Chapter 705: Did You Ask Me?

Chapter 705: Did You Ask Me?

La Pu and Qin Lie’s expressions abruptly turned ugly.

Amidst the collapsed frost palaces, Forefather Dark Wind looked surprised by this turn of events as he first glanced at the elderly lizardman, then at the huge dragonman and ultimately at La Pu.

Bai Li and Lu Heng also paled slightly.

“Yao Tian’s ancestor is a benefactor of the Ghost Eye Race, and I personally appreciate Yao Tian a lot. I will not allow anyone to raise a hand against Yao Tian as long as I’m here!” La Pu pondered for a moment before yelling word by word.

An odd light appeared in Qin Lie’s eyes.

The elderly lizardman rubbed his scrawny chin and alternated gazes between La Pu and Qin Lie repeatedly with his dark red eyes. He looked like he was trying to figure out their real relationship.

“What if the old lizard and I both want this human boy?” The huge dragonman opened his big mouth and chuckled, “Your eighth eye hasn’t truly grown yet, has it?”

He didn’t bother to hide the threatening look on his face.

La Pu’s eyes grew darker, “So what?”

“La Pu, you’ve always been a smart guy. You should know that you’re not a match...

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