Chapter 709: Prism Continent

Chapter 709: Prism Continent

“You have to take responsibility!”

The Ice Phoenix sat in a corner of the crystalline war chariot and stared at Qin Lie with her icy crystal eyes. She clearly was not planning to leave.

Qin Lie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He rubbed his chin and grinned, saying, “The Demon Sealing Tombstone is nearby and you dare to stay near me. Have you grown tired of living?”

Before the Ice Phoenix could answer, he put pieces of spirit stones onto the chariot’s power control, spirit energy coming out of his palm.


A bright light was released and immediately ignited the power inside the crystalline war chariot.

The floating crystalline war chariot immediately shot into the sky.

“I’m going to get the Demon Sealing Tombstone. If you continue to stay here, you are seeking death, don’t blame me,” Qin Lie said coldly.

“Of course I do not want to die.” The Ice Phoenix sighed.

As she spoke, the icy light in her eyes slowly dimmed.

Qin Lie was startled and saw the soul of the Ice Phoenix once again float out of the human girl’s body surrounded...

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