Chapter 711: Infamy

Chapter 711: Infamy 

“No problem. I can find someone to process it as long as you supply the meat yourself and pay the fee. I guarantee that the results will be to your satisfaction,” Lu Kun said.

“Good.” Qin Lie finalized the deal.

After that, he took out a lot of rank four and rank five spirit beast flesh and five thousand Earth Grade spirit stones and passed them to Lu Kun.

Rank four and five spirit beasts were relatively common on Prism Continent. Rank six spirit beast flesh had greater value, but as a result it also had the unfortunate effect of drawing suspicion.

After roaming the world and tempering himself for so many years, Qin Lie had become cautious in both behavior and conduct.

Once he had passed over the spirit beast flesh to Lu Kun, Qin Lie temporarily stayed inside “Silent Moon”.

On one hand, he was waiting for Lu Kun to finish processing the spirit beast meat. On the other, he was cultivating and refining the lifeblood essences he had used up while he was in the frost cave under Frost Island.

Originally, he could only refine thirty-eight lifeblood essences in total and not one more.

These thirty-eight lifeblood essences were mostly used up after he fought an intense battle against the Ice...

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