Chapter 704: Argument

Chapter 704: Argument

The moment the Ice Phoenix entered the Soul Suppressing Orb, she immediately noticed that she had entered into a vast and unfamiliar world. Suddenly, a magnetic field of thunder and lightning rolled down from above and enveloped her entirely.

Her soul was entrapped by the magnetic field without the slightest room for resistance. The surrounding lighting abruptly turned fierce and wild in an instant.

Trapped inside these rampaging lightning, the Ice Phoenix knew that her soul was being supervised at every moment. She would be met with the fiercest of attacks the second she tried to escape from this place.

There was no chance for her in soul form to resist against the bane of all souls, thunder and lightning, in a foreign land.

She quickly acknowledged the predicament she was in.

And so she stayed obediently inside the ball of lightning and discarded all thoughts of resistance.

At the same time, Qin Lie was quietly observing her until the moment she resigned herself to her fate. Finally, Qin Lie let out a sigh of relief.

This extremely intelligent and powerful high rank spirit beast had caused quite a lot of trouble and headache to Qin Lie.

If the Ice Phoenix hadn’t been heavily wounded in her fight against the three experts outside, Qin Lie was sure that there was no chance that he could seal her soul inside the Soul Suppressing Orb, even if he were to use every available trick in his book.

“I should remain cautious,” Qin Lie thought to himself.

While he thought this, he walked up to the Ice Phoenix’s true body and probed it with his soul consciousness.

Wisps of shapeless soul tendrils hugged around the female body, carefully probing for even the tiniest of auras.

His soul consciousness could only detect a cold and frigid aura. He didn’t detect any scent or energy unique to spirit beasts.

The Ice Phoenix wasn’t lying. She really did have a secret art that could perfectly conceal the presence of a spirit beast.

The phoenix markings that used to be on her body had all vanished too. In his eyes, the presence of this exquisite looking human girl corpse suggested that her realm wasn’t really high.

This also meant that it wasn’t all that valuable.

A thought slowly formed in Qin Lie’s mind.

“Crack! Crack!”

The ice ceiling above the frost palaces began to crack en masse.

The grandiose frost kingdom hidden at the bottom of Frost Island was about to shatter like a gigantic mirror that was being smashed repeatedly by a hammer.

“I have to act quick!”

With a thought, he sent a few of his lifeblood essences up to the sky to thaw the ice sealing the Demon Sealing Tombstone and seven godly lights.

The aura of absolute frost inside the frost palaces was obviously getting weaker as the place was being destroyed.

This caused the frigid aura that froze the Demon Sealing Tombstone to weaken as well.

Moreover, the separation of the Ice Phoenix’s body and soul caused the frost palaces to go completely out of control. Therefore, the Demon Sealing Tombstone was quickly released after the lifeblood essences had been sent to unfreeze it.


Countless ice fragments exploded from the surface of the Demon Sealing Tombstone and the seven godly lights’ body. They fell like ice rain.

The light around the Demon Sealing Tombstone grew stronger, and it immediately started roaming between the frost palaces. The seven brilliant looking godly lights were swimming everywhere resembling seven long spirit snakes.

The tombstone was trying to find the Ice Phoenix.

However, the snakes of godly light found nothing out of the ordinary after circling around the area.

Moreover, Qin Lie was continuously sending his thoughts to the Demon Sealing Tombstone and summoning it back to his side.

In the end, the Demon Sealing Tombstone withdrew the seven godly chains and returned obediently to the spatial ring. It didn’t continue its rampage.

Qin Lie quickly circulated the frost spirit art.

Wisps of frost aura flew out of his body. Some of them landed on the Ice Phoenix’s true body.

The Ice Phoenix’s true body and himself became encased in ice under the frost aura’s effects.

Several dozens of seconds later, two frozen ice sculptures appeared side by side inside the frost palaces.

The explosions happening outside the frost palaces were growing more and more intense.

“Boom! Boom!”

The palaces collapsed like shattered glass as the huge chunks of ice fell from above. The countless hanging icicles scattered in all directions after they exploded into tiny bits.

The shocking commotion continued for a short while.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Four rays of light flew over from far, far away.

When the lights descended and took on a physical form, they transformed into a huge dragonman, an elderly lizardman, Forefather Dark Wind, and La Pu.

“Hui Jia! Qing Luo!”

“Lu Heng and Bai Li are here too!”

“They’re just frozen by the Ice Phoenix and absolute frost stream; they’re not dead yet. We can revive them as long as we break the seal of frost around them!”

“Let’s find the Ice Phoenix first!”

After the quartet was done exchanging opinions with each other, they began flying around the still collapsing frost kingdom in search of the Ice Phoenix. Four tremendous soul auras swept through the entire place like four gigantic webs.

A while later, the quartet returned back to where most of the ice sculptures were present in failure.

“Dammit! She still escaped our grasp in the end!” The elderly lizardman stomped his foot.

The second he did so, ripples of scarlet energy immediately spread out to the surroundings and cause the shaking palaces nearby to instantly explode.

“Even if she managed to escape this place, she couldn’t get away from Frost Island. This entire island had been put under an airtight seal! If she tries to forcefully break through it, we will be immediately notified. She cannot escape!” The huge dragonman snorted coldly.

