Chapter 716: Continue!

Chapter 716: Continue!

Qin Lie allowed the sphere of moonlight to hang high in his sea of consciousness and didn’t put up any resistance.

The clean moonlight was like curtains of silver light that rippled down. It seemed to melt the boundary that sealed his memories.

He only tried to protect his True Soul to prevent it from being wounded.

“There are actually sealed memories!” Yue Ji changed expression.

She exchanged glances with Ye Ji and Shui Ji. Their expressions turned grave. They suddenly realized that his young person called “Yao Tian” was hiding a great secret.

The three females became excited.

“Use all your power to break that seal!” Yue Ji shouted.

“Woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh!”

Six beams of moonlight fell once again from the moon like ribbons.

Ancient moon-shaped characters on the six ancient stone pillars seemed to slowly light up, ultimately releasing blinding moonlight.

“Whoo, whoo, whoo!”

Blue moon characters flew out of the moon pillars and landed on Qin Lie’s body, sticking to it like leaves.

The moon-shaped characters melted and disappeared when they touched Qin Lie’s body.

The moon in Qin Lie’s sea of consciousness grew even brighter and illuminated his sea of consciousness until it was as bright as day.

Even more mysterious moon power charged ferociously towards his sealed memories.

Qin Lie’s head felt as though it was splitting apart.

His hands hugging his head, he sat on the sacrificial altar with a twisted expression. His eyes shot out frightening bolts of lightning.

“He, he doesn’t seem like a pure member of Blood Fiend Sect. His Blood Spirit Art… is not the only spirit art he knows, and it isn’t even the primary one.” Yue Ji saw the hints and hurriedly urged, “Elder Sister, are we wrong? This boy’s aura clearly… isn’t quite right!”

“Elder Sister, it is strange, calm down!” Shui Ji said.

“Expose him to the prepared human blood!” Yue Ji ordered.

A female in a silver robe walked out of a stone tower in the mountain valley. She quickly ascended the altar and put an enormous bronze cauldron in front of Qin Lie.

In the cauldron there was fresh blood that came from human martial practitioners in the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm.

Qin Lie smelled rich blood spirit energy from the blood in the cauldron. He knew it contained abundant power.

However, he didn’t feel even a hint of desire to drink it.

“The members of Blood Fiend Sect under Jiang Zhuzhe are unable to control their inner desires when their soul power is used up or they are wounded. They would use blood to replenish their energy and heal their wounds.” Ye Ji’s expression gradually became stern. “According to the rumors, those people… are addicted to drinking blood and can rarely control themselves. Especially since this person is illuminated by the moonlight and his mental defenses are gone.”

Shui Ji agreed, “Elder Sister, maybe we were wrong.”

On the sacrificial altar, the females of Moon Worshipping Palace had puzzled expressions. They could see that something wasn’t right.

Yue Ji herself was hesitating as well.

She knew what was strange about Jiang Zhuzhe’s branch and that those people could not resist the temptation of fresh human blood. She knew that those people would lose their mental defenses when they were wounded and would desperately want to drink human blood to recover.

That was an irresistible desire to them.

At this moment, Qin Lie’s mind had been completely penetrated by the moon energy sphere.. His body had been washed by the moonlight. If he really was a martial practitioner from Jiang Zhuzhe’s branch, he would be unable to control himself and would drink the human blood.

But Qin Lie did not do this.

Even after his mind had been assaulted with moonlight, he only held his head with a twisted expression. He was in such pain he almost rolled around but he didn’t even look at the human blood in that large cauldron.

Yue Ji bit her lips and continued to observe. Dozens of seconds later, she also agreed.

She realized that she might have been mistaken.

She immediately prepared to amend her mistake. She hurriedly said, “Yao Tian, I think we were wrong. You have passed the test and was not lured by blood. You should not be from Jiang Zhuzhe’s branch.”

“Do not worry. We will take the power back right now and will make it up to you!”

“Calm down and give us some time. We will immediately retract the moon power that we have put into your sea of consciousness!”

As Yue Ji spoke, she motioned with her hand to Ye Ji and Shui Ji for them to slowly draw back the power.

The three females prepared to cancel the technique.

“Don’t!” Qin Lie’s expression changed as he panted furiously. He shouted, “I’m not connected to Jiang Zhuzhe, but since you want to make it up to me, then… help me and continue! I know that you can also feel the barriers on my memories. Help me make an opening, a crack, let me see my past!”

“Ah?” the three females shouted in shock.

They looked with confused eyes at Qin Lie. They paused what they were doing.

