Chapter 702: Intelligence and Bravery

Chapter 702: Intelligence and Bravery

“As expected, you are the most intelligent of the seven spirits and also the strongest!” Qin Lie sneered.

As he spoke, the lifeblood essences shot out of his body again to land on the frozen Demon Sealing Tombstone and seven icicles.

“Yiyiyaya, yiya!”

The six Spirit of Void and Chaos released spheres of energy of their respective attributes.. They bared their teeth and waved their arms at the Ice Phoenix as though they held great hatred towards it.

“As expected, the humans are the most devious and cunning race!” the Ice Phoenix replied coldly.

The method she had thought of was a mixture of temptation, showing weakness, and pressuring. She tried to fool Qin Lie, and make him open his mind of his own accord. That way, she could easily take over Qin Lie’s body without having to fight.

In her view, the young Qin Lie would not match those human monsters that had lived for hundreds or thousands of years. He would not be so experienced and hard to tempt.

She had full confidence.

She had not expected that this human boy that looked to be in his twenties was so careful and cautious. He was able to maintain his calm facing such temptations. He could grasp the crucial points and face this matter with a clear mind to the point of exposing her scheme in the end.

She finally knew how the frail human race was able to rise up and take ultimate rule of the Spirit Realm, after the races allied together in the ancient era to overthrow the rule of the Heaven Fighting Race.

Even a mere human youth was so difficult. The humans… as expected, should not be underestimated!

The Ice Phoenix lamented inside.

As she was thinking, Qin Lie was also shocked. He was shocked at the intelligence of this Ice Phoenix.

Qin Lie’s impression of spirit beasts had always remained on the level of “developed body, but simple mind.”

He thought that high rank spirit beasts were just stronger physically, and their intelligence would not increase greatly.

The appearance of the Ice Phoenix shattered his knowledge of spirit beasts. He finally realized that spirit beasts with noble bloodlines that had the ability to transform into human form were not any less intelligent than high-level beings and races!

“Fortunately, she was wounded severely earlier and is now in an extremely weakened state. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have a chance.” Qin Lie thought to himself.

As he pondered over the matter, he became even more alert. He released another few lifeblood essences to accelerate the thawing of the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

But he clearly underestimated the Ice Phoenix’s wariness toward the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

When the new lifeblood essences flew out of his hand, he found that a portion of the ice seal characters that were used to reinforce the walls of the frost palace moved and went to reinforce the ice shell on the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

The ice on the surface of the Demon Sealing Tombstone thickened again. Even the “blaze” divine characters in his lifeblood essences would need a long time to melt this reinforced ice.

In order to defeat him, in order to not be sealed again by the Demon Sealing Tombstone, the Ice Phoenix disregarded everything --

“I would rather be captured by the three people trying to break through to the palace, and become their pet rather than be sealed by the Demon Sealing Tombstone!” the Ice Phoenix screamed.

Thick and sharp pillars of ice flew out of the crumbled frost palaces into the sky. Controlled by Ice Phoenix’s frost power, they shot towards Qin Lie.

The ice pillars came like icy meteors.

The crystal pillars’ momentum was enhanced by frost concept inside the pillar and the ice energy flowing inside the cave. Its sheer power was enough to crush Qin Lie.

Qin Lie had to ignite all of the bloodline power in his body.

Blood Spirit Art, Heavenly Thunder Eradication, and Records of Geocentric Magnetism flooded his body and he released them like a volcanic eruption.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos panicked when they saw the incoming pillars of ice and shrieked eerily.

Six lights of various colours were released from their small bodies. They formed a rippling six-layered barrier that covered them and Qin Lie.

When the icy crystal pillars fell into that six-layered prismatic barrier, they seemed to have become stones that sank into the vast sea. They seemed to be pulled along by the water, encountering great resistance. Their momentum was immediately stopped.

The barrier that was made out of six colors was still wondrously changing. It flickered between being clear and blurry, and seemed to exist between tangibility and intangibility.

Among the wondrous changes of the six-layered barrier, the terrifying momentum of the pillars of ice was swiftly being lessened.

The switch between intangible to tangible and back occurred numerous times during the blink of an eye. It greatly decreased the aura of the ice pillar. Its frost power had been weakened every layer. The tangible resistance force of the barrier also held against the great physical weight of the pillars themselves.

When those pillars of ice finally broke through the six-layered barrier and came from the sky, they had become powerless.

