Chapter 709: Prism Continent

Chapter 709: Prism Continent

“You have to take responsibility!”

The Ice Phoenix sat in a corner of the crystalline war chariot and stared at Qin Lie with her icy crystal eyes. She clearly was not planning to leave.

Qin Lie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He rubbed his chin and grinned, saying, “The Demon Sealing Tombstone is nearby and you dare to stay near me. Have you grown tired of living?”

Before the Ice Phoenix could answer, he put pieces of spirit stones onto the chariot’s power control, spirit energy coming out of his palm.


A bright light was released and immediately ignited the power inside the crystalline war chariot.

The floating crystalline war chariot immediately shot into the sky.

“I’m going to get the Demon Sealing Tombstone. If you continue to stay here, you are seeking death, don’t blame me,” Qin Lie said coldly.

“Of course I do not want to die.” The Ice Phoenix sighed.

As she spoke, the icy light in her eyes slowly dimmed.

Qin Lie was startled and saw the soul of the Ice Phoenix once again float out of the human girl’s body surrounded by cold flows. It turned into a frosty light. It put up no resistance as it flew towards the Soul Suppressing Bead at his brow.

“What are you doing?” Qin Lie shouted.

“Let me stay for a while longer until I recover slightly from the wounds to my soul. At least until my soul and flesh can merge and disguise my spirit beast aura. After that, you will not need to drive me away, I will leave on my own.” The soul of the Ice Phoenix expressed itself in pure mental thought just like it had back in the frost palace.

“Just give me some more time.”

Now waiting for Qin Lie’s answer, she urgently charged toward Qin Lie’s forehead after voicing her thoughts.

At this time, if Qin Lie had any intentions, he only needed to attack with thunder and lightning and her soul would be destroyed. There wouldn’t be a trace of her existence in the world.

She was making a grand gamble one again.

However, compared to last time, she was confident this time, and didn’t feel such terror.

“You’re insane!”

Qin Lie cursed. But at the crucial time, a thread of his thought restrained the Soul Suppressing Orb and allowed the soul of the Ice Phoenix to enter.

“Bzzt bzzt bzzt!”

The lightning seal around the Soul Suppressing Barrier cracked open, allowing the Ice Phoenix to enter.


After losing the soul, the Ice Phoenix’s body that was in the shape of a human female gave off a crisp sound from its neck bones. Its raised head fell down.

All of the soul vibrations and vitality retreated from the female youth’s body like a tide.

Qin Lie reached out to touch the body. The young female’s skin was icy and there was no breathing. She seemed to have become an icy corpse again.

“Thank you…”

The indistinct soul message from the Ice Phoenix slowly came out of the Soul Suppressing Orb. When he wanted to interrogate the Ice Phoenix, he found that the Ice Phoenix had entered a strange state that seemed similar to a deep slumber.

He investigated using his soul consciousness.

The sealed ice ball that he had constructed in the Soul Suppressing Orb was made with Frost Arts on the inside and thunder and lightning on the outside.

There were gusts of cold flows moving inside the ball. An exquisite phoenix that had shrunk into the size of a butterfly was curled up with its wings retracted. There seemed to be icy rays of light moving on the little body that flowed like tiny rivers of ice and seemed to be transporting mysterious power.

The curled up Ice Phoenix soul only gave off an almost imperceptible soul aura. If Qin Lie was not in control of the Soul Suppressing Orb, he almost wouldn’t be able to detect it.

He could see that once the Ice Phoenix’s soul went into the Soul Suppressing Orb, it immediately cast a certain secret art of its race to slowly heal from its wounds.

After watching for a while, Qin Lie silently took back his consciousness. He muttered. “Such bad luck. I have to travel on the Heavenly Silence Continent that is full of all kinds of martial practitioners with a corpse on my back. Who knows many stares I will attract...”

Shaking his head with a sigh, he stopped inspecting Ice Phoenix’s human body. He drove the crystalline war chariot to retrieve the Demon Sealing Tombstone and then he flew in the direction of the Heavenly Silent Continent.

A fortnight passed.

He had been flying across the vast sea all this time. Many times, he would encounter large flying spirit artifacts and ships that were hundreds of meters long in the cloud sea.

Because he had not entered what was the actual territory of the Heavenly Silence Continent, he would avoid them in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos did not appear again after sinking into the Soul Suppressing Orb earlier.

The six little guys seemed too weak. They would only recover after a relatively long time of consuming spirit materials of their respective attributes.

During this fortnight, the Ice Phoenix did not wake up or release any other soul ripples.

