Chapter 717: A Flash of Memory

Chapter 717: A Flash of Memory

This was all of that sealed memory.

In the mountain valley, the females of Moon Worshipping Palace surrounded the altar with Qin Lie at its center. They gathered their power and guided moonlight to attack Qin Lie’s memory barrier and tear a crack.

Qin Lie’s head split in pain as he rolled on the ground and howled.

As he howled, scenes started to appear from the depths of his memory.

In a flash, he walked out of the enormous whirlpool in the gray void that seemed to be a passage that connected the earth and the sky.

He stood on the peak of a mountain tens of thousands of meters high.

This mountain peak pierced the clouds. The white clouds were at the middle of the mountain, causing it to look like a pillar connecting heaven and earth.

The enormous spatial whirlpool spun above the mountain peak. After he came out, he stared into the distance.

Palaces hundreds of meters tall stood tall and stretched out over the endless land. They looked like an endless mountain range stretching towards the sky.

Looking from the soaring enormous peak Qin Lie was on, one would find that there were enormous flying spirit artifacts almost ten thousand meters long flying across the sky above the palaces.

If one focused, they would see many martial practitioners going in and out of the palaces.

Some of the palaces’ martial practitioners simply stood on stone pedestals gazing at the sky, as if they were trying contemplating.

Occasionally, some domineering martial practitioners would streak across the sky on their Soul Altars.

Many enormous beasts and birds were being ridden by children that laughed and played in the air.

Qin Lie suddenly felt a great longing as he looked at the vast peaks, endless land, and spectacular and mysterious scenes.

He could feel that this world he was looking at was his home.

“Young Master, welcome back from the Galaxy Battlefield!” shouted a nearly hundred meters tall giant that seemed to be made of golden liquid. He shone with golden light under the sunlight, his naked upper body firmly muscled. His head was bent as he knelt on one knee at the mountain peak like a crawling golden beast. He said, “Master is waiting for you.”

Qin Lie turned around and saw there were dozens of golden giants kneeling and waiting on the mountain peak with bowed heads.

There was a nine-headed snake almost a thousand meters long among the enormous golden giants. Its skin had an exquisite natural pattern. Its nine giant heads moved constantly, the watermelon-sized eyes showing joyful light as they looked at him.

He laughed and flew to land on the largest head of the nine-headed giant snake. He howled, and the nine-headed giant snake moved like a cloud towards the largest palace.

The dozens of golden giants turned into golden arcs of light that followed the nine-headed giant snake.

Qin Lie couldn’t help but howl as his head hurt. The scene in his head suddenly disappeared.

A terrifying ripple suddenly erupted from inside his memory barrier. A world-destroying dominant resolve formed a suffocating twister that swept towards every corner of his consciousness.


Under the terrifying ripple, the crescent moon hanging in his sea of consciousness immediately shattered.

The crack that let him peer into his deeply hidden memories was quickly blocked and reinforced.


Yue Ji, Ye Ji, Shui Ji and the martial practitioners of Moon Worshipping Palace on the altar spat out blood.

The crimson blood dyed the front of their silver robes red. Their bright eyes suddenly became dim.

Their rosy faces became ashen and seemed weak.

Qin Lie opened his eyes and looked at Yue Ji and the others. He hesitated and said, “Can you continue?”

Yue Ji hurriedly shook her head and said, “We will not continue!”

Her eyes were filled with deep terror.

With the secret art of Moon Worshipping Palace and joint power of her sisters, she tried to destroy the memory barrier and peek into Qin Lie’s past.

As a result, Qin Lie’s memory barrier seemed to have a corner torn out.

Yet when she let her own consciousness gradually permeate into the crack to investigate, she suddenly felt a terrifying and dominant resolve.

That twister made from resolve almost tore her soul apart. If she hadn’t retreated in time, she, Ye Ji, Shui Ji, and the other sisters would have had their souls torn to pieces, not even a trace of them left in the world.

Even so, her soul still suffered considerable damage. She wouldn’t be able to recover in a short time.

“Why is it like this?” Qin Lie murmured.

“The person who sealed your memories is terrifying. Just the resolve he left behind is enough to extinguish all of our souls. We will not try,” Ye Ji said, shock evident in her tone.

The females of Moon Worshipping Palace looked at Qin Lie in shock.

At the same time, Gray Island.

Tang Siqi walked out of her seclusion room and found Mo Hai, Hong Bowen and Song Tingyu waiting for her. She realized that there must have been an important matter and immediately asked, “What is it?”

“This is a letter that came from Moon Worshipping Valley of Prism Continent. The writer says that he is Qin Lie, but we do not recognize his writing. I hope that you can confirm it.” Hong Bowen handed over the letter.

Tang Siqi received it. With just a glance, her body shook. “It is Qin Lie’s writing!”