Qin Lie only had to twist slightly to easily dodge the barrage of the ice pillars. The frost energy that rained down on him was easily subdued by the blazing power of his bloodline after being weakened.

And so, he avoided another attack from the Ice Phoenix.

It was possible only because of the six-layered shield created by six Spirits of Void and Chaos.

However, after casting such a wondrous barrier to help Qin Lie block the Ice Phoenix’s terrifying attack, the six spirits became extremely weak.

They did not continue to feed. They seemed to droop, and flew into the Soul Suppressing Orb, becoming silent.

“Snap snap snap snap!

A sudden cracking sound came from the icy walls outside the ice palace. Then the entire Frost Island started to rumble.

Qin Lie’s expression changed. He looked coldly at the Ice Phoenix. “Once the ice walls are broken down, when the experts of the dragonmen, the Lizard Race, as well as the Forefather Dark Wind arrive, I want to see how you will fare then!”

His words caused the cold and emotionless Ice Phoenix to, for the first time, feel a hint of fear.

“Crack crack crack!

At the same time, the Ice Phoenix in the air suddenly cracked as the Blood Dragon shoved it into enormous piece of ice.

Threads of frost energy mixed with a strange soul aura flew out of the shattered Ice Phoenix and then landed onto the phoenix markings on the Ice Phoenix’s human girl body.

That was the essence soul that the frost phoenix had released.


The Ice Phoenix threw up a few mouthfuls of blood, which upon freezing became a long necklace made of bloody crystals.

This necklace was the evidence that her wounds had worsened. This meant that she was wounded severely again during her fight with Qin Lie.

The necklace did not land on the ice floor. She reached out and caught it, blood drops merging back into her palm.

Blood was also power. For her at present, each drop of blood was crucially important and could not be lost.

These mouthfuls of blood she threw up and then reabsorbed caused her terrifying and savage aura to weaken dramatically.

When she raised her head again, the cold and ruthlessness in her eyes had disappeared. She seemed pitiful and helpless.

“I do not want to be sealed by the Demon Sealing Tombstone, I also do not… want to become pets for those people outside. I want to be free. I just want to live. Please help me.” Gazing at Qin Lie, her expression was powerless and her eyes were imploring. She said pitifully, “I beg you, help me. When I get free and recover, I will repay you. You… saw my body. According to your human customs, you took advantage of me. If you help me escape this calamity, I swear to tell you all the secrets I know, everything!”

Seeing the invaders outside attack the ice walls even more fiercely, she knew that in at most an hour, all of the frost power that the Ice Emperor had left behind would be used up.

At that time, the three people who had severely injured her would be able to enter.

That would be her end.

On her side, she could not take over Qin Lie’s body, and wasn’t even able to kill him. After the Demon Sealing Tombstone was released, she would be sealed.

She didn’t dare to imagine what she would face when she was sealed in the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

She knew that compared to being captured alive and treated like a spirit pet, her fate in the Demon Sealing Tombstone would be even more difficult.

Because she had extremely high intelligence, she could adjust herself based on the situation and find the path most beneficial to her.

Due to her outstanding intelligence, she could clearly predict the future, and the fates she would have to endure.

Spirit pet or being sealed, none of these were the results she wanted.

When she found that the current her could not resolve the problem at hand, she changed strategies.

She begged.

“Apologies, but I do not believe you.” Qin Lie shook his head and said calmly. “Also, you do not have to pretend to be pitiful. You do not need to use emotions. You should know that these tricks are ineffective against me.”

“Then what do you want?” the Ice Phoenix said loudly.

“If you do not want to become the spirit pet of the people outside, and also not be sealed by the Demon Sealing Tombstone, then…” He paused for a moment, then continued, “Tell me what I should do to restrain you and control you so that you won’t attack me after you recover. How could you remain under my control? You are so smart, I think that you will have a way. We still have some time. You can think about it.”

Qin Lie took back all the power he released. He sat down with a calm expression.

The Ice Phoenix responded with wails and cries.

“I do not want to become the spirit pet of the people outside, and not your spirit pet even more! Lowly and pitiful human, in my eyes, you are an insignificant worm. If I hadn’t been severely wounded by the trio outside, I would be able to kill you at any time! You are so weak, yet you want to control me. Laughable! Laughable!

“Stop dreaming! I swear that even if I die, I will not agree! I will not do as you wish!

“Because your power is not enough to restrain me!”

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