That human body of the Ice Phoenix stayed in the crystalline war chariot. The body had been cold and looked like a corpse but there was still a weak vitality being maintained. Only an extremely keen and powerful expert would be able to detect it.

Another five days passed.

On the horizon, an enormous continent could be seen. Even from a distance, one could make out three elevated places, reaching out to the sky like three sharp mountain peaks.

This continent looked slightly larger than the Scarlet Tide Continent. There were many islands in the nearby waters, many structures of various shapes on them.

The continent looked prosperous and large.

And yet, it paled in comparison to other supercontinents.

“Prism Continent!”

Recalling Xing Yuyuan’s description, Qin Lie immediately recognized the huge land and his eyes lit up slightly.

Seeing Prism Continent meant that he had entered the territory of Terminator Sect since all of the forces on Prism Continent were their subordinates.

On Prism Continent, there were three Copper rank forces, Moon Worshipping Palace, Heaven Martial Association, and Jewel Flame Manor.

The three forces had sworn their loyalty to Terminator Sect like Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance had done to Heavenly Sword Mountain. They needed to heed every order, and pay considerable tribute every decade.

These three Copper rank forces controlled Prism Continent. They ruled together and also fought against each other.

Terminator Sect had the same attitude as Heavenly Sword Mountain. As long as the fighting between the Copper rank forces was not irreconcilable, they would just watch.

Fighting could maintain the sharpness of the subordinate forces, and also stimulate the breakthroughs of their martial practitioners. Through conflict and pressure, some extraordinary people might appear.

Therefore, the attitude that the major Silver rank forces had towards the internal conflicts of their subordinate forces made sense. Usually, they allowed fighting that was at a controllable level.

They would also take in the bright stars that come out of these battles, and would even reward them.

This caused the Copper and Black Iron rank forces of the Land of Chaos to always be in a state of chaos and war.

Fighting was not just between enemy forces. Forces of the same alliance would also fight every once in a while.

Due to this, the three Copper rank forces of Prism Continent would frequently fight. They would stop only if Terminator Sect fought against other Silver rank force and they would be forced to fight a common enemy.

Qin Lie drove the crystalline war chariot. Before he entered Prism Continent, he found two groups of martial practitioners fighting on the nearby islands.

It was Moon Worshipping Palace and Heaven Martial Association fighting over the mines on the island. The victor of the bloody battle would obtain the right to mine all the mines on the island.

Travelling over the battlefield and entering the sky above Prism Continent, he found that they were similar fights occurring all over the long mountain range.

Those were Black iron rank forces from Jewel Flame Manor and Moon Worshipping Continent that were fighting for the right to plant spirit grasses on some mountains. As a result, they were extremely busy.

Qin Lie noticed that there were still injuries and wounds among the practitioners of Copper rank forces. It seemed that they could never get a break.

Terminator Sect silently allowed fighting in the lower ranks. They knew that deaths and injuries would occur but they still allowed it. He was slightly puzzled.

Yet after he thought for a while, he gradually understood and nodded his head inwardly.

Terminator Sect was an old Silver rank force force that had dominated the Heavenly Silence Continent for many years. The were many islands and smaller continents in the surroundings that were full of Copper, Black Iron, and Limestone rank forces. They stretched down like the steps in a pyramid.

So many forces, so many people. Of course, millions upon millions of martial practitioners of different levels would appear.

How to keep the martial practitioners active, and how to find a true elite that could work independently in this gargantuan mass?


Only constant fighting could stimulate the martial practitioners to achieve breakthroughs and to advance to higher realms. Through this pressure, more Fulfillment Realm, Fragmentation Realm, and Nirvana Realm martial practitioners would appear.

Those that died in battle were not suited to the cruelty of the Land of Chaos anyway. It was under this rule of terror where strong survived and preyed on the weak that they died.

With such a humongous number of practitioners in forces of lower rank, these deaths were within a tolerable level.

Humans were also famed for their terrifying reproduction ability. Terminator Sect that had dominated the continents and vast waters did not need to worry about a lack of food. Practitioners of subordinate forces could reproduce in great numbers.

The vast ocean of people meant a rich source of martial practitioners. Through fighting against each other, the ones with outstanding talent would slowly rise above the masses.

Those people were the ones that were worthy of being nurtured by Terminator Sect. Those people would become the core power when they fought against other Silver rank forces in the future!

“Terrifying ability to reproduce, enormous population, constant battles to push martial practitioners even further on the path of cultivation...” Qin Lie realized. “This is why the humans were able to slowly rise and surpass the other races after the Heaven Fighting Race had been exiled!”

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