Chapter 703: Compromise

Chapter 703: Compromise

The Ice Phoenix swore and harshly ridiculed Qin Lie. Her voice grew shriller and shriller until it sounded like a cold wind’s roar in the end.

She slowly started to lose control of her emotions.

But Qin Lie was unmoved by this.

He sat upright on the floor, took out pieces of dried spirit beast meat and chewed on them quietly. His expression was so calm it was scary.

Earlier, he had used the power of his bloodline fiercely and violently to resist against the Ice Phoenix’s absolute frost breath, summoning the “blaze” divine characters.

He needed to consume a lot of flesh to replenish this energy.

To him, the flesh of spirit beasts was the best kind of nourishment that would allow him to swiftly restore his physical strength.

He didn’t know what he was going to face later, but he knew that Frost Island wouldn’t be peaceful no matter what. Compared to the powerful evil spirits of the Ruined Lands, his strength was as insignificant as a speck of dust. That was why he needed to keep himself in the best possible condition.

While consuming the pieces of dried meat, Qin Lie also cast...

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