Chapter 717: A Flash of Memory

Chapter 717: A Flash of Memory

This was all of that sealed memory.

In the mountain valley, the females of Moon Worshipping Palace surrounded the altar with Qin Lie at its center. They gathered their power and guided moonlight to attack Qin Lie’s memory barrier and tear a crack.

Qin Lie’s head split in pain as he rolled on the ground and howled.

As he howled, scenes started to appear from the depths of his memory.

In a flash, he walked out of the enormous whirlpool in the gray void that seemed to be a passage that connected the earth and the sky.

He stood on the peak of a mountain tens of thousands of meters high.

This mountain peak pierced the clouds. The white clouds were at the middle of the mountain, causing it to look like a pillar connecting heaven and earth.

The enormous spatial whirlpool spun above the mountain peak. After he came out, he stared into the distance.

Palaces hundreds of meters tall stood tall and stretched out over the endless land. They looked like an endless mountain range stretching towards...

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