Chapter 706: Bidding Farewell

Chapter 706: Bidding Farewell


An earthshaking rumble erupted from the bottom of Frost Island. Green flames that looked like gigantic ghostfire, scarlet light, and pitch black bone pieces burst out of the giant hole on Frost Island.

The surrounding dragonmen, lizardmen and Forefather Dark Wind’s subordinates all screamed as they escaped.

This place immediately turned into a catastrophic hell.

At the same time, a dozen or so lizardmen and dragonmen flew up the sky from various places, roared fiercely, and unleashed their power.


The dragonmen with dragon heads and human bodies roared loudly, causing ripples of sound waves similar to a dragon’s roar to reverberate throughout the surroundings.

Ripples of energy became clear as they spread out along the sound waves.

Many slabs of ice on Frost Island were shattered once more by the combined might of the dragon roars.

Qin Lie himself felt dizzy by the dragon roars. All kinds of illusions appeared in his mind, making him feel like he was clutched by a giant dragon that was tearing into his flesh mercilessly with its claws.

These terrible roars were capable of destroying...

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