Chapter 706: Bidding Farewell

Chapter 706: Bidding Farewell


An earthshaking rumble erupted from the bottom of Frost Island. Green flames that looked like gigantic ghostfire, scarlet light, and pitch black bone pieces burst out of the giant hole on Frost Island.

The surrounding dragonmen, lizardmen and Forefather Dark Wind’s subordinates all screamed as they escaped.

This place immediately turned into a catastrophic hell.

At the same time, a dozen or so lizardmen and dragonmen flew up the sky from various places, roared fiercely, and unleashed their power.


The dragonmen with dragon heads and human bodies roared loudly, causing ripples of sound waves similar to a dragon’s roar to reverberate throughout the surroundings.

Ripples of energy became clear as they spread out along the sound waves.

Many slabs of ice on Frost Island were shattered once more by the combined might of the dragon roars.

Qin Lie himself felt dizzy by the dragon roars. All kinds of illusions appeared in his mind, making him feel like he was clutched by a giant dragon that was tearing into his flesh mercilessly with its claws.

These terrible roars were capable of destroying one’s mind.

“Giant Dragon’s Death Chant!”

La Pu’s expression changed, and he quickly pointed at the back of Qin Lie’s head with his free hand.

All seven of La Pu’s eyes shone with demonic pitch black light at once.

Black demonic shadows abruptly flew out of them, fused with the nether demonic energy and began circling around Qin Lie’s head like devils partaking in a dinner feast.

“Nine Hell Hundred Ghosts!” La Pu said eerily.

A cool and dark aura transformed into sticky black film that wrapped itself around Qin Lie’s ears and head in accordance to La Pu’s movements.

Qin Lie immediately felt like he was thrown into the depths of the Nether Realm, entangled by many demonic shadows. Those demonic shadows unleashed refined nether demonic energy that prevented the Giant Dragon’s Death Chant from harming him.

The illusions that appeared in his head instantly vanished, and the rumbles resounding in his ears were isolated too.

“Get out of my way!”

Wisps of demonic shadows containing a bizarre, soul-shackling aura appeared from all seven of La Pu’s eyes. They attacked the dragonmen and lizardmen that were charging towards them.

“Soul Shackling Evil Curse!”

The demonic shadows transformed into many soul curses that looked like the final transformation of abyssal demons and imprinted themselves on the dragonmen and lizardmen’s bodies.

All the foreign races touched by the soul curses suddenly began to convulse in terrible fear.

Their momentum came to a halt in midair, and they couldn’t continue flying in the sky above Frost Island.

“I am La Pu! Open the barrier for me!” La Pu yelled angrily.

A human martial practitioner dressed in long, green robes who looked a little like Lu Heng suddenly appeared on the thick clouds above Frost Island.

“The forefather has given the order that La Pu may leave the island at any time! Cancel the barrier!” the man ordered.

The thick clouds boiled like hot water and swiftly disintegrated as countless green flames flew out from within.

Together, the green flames formed a terrifying sea of clouds that could annihilate all souls and corrode all beings.

Qin Lie felt his heart skip a beat the moment he glanced at the clouds.

If he had flown into the air without knowing about this barrier, if he came in contact with these flaming clouds, he would probably rot into a pile of fleshless bones immediately and killed.

Forefather Dark Wind was none other than the person who had put down this barrier, and the purpose was to prevent the Ice Phoenix from slipping through his fingers.

The cloud of green flames reformed itself and opened up a bright passage at the center.

“The passage has been opened!” The green robed martial practitioner that looked a little like Lu Heng cried out.

“Thank you, Lu!” La Pu nodded and pulled Qin Lie through the passage of green flames. They had finally escaped Frost Island’s barrier for real.

The moment they went out of the barrier of green flames, a clear, blue sky, white clouds and warm sunlight immediately appeared before Qin Lie’s eyes. It made Qin Lie feel like he was reborn.

“We can’t stay here! Let’s go!” La Pu checked his directions for a brief second before he covered their bodies in thick nether demonic energy and charged towards Seven Eye Island at top speed.

Behind them, the commotion on Frost Island grew scarier and scarier. Loud explosions were resounding non stop from the island.

“We really have to thank Forefather Dark Wind this time,” La Pu muttered under his nose. “It’s strange though. I share no relations with Dark Wind, so why on earth had he helped us? It doesn’t make sense.”

Qin Lie couldn’t answer because of the raging wind around them. He could only listen quietly.

A very long time later, after La Pu had moved away from the islands that were guarded by powerful evil spirits and taken a slightly longer route, they finally returned to Seven Eye Island.


The thick demonic light landed heavily on Seven Eye Island like a cannonball.

Qin Lie immediately steadied himself and put down the Ice Phoenix’s true body. He said solemnly, “What do we do now?”

“Take this spatial ring!” La Pu forcefully pushed the ring that contained the bodies of many high rank spirit beasts forcefully into Qin Lie’s grasp. “I don’t have time to turn them into dried meat for you, so you’ll have to do it yourself from now on! Chi Yan and Gu Tuo are both infamous in the Ruined Lands, and although they are individually weaker than Forefather Dark Wind, I doubt that even he could hold up against them if they work together! You must leave, and you must leave as soon as possible!”

Qin Lie’s expression was dark. “What about you?”

