Chapter 705: Did You Ask Me?

Chapter 705: Did You Ask Me?

La Pu and Qin Lie’s expressions abruptly turned ugly.

Amidst the collapsed frost palaces, Forefather Dark Wind looked surprised by this turn of events as he first glanced at the elderly lizardman, then at the huge dragonman and ultimately at La Pu.

Bai Li and Lu Heng also paled slightly.

“Yao Tian’s ancestor is a benefactor of the Ghost Eye Race, and I personally appreciate Yao Tian a lot. I will not allow anyone to raise a hand against Yao Tian as long as I’m here!” La Pu pondered for a moment before yelling word by word.

An odd light appeared in Qin Lie’s eyes.

The elderly lizardman rubbed his scrawny chin and alternated gazes between La Pu and Qin Lie repeatedly with his dark red eyes. He looked like he was trying to figure out their real relationship.

“What if the old lizard and I both want this human boy?” The huge dragonman opened his big mouth and chuckled, “Your eighth eye hasn’t truly grown yet, has it?”

He didn’t bother to hide the threatening look on his face.

La Pu’s eyes grew darker, “So what?”

“La Pu, you’ve always been a smart guy. You should know that you’re not a match against me or the old lizard with your current strength.” Malice abruptly appeared on the huge dragonman’s face. “If one of us were to attack you, the only thing you could do is run like a rat, and if we were to join hands, you would have no chance of survival! Moreover, we are accompanied by our clansmen. Our people are watching over the entire Frost Island. You… won’t leave Frost Island alive if we were to wish it so!”

“This human is a little special, so you’d best be smart and hand him over, La Pu,” the elderly lizardman began persuading sinisterly.

The two foreign races’ leaders had come to a mutual understanding, and they were playing the “good cop bad cop” routine in attempt to force La Pu to submit.

The situation had suddenly turned both complicated and hostile.

Hui Jia, Qing Luo, and other lizardmen and dragonmen quietly and wordlessly spread out to surround both La Pu and Qin Lie at the center.

La Pu’s gaze grew colder and colder.

Qin Lie was also frowning deeply.

He didn’t expect that he would encounter such a situation after the barriers of the frost palaces were destroyed.

He didn’t understand why the two old monsters of the Lizard Race and the dragonmen had grown interested in him all of a sudden. He didn’t understand why they decided to join hands and force La Pu to turn him in.

Even now, he still had no idea why Hui Jia and Qing Luo were purposely attacking him.

“Forefather…” Lu Heng exclaimed softly.

Forefather Dark Wind waved his hand and made a silencing gesture.

Lu Heng could only shut up.

A strange smile appeared on Forefather Dark Wind’s face. He examined the crowd non-stop while looking very interested in the recent development.

However, he never said a word.

In the end, he looked at La Pu.

“I won’t turn him in without a fight no matter what you people are plotting!” La Pu gritted his teeth as the eyes spread out across his body began to open one after another, “I’ll create a chance for you to escape with my death later. You must focus all of your concentration and capture that chance when it shows up. If you’re lucky, then maybe you can survive…” He sneakily sent a message to Qin Lie.

Qin Lie stared deeply at La Pu once with taut nerves, not saying a word.

He wasn’t going to leave.

He had made up his mind to fight to his death and unleash all of his strength. He would do his utmost to slaughter as many lizardmen and dragonmen as possible.

“It appears that La Pu had made up his mind.” The way the elderly lizardman was tugging at the corner of his mouth showed just how disdainful he felt. “It’s unfortunate that he hasn’t grown his eighth eye…”

“Lucky for us, else he would be able to drag the both of us into the abyss of death even if we joined hands. If that had been the case, we would have had to give up on this human boy.” The huge dragonman laughed sinisterly with a fierce expression on his face.

While the duo was speaking, their auras began to grow at a tremendous rate to the point where the sounds of brewing energy storms could be heard from their bodies. The resulting squalls were extremely terrifying.

A fierce battle was about to unfold at any moment.

“No one seems to have asked for my opinion.”

It was at this moment that the intrigued bystander, Forefather Dark Wind, suddenly let out an odd chuckle.

Several thousand clumps of green flames resembling demon heads or greenish lanterns abruptly flew out of Forefather Dark Wind’s sleeves.

Green flames instantly filled every corner of the frost kingdom. Be it the collapsed or still standing buildings, they were all illuminated by the green flames, turning the whole cave into a scene straight out of the nine hells.

A pure, jade green color also appeared inside Forefather Dark Wind’s pupils. It made him look extremely sinister.

The trio that was about to battle to certain death cast a glance at the completely unrelated Forefather Dark Wind. They weren’t surprised that he had chosen this moment to show off his might.

The elderly lizardman shot an impatient glare at Forefather Dark Wind before saying, “Starting your highway robbery again, Dark Wind? Come on, tell us. What do you want?”

“If we find an ice-type ore vein inside Frost Island, the old lizard and I shall share more than half the profits with you. All you need to do is to keep your hands away from this matter. What do you think?” the huge dragonman also said angrily.

