Chapter 713: Raking in Money

Chapter 713: Raking in Money

“Blazing Profound Bomb?!”

Qin Lie looked surprised. Dong Wanzhai’s words had triggered a lot of questions in his mind?

How did the Blazing Profound Bombs’ name make its way to Moon Worshipping Palace? Not only did the palace master of Moon Worshipping Palace know about this spirit artifact, it was even of great attraction to him.

“Don’t tell me you don’t even know about the Blazing Profound Bomb?” Dong Wanzhai asked doubtfully.

“The Blazing Profound Bomb is pretty famous as of late. Even I’ve heard a little about it,” Lu Kun, the person in charge of the lodging “Silent Moon” interrupted. “I heard that the Blazing Profound Bombs come from an island called the Gray Island. Gray Island… is one of the islands of the Setting Sun Islands. Gray Island, Blood Island, and Flaming Sun Island all belong to the same force and are Blood Fiend Sect’s staunchest allies.”

“Artificers are gathered on Gray Island, and they have their own unique skills in terms of artifact forging.”

“While the Blazing Profound Bombs they refine are not as powerful as the high grade Terminator Profound Bombs Forefather Terminator creates, they are a lot more powerful than the low grade Terminator Profound Bombs the Forefather grants his disciples.”

“Both thunder and blaze would erupt at once when the Blazing Profound Bomb is detonated. The blaze especially is capable of burning every flammable object in the area and cause massive amounts of destruction!”

“For the past year, Blood Fiend Sect has aided Gray Island in selling the Blazing Profound Bombs to the outside world. Illusory Demon Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, and Terminator Sect had all purchased quite a lot of Blazing Profound Bombs. A lot of Copper rank forces had also sent representatives to purchase Blazing Profound Bombs from the Setting Sun Islands. They are very effective when used for sieging cities or taking over territories!”

“Some people use the Blazing Profound Bombs as a life saving tool, and they would buy more than three Blazing Profound Bombs every purchase.”

“Just like the Terminator Profound Bomb, the Blazing Profound Bombs’ power multiples with greater numbers. When mights of the explosions superimposed on one another, explosion’s power would increase exponentially. This characteristic means that the Blazing Profound Bomb has infinite potential, and that makes it a very terrifying weapon.”

Lu Kun explained the rumors regarding the Blazing Profound Bombs to Qin Lie with a serious expression on his face.

“The Blazing Profound Bombs are very popular as of late. Heavenly Sword Mountain and Illusory Demon Sect are not the only sects who are looking to purchase more. There are many other Copper rank forces who are racking their brains trying to buy more Blazing Profound Bombs for themselves.” The light of hope appeared in Dong Wanzhai’s eyes as he said, “You cultivate Blood Spirit Art, so you must be a disciple of Blood Fiend Sect. I hope that you can act as a mediator and aid me in buying some Blazing Profound Bombs from Blood Fiend Sect.”

Qin Lie was stunned.

The Blazing Profound Bombs were sold from Gray Island, and Gray Island and Blood Island both belonged to the Setting Sun Islands. They were all territories under his control.

Did the Blazing Profound Bomb Tang Siqi and Mo Hai refined really make its name on the Land of Chaos and become a precious spirit artifact that all forces were striving for purchase in just a year’s time?

This made him both surprised and pleased.

“Moonstone City is too far away from the Setting Sun Islands, so I can’t contact them right now. I would be able to help you otherwise,” Qin Lie said after thinking for a moment.

“This isn’t a difficult problem.” A proud look appeared on Dong Wanzhai’s face. “Moon Worshipping Palace may be just a Copper rank force, but we have a small spatial item teleportation formation of our own. Although this formation is structurally simplistic, and it does not possess the ability to teleport living beings with a soul, it can transfer objects such as materials, spirit stones, spirit artifacts, crystals, herbs and so on.”

