Chapter 714: Suspected Identity

Chapter 714: Suspected Identity

The Blood Fiend Sect of Setting Sun Islands and the Blood Fiend Sect under Jiang Zhuzhe were very different in the eyes of Land of Chaos’ martial practitioners.

Jiang Zhuzhe was infamous, and nearly all forces out there viewed him as a heretic and refused to admit him as a member of Blood Fiend Sect.

To this day, none of Jiang Zhuzhe’s subordinates dared to operate openly or even show themselves at densely populated areas of the Land of Chaos.

To an outsider, Qin Lie’s act of carrying the Ice Phoenix’s body behind his back was both eerie and abnormal. But it subtly matched Jiang Zhuzhe’s style.

It was reasonable that Yue Ji would think this way. Everyone agreed to what she said in their minds after some careful thought.

Even Dong Wanzhai was starting to harbor doubts in his mind. “This Yao Tian can’t be a subordinate of Jiang Zhuzhe, can he?” He couldn’t help but look at Qin Lie with a bit of disgust in his eyes when he thought this.

“Jiang Zhuzhe and us Blood Fiend Sect are like water and fire. There is absolutely no chance of reconcilement between the two of us!” Qin Lie said righteously and seriously, “I dare send a message to the Setting Sun Islands right now and prove that I am unrelated to Jiang Zhuzhe!”

“That may not necessarily be true,” Yue Ji added coldly.

This woman looked to be at most thirty years old, and there was a thin haze around her eyes that made her look somewhat enigmatic and extraordinarily attractive.

Besides that, her well rounded body filled with the charm of a mature woman made her look outstanding too.

“No one read the letter you sent to Setting Sun Islands, so who knows what you’ve actually written to them?” Yue Ji frowned with a ridiculing sneer on her face, “You could’ve written a few general lines on the letter, and those people at the Setting Sun Islands wouldn’t know that you belong to Jiang Zhuzhe’s faction. They may even think that you’re just a member of our Moon Worshipping Sect. In that case, they would return the three hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones that we’ve sent to them. All it would prove is that your name wasn’t enough to sway them. What can we say about that?”

Qin Lie was stumped for words.

He had to admit that this woman had a sharp tongue. He couldn’t find an excuse to refute her claims.

If he really did belong under Jiang Zhuzhe, he absolutely could’ve written a careless request in Moon Worshipping Palace’s name to make a purchase request of the Blazing Profound Bombs.

If Blood Fiend Sect was willing to sell the Blazing Profound Bombs, they would of course deliver them the spirit artifacts. If they weren’t, they would return the three hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones.

If that happened, he would neither draw Blood Fiend Sect’s attention, nor expose himself to Moon Worshipping Palace.

“You are right, Yue Ji!” a few Moon Worshipping Palace martial practitioners echoed her sentiment.

“If he really does belong to Jiang Zhuzhe’s faction, then he cannot be allowed to stay in Moonstone City. In fact, we must detain him!” Yue Ji’s eyes turned cold. “Terminator Sect had only acknowledged the Blood Fiend Sect of the Setting Sun Islands. Jiang Zhuzhe’s Blood Fiend Sect is not included! A thousand years ago, Jiang Zhuzhe had a bloody war that spanned across many lands. There were plenty of our ancestors who had their blood sucked and killed by Jiang Zhuzhe’s subordinates!”

Dong Wanzhai frowned deeply with a sudden look of dilemma.

“The Blazing Profound Bombs produced by Gray Island is incredibly popular right now, and there are countless forces who are fighting to buy some for themselves. It is nearly impossible for all forces who do not share any ties with Blood Fiend Sect to make a purchase at market price.” The Moon Worshipping Palace martial practitioner named Liu He pondered for a moment before saying, “If this Yao Tian do not belong to the Setting Sun Islands, there is no way he could get us the Blazing Profound Bombs! Let us wait. If the trade actually goes through, then we can be sure that Yao Tian’s identity is absolutely authentic!”

“On the other hand, if three hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones are returned from the item teleportation formation…”

Liu He inhaled once and stared at Qin Lie with unfriendly eyes. “Then we must investigate Yao Tian’s identity!”

“Your logic is sound, Uncle Liu.” Yue Ji nodded slightly.

The two other women also agreed with Liu He’s words.

In the room, many Moon Worshipping Palace martial practitioners chattered and exchanged opinions with each other in small voices.

If the Blazing Profound Bombs had returned from the item teleportation formation, then Qin Lie must be a member of the Blood Fiend Sect of the Setting Sun Islands.

Otherwise, there were two possibilities. Either Qin Lie wasn’t important enough in Setting Sun Islands’ Blood Fiend Sect to win them a trade...

…Or Qin Lie wasn’t a member of the Setting Sun Islands’ Blood Fiend Sect at all! He was Jiang Zhuzhe’s!

Jiang Zhuzhe’s infamy spread far and wide, and there were plenty of martial practitioners in Moonstone City who itched to slaughter his kind to the last!

If they confirmed that Qin Lie was connected to Jiang Zhuzhe, then his fate would be horrendous to say the least.

“Let us wait for an hour first,” Dong Wanzhai said solemnly.

He didn’t express his stance openly.

“Palace master, Yue Ji’s ancestor was one of the victims of Jiang Zhuzhe and his kind a thousand years ago. He was sucked dry and killed by them,” Liu He sent a concealed message to Dong Wanzhai with narrowed eyes.

Liu He was responsible for gathering and tidying the Moon Worshipping Palace’s intel. To a certain degree, he knew the past and experiences of all Moon Worshipping Palace members.