The two foreign races’ leaders knew Forefather Dark Wind quite well. They both knew that he was avaricious and his greed was insatiable, and so they chose to use profits to appease him.

“Oh no no.” Forefather Dark Wind shook his head repeatedly with a devious and cunning smile, “The reason I’m helping him is only because I find him somewhat pleasing to the eye! Also, he’s a human, so I want to help him!”

An obvious light of joy appeared in La Pu’s face when said this. Qin Lie himself was slightly surprised.

“Stop making up excuses!” The elderly lizardman grew more and more impatient. He waved his hands and said, “Dark Wind, stop wasting everyone’s time and tell us what you want. Is it this frost palace that you want?”

“We still have to find that Ice Phoenix after taking out La Pu. Stop causing trouble already!” the huge dragonman also roared angrily.

“So you two really think that I was joking?” The smile on Forefather Dark Wind’s face gradually faded as he took on a dark and merciless expression. His aura grew scarier and scarier. “If it isn’t obvious enough, I’m telling you right now that this human boy is under my protection!”

“What the hell are you doing, Dark Wind?” the elderly lizardman screamed. “He has the bloodline of the Heaven Fighting Race! He isn’t a pure human at all, and while the Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline is extremely useful to both me and Gu Tuo, it is completely useless to you! Why do you have to interfere?”

“Must you muddle up the waters?” The huge dragonman turned extremely irritated.

The elderly lizardman was called Chi Yan, and the huge dragonman was called Gu Tuo. Both of them possessed the strength of an early stage Imperishable Realm martial practitioner and were extremely deadly characters of the deeper region of the Ruined Lands.

A Ghost Eye clansman could experience a great leap in power and wield strength equal to a human early stage Imperishable Realm martial practitioner if their eighth eye was open.

That was why they didn’t hold La Pu with incomplete eighth eye in high regard at all.

But Forefather Dark Wind was different.

Forefather Dark Wind had established his Soul Altar and achieved the early stage of the Imperishable Realm long time ago. He was an infamous martial practitioner whose reputation was even slightly stronger than theirs.

None of them were certain that they could beat Forefather Dark Wind if they were to clash against him one on one.

That was why they were willing to sacrifice part of their profits to keep Forefather Dark Wind at the sidelines. They were both wary of Forefather Dark Wind’s terrific strength.

However, Forefather Dark Wind was obviously provoking them and had completely ignored the profits they offered. This made them both furious.

“La Pu, take this Yao Tian kid and return to your Seven Eye Island immediately.” The green light in Forefather Dark Wind’s narrowed eyes grew brighter and brighter. The suspending green flames emanated with terrific energy that seemed like they would explode at any moment. “Leave this place to me.”

Both Qin Lie and La Pu looked astonished.

They didn’t understand why Forefather Dark Wind would do this.

“Stop wasting time,” Forefather Dark Wind urged them to move in an impatient tone.

La Pu immediately reacted and grabbed Qin Lie.

Qin Lie resolutely grabbed the Ice Phoenix’s true body beneath his arm pit and moved towards La Pu on his own accord. This was so that La Pu could carry him along easily.

“Let’s go!” La Pu grabbed Qin Lie’s shoulders and summoned thick pure nether demonic energy from inside his body. It wrapped around both of them, turning the duo into a ray of dark shadow that flew out through the giant hole in the ceiling.

“Dark Wind! Do you really think you can fight the two of us alone?” Chi Yan howled sharply.

“We’ll work together to injure Dark Wind first, then return to Seven Eye Island and kill La Pu. After that we’ll capture that boy with the Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline alive!” Gu Tuo responded.

A new series of explosion erupted at the bottom of Frost Island. Three old demons from the depths of the Ruined Lands unleashed their respective abilities and clashed fiercely against one another.

La Pu took Qin Lie away from this dangerous place.

The moment Qin Lie flew out of the giant hole in the ceiling, he noticed that the entire Frost Island had undergone a complete change. The tall ice mountains that used to stand tall were either destroyed or shattered.

The gorgeous and vast sceneries of Frost island had completely vanished. The only things left were desolate ruins.

Many ice attribute spirit beasts were torn ito pieces and covered up by huge blocks of ice everywhere.

Many dragonmen, lizardmen and Forefather Dark Wind’s subordinates were gathering above the frost kingdom. Even further away, there were plenty of people who were collecting the bodies of spirit beasts and slamming pickaxes at ice mountains in search for ice attribute minerals.

They were all busy with their own thing.

However, when three terrifying auras appeared from inside the island, all humans and foreign races gathered on Frost Island stopped whatever they were doing.

When they received messages from Chi Yan, Gu Tuo, and Forefather Dark Wind, these people immediately began attacking one another and started a new round of battle.

Qin Lie’s expression was dark as he looked at the intense battle happening everywhere on the island while he was grabbed by La Pu with one hand in midair.

“I won’t forget this, dragonmen, lizardmen!” Qin Lie’s heart was ice cold.

“Take down La Pu! Don’t let him to escape Frost Island!” At the bottom, shrill roars erupted from the mouths of dragonmen and lizardmen.

A dozen or so foreign clansmen with the ability to fly immediately soared to the sky and charged toward La Pu.

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