“If you are willing to help us, you only need to write a letter so that we may attach it with the spirit stones we will use to make the purchase. The teleportation formation will teleport the items to Blood Fiend Sect of Setting Sun Islands automatically. If you hold an important position over there, they will naturally send back some Blazing Profound Bombs that are of equal value to the spirit stones we delivered. If they don’t think that you’re important enough to make an exception, they would naturally return the spirit stones we sent them.”

Dong Wanzhai said.

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up slightly.

He had heard of the “item teleportation formation” before. He also knew that Blood Fiend Sect had one such formation on the Setting Sun Islands. Unlike a normal spatial teleportation formation, this this formation could only be used to teleport objects with certain limitations.

An item teleportation formation could only be used to transfer lifeless objects. They were often used at extraordinarily important mining zones where the mined crystals and stones were teleported directly to a sect’s resource point.

Of course, it was also very useful for people like Dong Wanzhai who used it as a mean to trade items.

This was also how Celestial Artifact Sect sold the spirit artifacts they forged to all forces in the Land of Chaos.

It had been a year since he had left the Setting Sun Islands, and he was afraid that he would worry some people since he had yet to send out any news.

If he could deliver the news of his status to the Setting Sun Islands through Moon Worshipping Palace’s item teleportation formation, it would make both sides at ease.

“Do you trust Blood Fiend Sect? Aren’t you afraid that Blood Fiend Sect would return neither the Blazing Profound Bombs you ordered nor the spirit stones you’ve delivered?”

“An ancient force like Blood Fiend Sect wouldn’t commit such a despicable act and destroy their own reputation,” Dong Wanzhai said solemnly.

“Such a thing had never happened with other Silver rank forces such as Celestial Artifact Sect or Blood Fiend Sect of the past,” Lu Kun also said naturally.

Qin Lie nodded. “I think I can help you, but I wish that my letter remains private to me and the receiver.”

“Of course!” Dong Wanzhai looked pleased and replied excitedly, “You are a member of Blood Fiend Sect, so of course the letter you write to them would contain some secrets of Blood Fiend Sect. Naturally, we wouldn’t break the rules of privacy and read it without your permission! There is no need for you to worry, no need to worry at all. I swear that I, Dong Wanzhai, am absolutely not such a despicable person!”

“Alright then, I agree to help you,” Qin Lie said.

“Excellent!” Dong Wanzhai laughed loudly, “In that case, I shall exempt you from the payment for the spirit beast flesh you asked to process!”

Dong Wanzhai waved his hand and said outspokenly, “Come! Let us head to Moon Worshipping Palace!”

Qin Lie got up and followed him.

“Silent Moon” and Moon Worshipping Palace weren’t too far away, and it was evening when they headed out. Therefore, there were plenty of martial practitioners who were walking back and forth the street leading towards Moon Worshipping Palace.

The sight of Qin Lie carrying the Ice Phoenix’s true body behind his back, Dong Wanzhai, and a dozen or so VIPs from Moon Worshipping Palace heading towards Moon Worshipping Palace together immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

There were plenty martial practitioners who observed Qin Lie and Dong Wanzhai from various angles in an attempt to understand the relationship between the two.

They saw that Qin Lie and Dong Wanzhai were chatting rather happily with each other, and Dong Wanzhai’s open laughter in particular never stopped while they were walking side by side.

The onlookers’ expression immediately turned strange as they watched Qin Lie and Dong Wanzhai entering Moon Worshipping Palace together. There were many people who thanked their lucky stars that they hadn’t tried to offend Qin Lie based on sudden impulse.

There were people who even thought that they had figured out the truth; that Qin Lie had come to Moonstone City because of Dong Wanzhai’s invitation. They thought that that was why Qin Lie was so bold as to carry a beautiful girl’s corpse around without the slightest scruple.

The sight of Qin Lie and Dong Wanzhai walking side by side and chatting happily with each other made those people who disliked Qin Lie and were originally planning to provoke him lose those thoughts immediately.

Very soon, under Dong Wanzhai’s guidance, Qin Lie entered Moon Worshipping Palace and entered a private room reinforced with many barriers.