“That’s right! The seals and barriers outside Frost Island are connected to our minds. We’ll notice any disturbances immediately.” The emaciated Forefather Dark Wind also declared confidently. He had a dark green face and eyes that glittered with an eerie green light.

“Let’s release these people first,” Seven Eyed Monster La Pu suggested.

The trio nodded in agreement.

And so, the trio began releasing the seals on their subordinates such as Lu Heng, Qing Luo, and Hui Jia.

La Pu had noticed Qin Lie since the beginning. Without a word, he moved next to Qin Lie and stabbed his thin but sharp claws against the ice surrounding Qin Lie. He carelessly made a few random swipes and shattered all of the ice completely.

Just like Lu Heng, Qing Luo and Hui Jia, Qin Lie “slowly” came to wakefulness before letting out a cry of joy when he saw La Pu. Then, he said with a dazed expression on his face, “How long has it been?”

“It has been more than half a year since you left Seven Eye Island.” A strange light gleamed in La Pu’s eyes. The hint of a real smile also appeared on his old, terrifying face.

After La Pu woke up, he was informed by the dragonmen and lizardmen that Qin Lie had insisted on coming in even after learning how dangerous Frost Island was.

La Pu didn’t know that the ice spirit shared a strange connection with Frost Island and the Ice Emperor. He only assumed that Qin Lie had come in regardless of the danger of death for his sake.

This touched La Pu of the Ghost Eye Race greatly and made him feel warm on the inside.

For the longest time, La Pu had only aided Qin Lie to the best of his abilities because of the promise between the Ghost Eye Race and Qin Shan. But after this revelation, he was starting to see Qin Lie in a new light.

After today, even if Qin Lie were to lose Qin Shan’s wooden sculpture in the future, Qin Lie and La Pu’s relationship wouldn’t be any different from before.

“It’s been more than half a year already?” Qin Lie smiled wryly. “I didn’t realize I was sealed for such a long time. This Ice Phoenix sure is something.”

“Do you know where that phoenix went?” La Pu asked.

Lu Heng and the others were also being asked the same question by Forefather Dark Wind.

Qin Lie’s answer was the same as theirs, “I have been sealed inside the ice for far too long. I couldn’t see or feel anything, so I have no idea where it went.”

La Pu wasn’t surprised by his answer and thought that it was perfectly logical. He nodded and said, “Your realm is the weakest among all of them. You were pretty lucky to survive the falling ice slabs when the frost palaces were being destroyed.”

“Why aren’t you frozen too?” Although he knew the details of La Pu’s release already, Qin Lie still decided to ask the question.

La Pu briefly explained how he was released. Just like what the Ice Phoenix had told him, La Pu managed to break free of his ice seal after the shockwave of the battle between the Ice Phoenix and the other three martial practitioners had passed through his location.

“Don’t worry, there’s no way that Ice Phoenix will be able to escape. She had just recently evolved to rank seven, and the reason she was able to do whatever she wanted on Frost Island was because she was able to manipulate the power of absolute frost in this ruin. There was no way she would be powerful enough to conjure the frost stream capable of sealing me, so it was probably something that belonged to the former master of this place.” La Pu examined his surroundings before he lowered his voice. “I’ve managed to acquire a lot of rank five and six spirit beast corpses before we blasted open this frost kingdom. You don’t have to worry about recovering your bloodline powers for a short while after you leave Frost Island.”

“Thank you,” Qin Lie said softly.

La Pu grinned, showing him an incredibly ugly but sincere smile. He patted Qin Lie’s shoulders and said, “You are not like the other humans I know! You’re a compassionate and loyal friend! That is a good thing!”

Qin Lie was dumbfounded.

While the duo was speaking, Hui Jia and Qing Luo were also talking about what they knew about the Ice Phoenix. Then, they started pointing fingers at Qin Lie and whispering, “That human… he has the bloodline of the Heaven Fighting Race… it’s very pure and scary; earlier we…”

After listening to Hui Jia and Qing Luo’s explanations, the elderly lizardman and huge dragonman’s faces darkened as they turned to stare at Qin Lie with deep frowns.

At the same time, Lu Yeng was also reporting to Forefather Dark Wind what had transpired and the role Qin Lie played in this incident without bias. Beside them, Bai Li also echoed in agreement after she was saved by Forefather Dark Wind.

A hint of praise appeared in Forefather Dark Wind’s eyes. He nodded slightly at the duo.

“La Pu, what is the relationship between you and this human Yao Tian?” Suddenly, the elderly lizardman asked with feigned carelessness as a hint of coldness passed through his eyes.

“I’m very curious as well.” The huge dragonman also let out a cold snort before he started chuckling strangely. “You’ve always stayed at your Seven Eye Island, and you seldom interact with the outside world at all, much less the humans. Color us surprised to learn that this kid was willing to face death to help you, and that you were willing to attack the frost palace and frost barrier with all your might to save him!”

La Pu was caught off guard for an instant as the name “Yao Tian” was unfamiliar to him. However, he quickly figured that they were talking about Qin Lie and reacted quickly, “What’s so strange about that? Can I not know a human junior or two? Can I not have old friends?”

From their conversation and the look in their eyes, La Pu noticed the signs of something amiss.

“I’ll be frank. I wish to take this human away, La Pu!” the elderly lizardman said impatiently.

“I would also like to invite him to my island for a couple of days.” The huge dragonman licked his tongue. “I suddenly feel very much like eating human flesh.”

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