Chapter 714: Suspected Identity

Chapter 714: Suspected Identity

The Blood Fiend Sect of Setting Sun Islands and the Blood Fiend Sect under Jiang Zhuzhe were very different in the eyes of Land of Chaos’ martial practitioners.

Jiang Zhuzhe was infamous, and nearly all forces out there viewed him as a heretic and refused to admit him as a member of Blood Fiend Sect.

To this day, none of Jiang Zhuzhe’s subordinates dared to operate openly or even show themselves at densely populated areas of the Land of Chaos.

To an outsider, Qin Lie’s act of carrying the Ice Phoenix’s body behind his back was both eerie and abnormal. But it subtly matched Jiang Zhuzhe’s style.

It was reasonable that Yue Ji would think this way. Everyone agreed to what she said in their minds after some careful thought.

Even Dong Wanzhai was starting to harbor doubts in his mind. “This Yao Tian can’t be a subordinate of Jiang Zhuzhe, can he?” He couldn’t help but look at Qin Lie with a bit of disgust in his eyes when he thought this.

“Jiang Zhuzhe and us Blood Fiend Sect are like water and fire. There is absolutely no chance of reconcilement between the two of us!” Qin Lie said righteously and seriously, “I dare send a message to the Setting Sun Islands right now...

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