Chapter 707: Recovery

Chapter 707: Recovery

Atop the vast sea surface, a blue crystalline war chariot was flying unhurriedly toward its destination. It was already thousands of kilometers away from the Ruined Lands.

A young man was skinning a Silver Snake of Profound Ice with practiced movements, making meat skewers and barbecuing it over an ignited Heavenly Flame Crystal floating in midair inside the crystalline war chariot.

It didn’t take long before a fragrant scent began permeating from the meat.

The young man picked up the snake meat with a dagger and ate to his heart’s content beneath the white clouds and blue sky.

It didn’t take long before the entire Silver Snake of Profound Ice was barbecued and eaten into his stomach.

“The refined energy of flesh stored inside a rank six Silver Snake of Profound Ice truly is rich.” Qin Lie rubbed his stomach, let out a burp and mumbled to himself in satisfaction.

He had already parted ways with La Pu, and the place he was in now was relatively far away from the Ruined Lands. No matter how powerful Chi Yan and Gu Tuo were, they might not necessarily be able to find out the direction of his escape and catch up to him.

Plus, he had made himself a new face with the fox skin mask the moment he flew out of the Ruined Lands. He now looked like an entirely different person.

He refused...

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