Chapter 712: Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

Chapter 712: Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

Moonstone City. A certain business street filled with stores.

A slightly plump middle-aged early stage Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner crossed his arms and sneered at Qin Lie from the front of a store selling all kinds of crystals.

The two sides of the street not only had many proper stores that sold all kinds of spirit materials and spirit pills, there were also some one-man stalls.

These stalls were selling all kinds of strange spirit materials, special crystals, and ancient spirit artifacts.

There were plenty of Moonstone City martial practitioners who were choosing their desired items and haggling with the traders before the stalls.

When the middle-aged martial practitioner’s sneer started, the noisy business street suddenly fell silent.

Many looks of astonishment were directed at Qin Lie and the middle-aged martial practitioner who vocally taunted him. There were plenty of people growing excited, hoping to see the trouble brew.

Qin Lie was standing at the entrance of the street. He was carrying the Ice Phoenix’s true body on his big wide back.

Lin Liang’er’s human body had a bit of life and soul consciousness in it. Therefore, it couldn’t be stored inside a spatial ring.

He had no choice but to carry it around.

For the past few days, he had been carrying Lin Liang’er’s cold body and showing his face all over the stores of Moonstone City in order to buy and store enough spirit materials of the six attributes for the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

He had attracted a lot of people’s attention since a while ago.

For the past few days, he could hear plenty of whispers and criticisms behind his back while he was purchasing spirit materials.

This was the first person to taunt and ridicule him openly though.

He turned around and faced the martial practitioner who taunted him directly. He said with a heavy tone, “Are you the person in charge of Moonstone City?”

That person frowned. “No.”

Qin Lie’s expression abruptly turned cold as he shouted unceremoniously at the man, “Then who the hell do you think you are to meddle with my business?!”

“I…” The man was stumped for words for a moment.

Beside him, there were two young women about thirty years old dressed in almost the same attire as him. They looked like they belonged to the same force.

The two women looked at Qin Lie’s with eyes full of disgust. They never stopped whispering about him along the way.

When they heard Qin Lie’s shout, one of the women bowed her head and spoke in a soft tone, “Senior Brother Zhang, you aren’t afraid of him, are you?”

“Zhang Tian! Do you have nothing to retort against a person like this?” the other woman said coldly.

All three of them came from a Copper rank force called Water Shadow Sword Association.

Just like Moon Worshipping Palace, Water Shadow Sword Association was also a vassal force to Terminator Sect. However, Prism Continent wasn’t Water Shadow Sword Association’s territory. These three martial practitioners had only come to Prism Continent and Moonstone City because they wanted to buy some spirit materials exclusive to local shops on Water Shadow Sword Association’s behalf.

The man named Zhang Tian was the women’s senior brother. He had taunted Qin Lie purely because his junior sisters were disgusted by him.

He only did it because he wanted to win their favor.

“I, I’m not afraid of him.” Zhang Tian felt a conscious lack of confidence.

Qin Lie’s eyes after his shout had made Zhang Tian feel a little scared. He suddenly calmed down and realized that there was in fact no need for him to provoke Qin Lie at all. That was why he wanted to stop there and then.

“Zhang Tian! Prove it to us if you aren’t afraid of him!” The woman with an awl-shaped faced stared coldly at Qin Lie. “You said nothing wrong. A twisted person like him should stay in the Ruined Lands! He should’ve known that he would be scorned for showing his face in Moonstone City!”

“Are you really afraid of him, senior brother?” Another woman looked at him doubtfully.

Zhang Tian’s face was flushed. “Of course not! How could I possibly be afraid of him?”

After he said this, he steeled his determination and circulated a layer of watery light around his body, yelling, “A person like you should have stayed in a dark place like the Ruined Lands and never came to Moonstone City!”

A large majority of martial practitioners by the two sides of the streets also disliked Qin Lie, which was why they had echoed the middle-aged martial practitioner’s call.

“Well said! A person like him shouldn’t be in Moonstone City!”

“What the hell is Moon Worshipping Palace thinking? How could they let someone like him stay in Silent Moon? That’s the best lodging in the entire Moonstone City too!”

“Moon Worshipping Palace cares only about spirit stones and nothing else!”

There were a few beautiful girls among the people who echoed his calls. Their cries bolstered Zhang Tian’s confidence and momentum.

“I would advise you to take your… special item and get out of Moonstone City as soon as possible. Stop fouling our appetite already!” Zhang Tian pointed at Qin Lie from afar and waved him away with a sneer.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Qin Lie broke into an involuntary laugh.

Once he said this, he stared straight at Zhang Tian and strode towards him while carrying the Ice Phoenix’s true body.

A fierce aura was naturally unleashed from his body. Every onlooker who detected his aura turned pale as they subconsciously opened up a path for him.

Ever since he left Ling Town, every step he took was accompanied by harsh battles and tides of blood.

Today, the number of martial practitioners who died directly or indirectly by his hands were literally innumerable.

That was why a violent and bloody aura would flow out of his body involuntarily the moment he, a martial practitioner who had fought many bloody battles, harbored killing intent in his mind.

It was a killing intent that only a person whose hands were completely covered in blood could possess.

There were plenty of people with big mouths on the two sides of the street. The moment they detected the thick smell of death on Qin Lie’s body, they wordlessly pulled away from him.

