Chapter 710: Moonstone City

Chapter 710: Moonstone City

Qin Lie’s blue crystalline war chariot flew across the ground where an intense battle was taking place towards the cities of Prism Continent.

It had been almost a year since he left the Setting Sun Islands.

During this past year, after setting off on a journey, all his time was consumed by learning how to activate, master, and circulate the power of his bloodline at Seven Eye Island, as well as being frozen by Ice Phoenix under the Frost Island. It was through these unfortunate circumstances that he gradually discovered the way to cultivate the Limit Sublimation Art and did just that.

And so, all he could currently think of was finding a quiet place to rest. It was also a good opportunity to observe the Terminator Sect’s territories, gather information, and behold its sights.

He chose to stop at the Moonstone City built by the Moon Worshipping Palace.

Night descended, and Moonstone City glowed with silvery radiance under bright moonlight.

Every pavilion and palace in Moonstone City was forged from “moonstones”. Moonstones didn’t contain a shred of power in them and couldn’t be used in cultivation.

It was just a tough spirit material that could only be...

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