The palace master and everyone have come over personally to apologize to Yao Tian,” Yue Ji added.

The girls looked more and more terrified.

“What are we going to do?” Ye Ji was so disturbed by the news that she couldn’t even focus on nursing her mind any longer. She immediately stood up and paced back and forth anxiously, “Yao Tian’s body is obviously in scratch marks. How… how are we going to explain his appearance to the palace master?”

They looked at Qin Lie and noticed that his exposed arms and neck were covered in wounds even though he had changed into a new set of gray robes.

Qin Lie also looked obviously listless. If anyone saw this, they would have no doubt that he had been tortured.

“We should win his forgiveness before the palace master shows up. It won’t be as bad if we succeed,” Yue Ji sighed helplessly and stood up. She went back to the altar.

Ye Ji and Shui Ji were also following behind her quietly.

“Yao Tian, Moon Worshipping Palace has given us confirmation that your identity is perfectly fine.” Yue Ji squeezed out an awkward smile. “Our palace master will arrive very soon to express his apology. As for us… we won’t deny that our treatment of you has been a little abrupt. We hope that you can understand our reasons and not pursue the matter.”

“Yao Tian, it is true that we’ve made a mistake. Please don’t tell the palace master to punish us on behalf of the wounds we suffered to help you break through your memory barrier,” Ye Ji also begged.

The rest of the Moon Worshipping Palace girls were also putting on pitiful appearances and begging him for his understanding.

Qin Lie frowned and allowed his gaze to swim across their bodies. He didn’t answer them immediately.

This caused the girls to become anxious.

In reality, their position in Moon Worshipping Palace wasn’t all that high. They were only responsible for offering sacrifices to the moon, so they could be replaced at any moment.

Even Yue Ji, Ye Ji, and Shui Ji weren’t irreplaceable.

As of that moment, they knew that Qin Lie held an extraordinarily high post in Blood Fiend Sect, else Dong Wanzhai wouldn’t have brought all the important people in the palace and hurry to their location overnight.

The more they thought, the more anxious they felt. They were all afraid that Dong Wanzhai would use them as scapegoats in order to win his forgiveness.

“What do you want?” Ye Ji hesitated for a moment and cast a subconscious glance at the Ice Phoenix’s true body not far away at the altar. Then, she steeled her mind and gritted her teeth, “As long as it’s not an especially excessive demand, we, we can satisfy you however you want!”

Everyone in Moon Worshipping Palace grew paler and paler when they heard this.

None of them felt any good will towards Qin Lie. They all thought that he had a strange hobby and was a twisted person on the inside.

Everyone turned to look at the Ice Phoenix’s body when they heard Ye Ji’s words.

“What are you saying, Ye Ji?” Yue Ji snorted coldly.

“Elder Sister, he… obviously has some sort of ‘special’ hobby. Maybe, maybe we can escape punishment from the palace master if we satisfy him,” Ye Ji lowered her head and said in a small voice.

“Come at me if you have any special needs!” Shui Ji pursed her lips and looked ready to sacrifice herself.

Qin Lie was stunned.

A while later, he stared at these Moon Worshipping Palace women with indescribably odd eyes and said seriously, “I’m very normal, and I have no special hobbies whatsoever. She…”

He pointed at the ice Phoenix’s true body, hesitated for a second and said, “She’s my wife. Her soul has been severely wounded, and she had no choice but to enter a state of slumber. The reason I’m carrying her by my side at all times is to find a way to rescue her. She’s not dead!”

The moment he said this, every women in Moon Worshipping Palace underwent a complete change in attitude.

“So she’s your wife. We’re sorry for misunderstanding you.”

“Your wife isn’t giving out any soul energy, and yet you’re still carrying her with you all the time and attempting to revive her. How shocking!”

“I think we were all mistaken.”

If previously the women in Moon Worshipping Palace thought that Qin Lie was an incredibly twisted bastard, then they now thought of him as incredibly faithful and affectionate person.

The change of perspective caused them to feel increasingly ashamed. They began to realize just how rash they had acted to the point that they had almost committed a grave mistake.

“The responsibility of this matter is all on us. We will accept our punishment even if you wish to pursue this matter further!” Yue Ji expressed her attitude.

Qin Lie thought for a moment,”I hope that you can help me and attack the memory barrier around my mind one more time after I recover!”

“But…” Yue Ji looked troubled. She was still feeling a sense of lingering fear from earlier. She was afraid that she wouldn’t be as lucky as the first time, and that she would be killed if she attempted the process again.

“Elder Sister, let’s just promise him… okay?” Ye Ji persuaded.

The rest of the women also did the same.

“Alright!” Yue Ji finally nodded with gritted teeth. “We’ll make another attempt once we’ve all recovered!”

“Alright, then I won’t ask Palace Master Dong to punish you. Don’t worry.” Qin Lie’s eyes also lit up.

For many years, he had attempted all kinds of methods to break the memory barrier, to no avail.

Being attacked with the ancient secret art of Moon Worshipping Sect was the first time the memory barrier had been visibly affected.. This secret art that used moonlight to break through the seal had enabled him to see two scenes of his past.

He believed that he would be able to see even more scenes as long as the process was repeated. Once he managed to string all the scenes together, he would definitely be able to make a coherent picture out of it and recall everything that had happened in the past.

That was why he needed their help.

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