Chapter 704: Argument

Chapter 704: Argument

The moment the Ice Phoenix entered the Soul Suppressing Orb, she immediately noticed that she had entered into a vast and unfamiliar world. Suddenly, a magnetic field of thunder and lightning rolled down from above and enveloped her entirely.

Her soul was entrapped by the magnetic field without the slightest room for resistance. The surrounding lighting abruptly turned fierce and wild in an instant.

Trapped inside these rampaging lightning, the Ice Phoenix knew that her soul was being supervised at every moment. She would be met with the fiercest of attacks the second she tried to escape from this place.

There was no chance for her in soul form to resist against the bane of all souls, thunder and lightning, in a foreign land.

She quickly acknowledged the predicament she was in.

And so she stayed obediently inside the ball of lightning and discarded all thoughts of resistance.

At the same time, Qin Lie was quietly observing her until the moment she resigned herself to her fate. Finally, Qin Lie let out a sigh of relief.

This extremely intelligent and powerful high rank spirit beast had caused quite a lot of trouble and headache to Qin Lie.

If the Ice Phoenix...

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