Back at Armament Sect, Qin Lie had helped her forge smaller components under her guidance. The two had drawn spirit diagrams together, and knew each other’s strokes, emphasis and tiny details as well as their own.

She recognized Qin Lie’s writing with a glance.

“It really is Qin Lie!” Song Tingyu’s eyes lit up. She smiled and then said, “Elder Hong, wait a moment please. I need to return a letter, and prepare some things. I will go send them with you.”

“Cough cough! Siqi, don’t you have something to say to Qin Lie?” Mo Hai reminded.

Tang Siqi quickly reacted. Her face flushed slightly and she said to Hong Bowen. “I also need to send a letter. Elder Hong, please wait a while for me.”

“Minor matter, minor matter.” Hong Bowen chuckled.

The two females hurriedly left.

Fifteen minutes later, the two came back simultaneously. Song Tingyu handed over a spatial ring and said, “There is a letter and some materials of six attributes, he will have use for them.”

Tang Siqi handed over a spatial ring as well. “Please give this to Qin Lie for me.”

Hong Bowen looked at the two females, smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I guarantee they will reach Qin Lie.”

Hong Bowen left Gray Island and a while later, he arrived next to the large item teleportation formation. He thought for a moment and also wrote a letter. He left a mark unique to Blood Fiend Sect on top and then ordered, “Prepare fifteen Blazing Profound Bombs. Send them with this letter and these two spatial rings to Moon Worshipping Palace at Moonstone City!”

“Fifteen Blazing Profound Bombs? Elder, the spirit stones that Moon Worshipping Palace has sent are only enough for ten Blazing Profound Bombs! Also, the supply of Blazing Profound Bombs can’t keep up with the demand, we …” the person reminded.

Hong Bowen interrupted him and said impatiently, “Do as I say!”

This person’s expression became stern and he hurriedly complied. He put the fifteen Blazing Profound Bombs, the letter Hong Bowen wrote, and the two spatial rings onto the item teleportation formation under Hong Bowen’s supervision and then sent them.

Moon Worshipping Palace at Moonstone City.

Inside a secret room with a small teleportation formation, Dong Wanzhai and the higher ups of Moon Worshipping Palace had left long ago. They only left three Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners standing guard.

Narrowing their eyes, the three looked at the teleportation and sighed.

“Three hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones, gone in an instant. Ah, I wonder what Palace Master thinks?”

“Our Moon Worshiping Palace is weaker than Heavenly Martial Association and Jewel Flame Manor. We had hoped that we could improve our standing slightly with the ten Blazing Profound Bombs and hadn’t expected, alas....”

“Doesn’t Blood Fiend Sect have a good reputation? What is going on this time? If they aren’t going to sell Blazing Profound Bombs, shouldn’t they return our spirit stones at least?”

“I heard that Yao Tian is from Jiang Zhuzhe’s faction. Jiang Zhuzhe’s faction has always been at odds with the Setting Sun Islands’ Blood Fiend Sect. They definitely discovered something!”

“It must be so. Damn that boy, he has really harmed us!”

“Don’t worry. Yue Ji took him. He probably won’t end up well.”

“Do you think that group of women would do something after taking that boy to the ceremonial mountain valley out of hunger? Haha!”

“Who knows? I feel it is likely!”

The three people got more and more perverse as they talked, letting out strange laughs as they lowered their voices.

At this time, a curtain of light wrapped around the teleportation formation. The space inside the formation trembled, and the curtain of light slowly dissipated.

The three stood up in shock. What entered their sight made them unable to keep calm.

“Blazing Profound Bombs, fifteen, fifteen of them!”

“They are really from the Setting Sun Islands!”

“Oh no! Yue Ji and the others were wrong!”

The three panicked and hurriedly left. They charged out at their fastest speed to report to Dong Wanzhai.

It was late in the night, Dong Wanzhai was cultivating. Hearing the noise outside, he walked out and said harshly, “What is that commotion?”

“Palace Master! Setting Sun Islands delivered fifteen Blazing Profound Bombs, a letter for you, and two spatial rings!” One person came forward and respectfully handed over the letter. He added, “Yue Ji and the others are most likely mistaken.”

Dong Wanzhai panicked. He looked at the letter Hong Bowen had written and shouted hurriedly, “Wake up Liu Hong, have him immediately message Yue Ji to bring Yao Tian back!”

“No, no!” Dong Wanzhai thought and shouted, “Tell Liu Hong to message Yue Ji and tell her to stop the interrogation immediately! I will personally go apologize to Yao Tian!”

“Also, wake up the people that had been in the secret room before. Have them accompany me to Moon Worshipping Mountain Valley!”

Dong Wanzhai shouted.

Moon Worshipping Palace immediately descended into chaos.

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