“You didn’t form those memory barriers to stop us from looking?” Ye Ji’s mouth was open, each teeth like snowy jade, as she exclaimed.

“You didn’t seal them with your own power?” Shui Ji was also astounded.

Yue Ji was silent for a moment and gradually understood. “You mean that your memories… have always been sealed? You don’t know your past?”

“That’s why I’m asking you to help me!” Qin Lie shouted.

The three females glanced at one another.

By now, they were almost certain that Qin Lie had no connection to Jiang Zhuzhe. They no longer felt any murderous intent towards Qin Lie.

However, using the moon power to forcibly break a memory barrier was not an easy matter.

That would expend their power, the power of the sacrificial altar, the power of those females assisting and the moon power…

All these energies were of great value. After this matter had been settled, they would be exhausted and weak. As for the sacrificial altar… it won’t be usable for a short while. This would greatly displease Dong Wanzhai..

That’s why the hesitated.

“Since you started, you might as well finish! You owe me this, please help me!” Qin Lie shouted.

“Breaking the memory barrier may wound your soul. Are you sure?” Yue Ji asked sternly.

“Yes, I’m sure! I’m very sure!” Qin Lie’s expression was vicious. “I have tried repeatedly in the past years but never managed to make even a crack. Inside my sea of consciousness, the soul consciousnesses of other people are usually destroyed by my lightning and thunder. Up until now, nothing other than this moon you had formed had been capable of staying there without being eradicated by thunder and lightning. It might be effective against my memory barrier!!”

“Help me destroy the memory barrier, just make a small crack. I will not retaliate for your actions! Otherwise, I will ask Palace Master Dong to punish you. I will not let this slide!”

Yue Ji suddenly felt a headache coming on.

She hadn’t thought that the matter would progress to a point where both choices were difficult. She couldn’t have predicted that this boy she had mistakenly thought was from Jiang Zhuzhe’s faction had something so strange inside him.

Someone that had his memories sealed and concealed, what was his history?

She gradually became curious.

After thinking for a while, Yue Ji’s brow creased and she said, “Then as you wish!”

When she made the decision, the other females didn’t hesitate. They adjusted themselves under her orders and gathered more power.

Moonlight, the crescent-shaped ancient characters, pure spirit power. All of these energies gathered and flooded Qin Lie..

The moon floating inside Qin Lie’s head became even bigger and brighter. The light that it gave off was even more dazzling.

A heart-wrenching pain came from his mind as though it was being pierced by millions of needles. That kind of pain was something a human couldn’t tolerate.

Qin Lie rolled around on the ground like a wild beast that was about to die. He roared as he tore at his clothing and flesh. He stripped himself naked and scratched vicious bloody wounds on his body.

The females of Moon Worshipping Palace watched as he went mad and clawed himself naked.

A youthful, strong and masculine body appeared on the altar. Each muscle was defined, and the tendons under the muscles were clearly evident like earthworms. The body was filled with a powerful and masculine charisma.

The bloody scratches added a strong and savage aura to this male body that was extremely attractive.

The altar and the mountain valley were full of beautiful females.

Their eyes glittered as they looked at Qin Lie on top of the altar. Without realizing it, their faces flushed a tempting red.

Most of these females were endowed and mature. They knew what a strong body like the one Qin Lie had meant for women.

Many women looked and their expressions became uneasy. They blushed in embarrassment.

Even Yue Ji, Ye Ji, and Shui Ji felt awkward and didn’t know if they should stop or not.

“Don’t look at him!” Yue Ji suddenly shouted.

The females of Moon Worshipping Place heard her shout and suddenly reacted.

Many females awkwardly turned around, some lowered their heads, but the ones sitting on the altar could not avoid it. They stared and observed Qin Lie’s status, continuing to gather power on his body.

The atmosphere of the mountain valley changed and became filled with a strange aura.

In Qin Lie’s sea of consciousness, the moonlight given off by the crescent moon intensified and the moon energy became even stronger.

Qin Lie’s pain penetrated his bones. He wailed, rolled on the ground, and gave wild howls.

Like this, under the illumination of the moonlight, a corner of his memory barrier melted.

A blurry scene suddenly appeared to him as the memory was released.

There was a five-colored space-time passageway. The five colorful lines were beautiful and dazzling like flashing meteors.

He seemed to be about to step into the passageway.

At this time, the voice of a young female came from behind him, “Qin Lie, I swear I will go to Spirit Realm to find you!” This voice was filled with heart-wrenching love, yet also carried raging hatred.

“I don’t want to see you in Spirit Realm.” He didn’t even turn back to look as he charged into the passageway with a mad and strange laugh. He left that blurry and dark world behind him.

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