This let him walk right up to Zhang Tian.

“Did you just tell me to get out of Moonstone City? I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you properly. Do you mind repeating yourself once more?” Qin Lie suddenly shouted.

“I…” Zhang Tian stuttered as a hint of fear appeared in his eyes. He actually couldn’t form words in his mouth.

Scarlet color appeared inside his pupils.

A new wave of blood stench surged towards the trio with him at the center.

Zhang Tian and the two Water Shadow Sword Association women turned pale the moment they were struck by the stench of blood. Even their lips were trembling uncontrollably.

“Be careful when you open your mouth next time, and make sure that your opponent is someone you can provoke before you decide to show off your abilities.” Qin Lie cast a glance at the two women that could only be called pretty at best and taunted, “In my opinion, it is very much not worth it to lose your life over two average women.”

He waited for a while after throwing down this line. He finally passed by them after he saw that none of them dared to speak up to him.

The second he went away, Zhang Tian shuddered and ran away from the street like he was escaping without waiting for the two women.

The two Water Shadow Sword Association women gritted their teeth and shot a glare at Qin Lie’s back. Then, they too, left hastily with red faces under everyone’s odd gazes.

Qin Lie continued to stroll through the streets buying all kinds of spirit materials of the six attributes with a casual expression on his face. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

The innumerable number of martial practitioners on the streets couldn’t suppress the hint of fear in their eyes when they looked at Qin Lie again.

The criticisms targeted at him had also lessened somewhat. It was as if many people had turned into mutes all of a sudden.

On that evening, he returned to “Silent Moon” after his spirit material shopping and discovered that the martial practitioners staying inside “Silent Moon” had tempered the looks that they were shooting at him by a lot.

“Yao Tian, the spirit beast flesh you’ve asked me to process has been prepared.” Lu Kun appeared on his way back to his stone tower and smiled at him. He returned him his spatial ring and added, “Just give me another ten thousand Earth Grade spirit stones, and we’re done.”

Qin Lie accepted the spatial ring and probed it with his mind consciousness. He discovered that the spatial ring now contained all kinds of glass utensils specifically used to hold all kinds of meat.

Spirit beast meat inside was categorized by rank at different locations in an orderly fashion.

He casually took out a dried rank four Silver Armored Giant Alligator meat from the spatial ring and discovered that it had been smoked. It actually tasted quite good.

He randomly took out a few more pieces of meat and discovered that they all tasted good. This quality of work far exceeded his expectations.

“How is it?” Lu Kun smiled.

“Good, very good.” Qin Lie nodded and was about to pay Lu Kun the spirit stones he deserved.

“No need for haste.” Lu Kun waved his hand once and pondered for a moment. Then, he said in a low voice, “Can we talk somewhere else?”

Qin Lie looked slightly surprised by this.

While holding the spatial ring that was filled with cooked meat, he hesitated for a moment before he finally nodded. “Alright.”

“Please, this way.” Lu Kun’s eyes lit up, and he actually led him personally towards the most secluded stone towers at the back of “Silent Moon.”

Qin Lie quietly followed behind him.

A while later, Lu Kun led him to a beautiful-looking hall inside a stone tower and said respectfully to a person sitting on a high seat, “This is the person you wished to meet, palace master.”

“Palace master?” A thought flashed across Qin Lie’s mind, and he looked up to that person and asked tentatively, “The palace master of Moon Worshipping Palace?”

“It is I!” Dong Wanzhai said proudly and impressively from his seat.

Dong Wanzhai was almost two meters tall, so he looked like an iron tower even when he was seated. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, and he was dressed in a silvery white martial practitioner robe. His long robe was adorned with a picture of a cold moon.

“Where are you from?” Dong Wanzhai asked casually.

“What do you want from me?” Qin Lie countered with a question.

“Yao Tian, this man here is our palace master. Please be more respectful,” Lu Kun reminded him.

“It doesn’t matter what his attitude is. What’s important is that he can help us.” Dong Wanzhai waved down Lu Kun and asked suddenly with narrowed eyes, “Did you come from the Setting Sun Islands, kid?”

Qin Lie’s heart tightened. He thought that his identity was exposed, “You know me?”

“One of my subordinates noticed you. I hadn’t known your identity before, and it is only after you’d clashed against Water Shadow Sword Association that I noticed some signs,” Dong Wanzhai said solemnly. “Your presence is unusual. I believe that you are a disciple of Blood Fiend Sect, am I right?”

“You are correct,” Qin Lie admittedly openly.

He supposed that he had thought too much. He thought that Blood Fiend Sect and Terminator Sect had gotten anxious and were searching for him after he went missing for a whole year. He had thought that he had slipped up and exposed his true identity.

But no, it was just the small matter of him accidentally exposing Blood Spirit Art’s aura when he used his aura to suppress Zhang Tian.

“I’ll speak frankly.” Dong Wanzhai sat up straight. “From what I heard, Blood Fiend Sect is currently selling Blazing Profound Bombs to the outside world. Moon Worshipping Palace wishes to buy some of these artifacts from Blood Fiend Sect, and we will follow the market price that you have set. We hope that you can be the mediator of this trade.”

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