There was a item teleportation formation the size of a small room inside the private room. Dong Wanzhai sent out an order, and someone immediately answered his call and carried over many bags of spirit stones and placed them at the center of the formation.

Qin Lie crouched down and wrote his letter at a corner of the room.

A while later, a dozen or so bag filled with spirit stones were piled inside the formation.

Qin Lie wrote down his current status inside the letter before he looked up from his position. He was visibly caught off guard when he saw the little hill of spirit stones inside the formation. He asked, “What’s the market price of the Blazing Profound Bombs now?”

“One Blazing Profound Bomb is worth thirty thousand Earth Grade spirit stones. I’ve prepared three hundred thousand Earth Grade spirit stones to exchange for ten Blazing Profound Bombs,” Dong Wanzhai answered.

“Thirty thousand?!” A great gleam abruptly erupted from Qin Lie’s eyes.

He knew the structure of the Blazing Profound Bomb very well, and he knew that the spirit materials needed to refine one Blazing Profound Bomb were worth at most one thousand Earth Grade spirit stones.

He didn’t think that the Blazing Profound Bomb’s market price would be whooping thirty thousand Earth Grade spirit stones. It was thirty times the difference in price!

Most Copper rank forces enjoyed an annual profit of one or two million Earth Grade spirit stones from crystal mines, herb gardens, and spirit material mines at best.

Only those especially powerful Copper rank forces could achieve a profit of three or even five million Earth Grade spirit stones per year.

If a single Blazing Profound Bomb was priced at thirty thousand Earth Grade spirit stones per piece, then hundred Blazing Profound Bombs were worth three million. The profit they got from the Blazing Profound Bombs alone was equal to an annual income of a Copper rank force!

The light in Qin Lie’s eyes grew brighter and brighter.

He began to realize that Tang Siqi, Mo Hai and the other artificers were practically money trees. They could bring them endless wealth if they were to be utilized properly!

Artificers really were people who could earn and waste the greatest amount of spirit stones!

“Are there any issues? Shall I begin the delivery process if there are no problems?” Dong Wanzhai asked anxiously.

Qin Lie shook his head with a smile, “Everything’s fine now.”

He put his letter inside the item teleportation formation. Then, he watched Dong Wanzhai activate the formation.

A white, misty halo emanated from the item teleportation formation. After the spirit stones and the letter were enveloped in strange spatial ripples, they jointly winked out of existence in unison.

“I would like to thank you regardless of the outcome of this trade,” Dong Wanzhai expressed.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine,” Qin Lie said confidently.

There were a dozen or so martial practitioners inside the private room. Among them, there were three very alluring female martial practitioners who were dressed in long, silver robes. Unlike the other martial practitioners around them, their long robes were specially made to be tight-fitting. Therefore, their clothes showed their curves very well.

All three women were around the age of thirty, and they were either at the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm or the early stage of the Fragmentation Realm. They held great status in Moon Worshipping Palace, and they were responsible for offering sacrifices to the moon.

Their gazes on Qin Lie were identical to many other women in Moonstone City. It was a look full of disdain and disgust.

They gazes didn’t change even now.

The three women grew more and more displeased as they watched Qin Lie’s confident expression.Their eyes grew colder and colder to the point where they curled their lips and let out cold snorts.

Dong Wanzhai cast a glance at them and frowned slightly.

“In my opinion, it is true that he may be a disciple of Blood Fiend Sect. However… he may not necessarily belong to the Blood Fiend Sect or the Setting Sun Islands,” the high priest of the group named Yue Ji blurted after thinking for a moment. “It’s not impossible that he may have cultivated the Blood Spirit Art from that Jiang fellow.”

“That’s very possible,” the other two priestesses agreed.

The room of martial practitioners subconsciously cast a glance at Qin Lie and the Ice Phoenix’s true body behind his back after they had heard their guesses. Their eyes all turned strange after that.

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