“I have to tidy up my things, leave and lay low for a while too.” La Pu began tidying up the random assortment of materials inside his house as he spoke, “I may not be able to return to the Ruined Lands until I’ve grown my eighth eye. I’ll be heading to a forbidden land under Black Voodoo Cult’s control and hide there until I find a way to grow my eighth eye. Just do whatever you were going to do earlier, but make sure that you leave the Ruined Lands as quickly and as far away as possible!”

“I was going to head to the Heavenly Silence Continent,” Qin Lie said honestly.

“That is a great choice!” La Pu’s eyes lit up. “Heavenly Silence Continent is domain of Terminator Sect and the number one person in the Land of Chaos, Forefather Terminator! No one would dare cause trouble under his watch. Chi Yan and Gu Tuo may be one of the greatest cultivators in the Ruined Lands, but it would be suicide if they tried to cause trouble in the Heavenly Silence Continent!”

“Won’t you come with me?” Qin Lie thought for a moment before asking, “Terminator Sect and I share an amicable relationship with each other. The reason I’m going to Terminator Sect is to answer the forefather’s call.”

He had never told La Pu about his real objective and special identity.

La Pu had never asked him about it either.

This was the first time he revealed his own situation and identity.

“Forefather Terminator summoned you?” La Pu shook as the light of astonishment sprang onto his eyes. “Was it really Nan Zhengtian?”

Qin Lie nodded.

La Pu sucked in a deep breath before patting Qin Lie’s shoulders. He said strongly, “I knew your identity isn’t so simple, boy!”

But he immediately said in dejection, “I can’t come with you though. I am a member of the Ghost Eye Race. My cultivation and evolution require a special environment where there are plenty of yin energy and nether demonic energy. I need a special area where the plants of the Nether Realm are aplenty. Unfortunately, such a place doesn’t exist in the Heavenly Silence Continent. The Black Voodoo Cult is the only sect that possesses some territories that share the qualities of Seven Eye Island. Therefore, I can only hide and cultivate in those places.”

La Pu paused for a moment before a fierce light flashed past his eyes. “I’ve stayed on Seven Eye Island for over a thousand years, and it has everything I ever possessed! I’m absolutely not giving it up so easily! Once I’ve grown my eighth eye, Chi Yan and Gu Tuo wouldn’t be able to intimidate me any longer. I will return!”

“What about the Setting Sun Islands? Do you think that the territory of Blood Fiend Sect is suitable for you?” Qin Lie said again, “I only need to say a word to Blood Fiend Sect and you will have permission to cultivate there without any worry or prejudice!”

La Pu’s eyes lit up again, and he stared deeply at Qin Lie. In the end, he shook his head with a smile. “It’s still unsuitable, but thank you for the offer. The place I’ve set up at Black Voodoo Cult is my backup plan, so you don’t have to worry about me. Just take care of yourself.”

“Alright.” In the end, Qin Lie nodded in helplessness.

“Wait a moment.” La Pu looked everywhere as the spatial rings on his hands sparkled with black light continuously.

This island contained a lot of special spirit materials. La Pu had also gathered many rare Nether Realm plants.

Just fifteen minutes later, La Pu was ready to go and said, “Come, I’ll send you out of the Ruined Lands one last time!”

Qin Lie knew that they were in a hurry and that it was only a matter of time before Chi Yan and Gu Tuo made their way out of Frost Island and arrived at Seven Eye Island. That was why he didn’t turn down the offer.

He carried the Ice Phoenix’s true body and left Seven Eye Island hurriedly together with La Pu.

La Pu held him with one hand and flew over the territories of many weaker evil spirits in a continuous stream of nether demonic energy. They swiftly exited the boundary of the Ruined Lands.

La Pu finally flung Qin Lie downwards after they were several hundred kilometers away from the Ruined Lands, heading toward the Heavenly Silence Continent.

Qin Lie took out a crystalline war chariot and placed the Ice Phoenix’s human body onto the vehicle too.

“This is as far as I can carry you,” La Pu said.

“Thank you.” A complicated look appeared in Qin Lie’s eyes.

“Take care, and…” La Pu cast a glance at the Ice Phoenix’s human body and said indirectly, “Watch out and don’t burn yourself, got it?”

“You knew?” Qin Lie shook.

La Pu revealed an ugly but proud smile, “The reason I’ve neglected even part of my cultivation is to research every race’s physical structure. While Forefather Dark Wind, Chi Yan, and Gu Tuo might not be able to identify her, my eyes are far better than theirs.”

Qin Lie came to realization thanks to La Pu’s explanation.

“Where is her soul?” La Pu asked casually.

“I’ve sealed it away temporarily,” Qin Lie said honestly.

After braving through a series of hardships together, Qin Lie no longer tried to hide things from La Pu. He didn’t even hide the truth about the Ice Phoenix.

“You’re definitely an impressive kid,” La Pu praised. “Dark Wind, Chi Yan, and Gu Tuo worked hard and long, but you are the one who got all their spoils. Still, you must be careful. Again, watch out and don’t hurt yourself. This phoenix is ridiculously intelligent, so you must be on your highest guard.”

“I will remember this,” Qin Lie said seriously.

“Mn, that’s all. Take care, and let’s hope we meet again!” La Pu vanished into the distance towards Black Voodoo Cult in a streak of dark demonic light.

“Take care,” Qin Lie said quietly.

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