Chapter 715: Moon Worshipping

Chapter 715: Moon Worshipping

Setting Sun Island

Hong Bowen of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders took a letter from one of the item teleportation formations.

After taking a look, Hong Bowen’s expression changed. He ordered the members of Blood Fiend Sect in the surroundings, “Look after this place!”

“Elder, there are thirty thousand earth rank spirit stones in each of the ten bags, they should have been sent to trade for the Blazing Profound Bombs.” One person looked at the bags of spirit stones and asked, “What to do with them?”

“Store them for now, do not do anything,” Hong Bowen said gravely.

The members of Blood Fiend Sect wore expressions of surprise and suspicion. One of them asked, “Elder Hong, whose letter is it?”

“Qin Lie wrote it, but I do not recognize his writing. I need to go to Gray Island and ask Master Mo and Miss Tang to certify it,” Hong Bowen said.

“So it’s Island Master Qin! We understand!”

“I’m leaving this place to you!”

Hong Bowen hurriedly left.

A short while later, he descended above Gray Island. He headed directly to the area where Mo Hai and Tang Siqi ...

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