Thanks to Liu He’s message, Dong Wanzhai slowly realized why Yue Ji was acting so unlike her usual self. His felt a headache coming on.

He hesitated.

“Palace Master, I’ve joined Moon Worshipping Palace for many years, but I’ve never begged you for anything, have I? Then I shall do so this once.” Yue Ji lowered her head and said softly and firmly, “If the Blazing Profound Bombs do not return from the Setting Sun Islands after an hour, I hope that you can allow me to deal with this Yao Tian!”

Dong Wanzhai frowned deeply, “He may just be a normal Blood Fiend Sect disciple that doesn’t possess enough authority to sway Blood Fiend Sect’s decision.”

“He is at the Fulfillment Realm, and he’s incredibly young! Even in the past, a Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner as young as him would’ve been put at an important position in Blood Fiend Sect, even more so now!” Yue Ji looked up abruptly with frigid eyes. “There are only two possibilities: Either he’s an incredibly important person in the Blood Fiend Sect of the Setting Sun Islands, or he’s an incredibly important person who’s tied to Jiang Zhuzhe!”

Dong Wanzhai gave it a thought and found her answer reasonable. He was already leaning towards Yue Ji on the inside.

Considering how young Qin Lie was, to be a Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner already, he would most definitely be given great power on either side of Blood Fiend Sect. He would’ve been given the treatment of a genius with great potential.

There should be no problems whatsoever for someone like him to write a letter to Blood Fiend Sect and ask for a favor on behalf of Moon Worshipping Palace.

Plus, it wasn’t like they weren’t paying for the Blazing Profound Bombs.

Dong Wanzhai slowly made up his mind.

“If the Blazing Profound Bombs aren’t delivered an hour later, then I’ll come with you.” Qin Lie smiled calmly.

He was absolutely confident.

With his current status in the Setting Sun Islands, either Blood Fiend Sect or Gray Island’s Armament Sect would have made the appropriate arrangements to meet his request no matter what.

In his opinion, one hour was more than enough for the Blazing Profound Bombs to be delivered.

“Alright!” Dong Wanzhai exclaimed and stared at Yao Tian with odd eyes, “I trust you, young friend Yao Tian!”

He shot him a look of praise.

The Moon Worshipping Palace martial practitioners inside the room were also surprised to see how confident Qin Lie was. It would appear that he really did belong to the Blood Fiend Sect of the Setting Sun Islands.

They relaxed after a moment’s thought later, and even Liu He was comforting Yue Ji in a soft voice, “Let us wait. We will have our answer after an hour. But before that, you are not allowed to treat young friend Yao Tian rudely!”

“Then I will wait for an hour.” Yue Ji shot Qin Lie a glance before she lowered her head suddenly and sat down in the room.

Her two sisters also sat next to her and waited patiently for the time to arrive.

Time passed slowly.

Suddenly, the room fell completely silent. No one said a word at all.

“It has been over an hour!” Liu He suddenly said.

Everyone’s gazes were instantly trained onto the item teleportation formation. They discovered that there were neither the Blazing Profound Bombs nor their three hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones.

Everyone’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Something’s not right.”

“How can this be?”

“They should’ve returned our spirit stones even if they weren’t willing to sell us the Blazing Profound Bombs, shouldn’t they?”

“Blood Fiend Sect had always been a reputable sect!”

Everyone began to discuss amongst each other.

“Dong Wanzhai’s expression had also turned dark.

Three hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones were no small number to Moon Worshipping Palace. Even he couldn’t keep his cool to find his funds vanishing just like that.

“Yao Tian, what on earth have you written on your letter? Why did it turn out this way?” Dong Wanzhai asked heavily.

“It’s nothing unusual. I simply told them to send back ten Blazing Profound Bombs. I’ve also explained a little on how I’m doing. That’s all,” Qin Lie answered.

He himself was very surprised.

If his letter did make its way to the Setting Sun Islands, then be it the martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect, Gray Island or Gold Sun Island, they should’ve treated it as a matter of great importance and respond to the letter swiftly.

It didn’t make sense that there would be no response from Blood Fiend Sect despite being given an hour’s time.

“It is very likely that the letter he sent out is questionable. Perhaps… perhaps they identified him as a member of Jiang Zhuzhe from his writing. That’s the only explanation that would explain why Setting Sun Islands’ Blood Fiend Sect is withholding our funds!” Liu He said urgently.

Three hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones was no small sum to anyone present. Liu He especially was responsible for the accounting of Moon Worshipping Palace, and he knew just what three thousand thousand Earth Grade spirit stones meant to Moon Worshipping Palace.

Everyone in Moon Worshipping Palace turned anxious after learning that they had lost three hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones just like that.

It was at this moment Yue Ji suddenly stood up from the floor and told Dong Wanzhai, “Please leave this person to me, Palace Master. Don’t worry, I won’t kill him right away I’ll interrogate him slowly and find out exactly what he has written on that letter of his.”

“Palace Master, Yue Ji has never gone overboard at work. You can leave this task to her without worries,” Liu He also persuaded.

Dong Wanzhai pondered for a moment and said with a dark look on his face, “Alright.”

Qin Lie immediately fell into a dilemma.

Most martial practitioners in Moon Worshipping Palace were at the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm, while the rest were at the Fragmentation Realm. None of them were easy to deal with.

He weighed his chances and figured out that an attempt to break through their encirclement would be almost impossible to achieve.

If he reacted excessively, he might even be killed on the spot and die for no good reason.

He also believed that Blood Fiend Sect would respond to his letter and prove his innocence eventually.

All he needed now was time.

And so he quickly came to his answer and nodded to Dong Wanzhai. He said cooperatively, “I’ll come with you.”

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