Chapter 718: Conciliation

Chapter 718: Conciliation

Moon Worshipping Valley.

Yue Ji, Ye Ji, Shui Ji and the rest of the females of Moon Worshipping Palace had gotten off the altar long time ago.

Despite consuming the Soul Nurturing Pill that could treat the soul, soothe the mind and nurture the blood, they still looked rather tired. They sat next to the lake inside the valley and began circulating moon energy to recover slowly.

Qin Lie had changed to a new set of gray robes. His neck and arms were covered in scratch marks. He was currently leaning against a stone pillar and frowning, submerged in deep thought.

He replayed the two scenes he saw earlier in his hand again and again.

The first scene was regarding the girl who spoke behind his back after he returned to Spirit Realm from the Galaxy Battlefield. Even the mere recollection of her made his heart flutter.

The second scene was the magnificent sight he saw from the top of a gigantic mountain. It was a scene of his home.

However, he still...

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