Chapter 702: Intelligence and Bravery

Chapter 702: Intelligence and Bravery

“As expected, you are the most intelligent of the seven spirits and also the strongest!” Qin Lie sneered.

As he spoke, the lifeblood essences shot out of his body again to land on the frozen Demon Sealing Tombstone and seven icicles.

“Yiyiyaya, yiya!”

The six Spirit of Void and Chaos released spheres of energy of their respective attributes.. They bared their teeth and waved their arms at the Ice Phoenix as though they held great hatred towards it.

“As expected, the humans are the most devious and cunning race!” the Ice Phoenix replied coldly.

The method she had thought of was a mixture of temptation, showing weakness, and pressuring. She tried to fool Qin Lie, and make him open his mind of his own accord. That way, she could easily take over Qin Lie’s body without having to fight.

In her view, the young Qin Lie would not match those human monsters that had lived for hundreds or thousands of years. He would not be so experienced and hard to tempt.

She had full confidence.

She had not...

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