Chapter 708: You Have To Take Responsibility!

Chapter 708: You Have To Take Responsibility!

The so-called Graveyard of Gods was not a place for the gods to be buried or a place to preserve the corpses of the strongest ancient elites.

The Graveyard of Gods was a divine altar that the Heaven Fighting Race had built. Inside, it had seven spirit bodies guarding the seven forbidden lands used by Heaven Fighting Race to train their descendants and for them to gain experience.

The bodies of the ancient elites, the six Pure Soul Springs, and the corpses of the Blood Progenitor and Voodoo Progenitor in the Land of Buried Gods were the prizes the Heaven Fighting Race used to reward their descendants.

The descendants of the Heaven Fighting Race trained in the seven great forbidden lands, and slowly grew up. They experienced all kinds of tests. Those that succeeded would obtain the Pure Soul Springs, the bodies of the ancient elites including the Blood and Voodoo Progenitor.

Of the rewards, the bodies of the Blood and Voodoo Progenitor and the six Pure Soul Springs were the best prizes.

The bodies of Blood and Voodoo Progenitor weren’t just perfectly preserved,...

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