Chapter 713: Raking in Money

Chapter 713: Raking in Money

“Blazing Profound Bomb?!”

Qin Lie looked surprised. Dong Wanzhai’s words had triggered a lot of questions in his mind?

How did the Blazing Profound Bombs’ name make its way to Moon Worshipping Palace? Not only did the palace master of Moon Worshipping Palace know about this spirit artifact, it was even of great attraction to him.

“Don’t tell me you don’t even know about the Blazing Profound Bomb?” Dong Wanzhai asked doubtfully.

“The Blazing Profound Bomb is pretty famous as of late. Even I’ve heard a little about it,” Lu Kun, the person in charge of the lodging “Silent Moon” interrupted. “I heard that the Blazing Profound Bombs come from an island called the Gray Island. Gray Island… is one of the islands of the Setting Sun Islands. Gray Island, Blood Island, and Flaming Sun Island all belong to the same force and are Blood Fiend Sect’s staunchest allies.”

“Artificers are gathered on Gray Island, and they have their own unique skills in terms of artifact forging.”

“While the Blazing Profound Bombs they refine are not as powerful as the high grade Terminator Profound Bombs Forefather Terminator creates, they are a lot more powerful than the low grade Terminator Profound Bombs the Forefather grants his disciples.”

“Both thunder and blaze would erupt at once when the Blazing Profound...

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